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    Chisel - The Chisel Plugin:
    Version: v0.1
    This Plugin simply turns a diamond shovel, into a chisel, with which you can chisel off glass/ice/glowstone blocks whole.
    • Lets you reclaim glass blocks
    • Lets you use ice blocks easilly
    • Lets you get whole glowstone blocks more easilly.
    Download The Chisel Plugin here
    Changelog: Version 0.1
    • Releasing the plugin
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    Nice Plugin Works - I will use it on my server !
    But maybe you could add in your next version a config file where you can set the items, not just only the shovel !
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    There is drop plugins that let you set complicated stuff like what drops what, this was meant to be a quick thing, that adds as little processing needed as possible per block broke.
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    I think he meant being able to change the item used as a chisel.

    Looks like a nifty plugin :)
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    That I may add, as it would not add any extra processing
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    Daniel Heppner

    nekosune should be a plugin developer. Someone do this please.
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    than nekosune should ask an admin or moderator ..
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    With one plugin, and one fixed plugin (I made a Magickraft fix) I hardly think I count as a plugin developer yet.
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    Daniel Heppner

    You made a plugin. You're a plugin developer.
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    Love it. No errors!
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    Glad it was usefull for you.
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    1.5 seemed to have break this plugin, as the diamond shovel does not seem to recover anything at all whatsoever.

    Ice still breaks and spawns no water source blocks, so it -partially- seems to work.
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    I am afraid I will be waiting until there is a promoted build out for 1.5, they say there is a few issues still, this could be one of them, so fixing for a still broken build makes no sense, if this is still broken once a promoted build is out, tell me the build number and I will investigate
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    Nice plugin ! Removes an annoying aspect of Minecraft (decorative blocks that can only be placed once) with a clever gameplay addition.
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    Recommended build 733 is out for 1.5. Good luck!
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    Just tested it with that, it works fine on 733
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    Is this dropbonus with a reskin of the the spade? congrats on the plugin and everything but dropbonus does exactly the same thing and I believe there is another plugin that does this aside from dropbonus.
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    There was a single player chisel plugin that allowed you to chisel ore out of the stone without removing the block...basically, break the coal ore and the coal pops out with a stone block left in its place. Could this be reworked to do something like that? Trickier for iron and gold since you'd have to make it drop ingots, but since the time it would take with a shovel would be that much greater, I think the tradeoff isn't bad. Just a thought.
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    Permissions :)?
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    Dropbonus, is good for what it is meant for, but since it has to check every block against the table of drops it is slower, this is meant to be a low cpu useage plugin, JUST meant for this, it only does max 3 checks on each block, and adds as little lag as possible. It is not meant to add any massive features, just this little fun feature.
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    could you pls give a link for magickraft?
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    G1R Productions

    Does this still work? --> going to try it right now.

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