[FUN] Citizens v2.0.11 - Human NPCs for Bukkit [1.7.2]

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    Citizens - Human NPCs for Bukkit
    Version: 2.0.11
    Authors: @fullwall and @aPunch
    Source: Citizens on GitHub

    Citizens is now on BukkitDev

    This thread will no longer be updated. We encourage you to use our page on BukkitDev. You can find information, links to our wiki and website, and the download page there.

    Showing Your Support

    We work hard to maintain Citizens. We've been working on Citizens2 around the clock on new and exciting features. A little motivation never hurts, so feel free to donate to us - fullwall and aPunch.

    If you can't donate, we appreciate a "hello" every now and then. Stop by the IRC channel #citizens on irc.esper.net to discuss Citizens and give thanks!
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    @fullwall It's not just that there wasn't a notification message. The npc's color isn't being changed, period.
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    My Npcs lose their armor and weapons when server goes down. As soon as I give them one of the items back they all appear
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    This, yeah. Really hope you can fix this soon @fullwall , I really want to try this client mod code so my server's npcs can have custom skins. :)
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    Complete incorrect. My longest name was guard. I will post my solution separately for developers and others.
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    Yep, same two problems here too with 1.0.8d !
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    Further to my post from yesterday after updating to lastest stable bukkit build. I finally figured out the problem and the solution.

    For the developers and future users:

    The problem. After updating to new bukkit I could not login as a player onto my server. Disabling Citizen allowed me to login.

    Longest NPC name "gaurd". Manually removing colours, didnt fix anything.

    The config files were not updating after the update. To be clear the the Citizens.itemlookup, citizens.economy and citizens.settings was either blank or incorrect after update.

    Manually copy paste from the citizens zip file into my currect files and a restart resolved this issue. If you dont update all 3, then you will end up with a black npc without any clothes, hair, eyes, etc. Pretty funny actually.

    Anyways, I still think this is the best mod for minecraft period. Keep up the great work. Donation next pay day.
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    Hey, when I try to use traders with iConomy, it says that I don't have iConomy when I give him money, so how do I fix this.
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    Go to Citizens.economy and make sure use-econplugin=true
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    Maybe I missed it, is there a way, using permissions or the config files, to allow my users access to just traders, healers and basic NPCs?

    As an aside: the wiki is in really rough shape.
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    Hey I'm using the latest version of iConomy (because i'm too lazy to set the price for every item in the game) but it seems that every time i try to buy something after getting iConomy money I get a notification saying that i don't have enough money. I think that this is because iConomy uses a different type of money than essentials (or citizens money, i don't know which) because when i type /balance it says that i have 100 dollars but when i type /money it says i have 0 dollars. So, what i'm trying to say is is there a way to use iConomy money to buy things instead of whatever currency the traders are using right now?
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    Hi there, quickly read the last few pages to see if this bug had been reported and I didnt see it. Seems that since version d the npc can only have one item equipped. for example if i give the npc ironchestplate and then ironboots, the ironchestplate disappears. seems like they can only have one item at a time.
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    Yes finally was the almighty plugin updated!
    But when are guards and raiders coming? :D
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    I created a first NPC which cost me 10 yellow flowers. With that being said. Now I want to add him some lines but it tells me I'm not the owner of that NPC...

    First - the plugin isnt recognizing or writing anything in the owner file
    Second-as OP of that server I want to be able to edit whatever I want.
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    I know I must be sounding repetitive now, but I enjoy this plugin so much and would really like to be able to use it. Basically, the localized lag issue is killing me. I've confirmed that it's a result of mobs spawning around the NPCs. Is it possible to have NPCs not spawn monsters? Sorry if you've answered this already, I've been trying to keep up but sometimes things are missed.

    Alternatively, if you can't disable them from spawning mobs, would it be possible to have them "hide" when a player is not around?
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    Psycho Robot

    I'm a bit unclear what the difference between "use-economy" and "use-econplugin" is. Can you please explain it?
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    I haven't had a chance to play with these, but from a cursory glance it seems like the first asks if the plugin should use an economy at all, with the second asking whether to use third-party plugin to do it with.
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    I am having exactly the same issue. I thought it was just me as I have been having issues since yesterday with this mod - since updating to the latest stable build. I fixed all the issues but this one.
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    Well after testing it out for the last few hours, this plugin had to be taken off. It made my server lag like there was no tomorrow...

    You work hard on something so it's hard for me to tell you that I have to take it off. It saddens me because there is no greater fan of this plugin than me. I had the very first version of the plugin you guys published :)
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    @NouvelleOrange - try setting save-often to false, and see if that makes any difference.
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    Oh it wasn't when it was saving that it lagged, it lagged all the time. As soon as I turned it on and I had more than 3 NPCs :(
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    Still, can you try save-often as false? It's not related to the save tick task. It means save any time a change is made.
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    OK I'll try more testing tomorrow. Its now 2 AM here, I'll leave you the results of my experiences tomorrow.
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    Yay thank you so much!

    But do you know how to fix this issue with "Received string longer then maximum allowed" when I try to change the color of an NPC or when I try to make an NPC with a long name...
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    Only some people can buy from NPC's, is there a permission node or something? Because normal users just right click and nothing happens; help please?
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    Also, will there be a way to use a skin from a file on an NPC?
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    I'm still on the side rails for now I want to see what happens with the Permissons commands as I dont feel like sorting out the list there is right now only to change it 3 weeks later.

    Well this is going to have to be updated for 1.6 along with just about anything else so I might as well just wait until all of that settles down.

    Oh and I'm wondering is traders built into this or does it require npc traders plugin ?
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    I've been trying to get a Trader to sell colored wool. Is this possible? It seems that no matter which way I go about it, the Trader will only sell white.
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    @piper - this is due to a bukkit bug, not yet fixed.

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