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    ChessCraft - play chess

    ChessCraft is now on dev.bukkit.org. This thread will remain open for now for general discussion, but please use dev.bukkit.org for reporting problems and feature requests.

    All documentation is now maintained on dev.bukkit.org. Nothing below here will be updated from now on (8th September 2011).

    ChessCraft lets you play games of chess in the world of Minecraft. It has support for multiple chessboards and multiple concurrent games. You can play against other humans, or against the computer.

    Download ChessCraft.jar 2.0.1
    View source code on github
    Read the User Manual on dev.bukkit.org

    Thanks to BrandonHopkins for this review & tutorial:

    And to the WoopaGaming folks for this one:

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    Hi there,

    If I have iConomy 6 installed, ChessCraft throws the following error: [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLUGIN_ENABLE to ChessCraft
    This doesn't happen with iConomy 5.0.1

    Is there anyway to fix this? Using PermissionsBukkit with Minecraft 1.8.1 and Bukkit 1152
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    ChessCraft doesn't work with iConomy 6 just yet. A fix has been committed to the source, aiming for a 0.4 release this week.
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    Aha! Thanks for such a quick response. Looking forward to it!! :)
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    New release:
    v0.4 (22 Sep 2011):
    • Supported on CraftBukkit 1060 (MC 1.7.3) and 1185 (MC 1.8.1).
    • Board rotation now supported - board orientation is decided by player orientation when created (north/east/south/west)
    • Messages are now customizable and stored in external message file - new config option "locale" for language file to use. Allows for translated messages.
    • Added game results logging. Results are stored in plugins/ChessCraft/results/results.db, a SQLite database. There are league and ladder leaderboard views, using the new "/chess list top ..." command
    • ScrollingMenuSign integration - create some useful menus of boards and games which can be viewed via signs or maps
    • Catch & ignore IllegalState exception from player.getTargetBlock() - should reduce messages in the server log, since this exception is harmless
    • Latest version of Register included - meaning iConomy v6 now works
    • It is now possible to use the jChecs opening book for AI players - see "ai.use_opening_book" config item.
    • Added "autostart" config item - can make the game start as soon as two players have joined
    • Various durations (timeouts etc.) in the config file can now be specified with more unit types, not just as number of seconds
    • Waving at a board square while on that board and holding the wand item (default: empty hand) now teleports you to that square - allows for easier movement around the board
    • Added "auto_delete.running" config item, default 1 week - running games which have not had a move within this period will be deleted. Prevents games being started and then abandoned forever.
    Download at http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/chesscraft/files/3-chess-craft-v0-4/

    Some documentation updates are still needed - will be done in the next day or so.

    Translations! ChessCraft can now be translated into other languages, so I'm looking for translators.

    @maltazar1, @marvinbek, you both expressed an interest in translating to Polish & Danish.

    If you & anyone else is still interested, please have a read of http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/chesscraft/pages/translations/ and ask me if it's not clear.

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    New release:
    (This release is really only of interest if you're a Spanish speaker and want ChessCraft in your native language)
    v0.4.1 (26 Sep 2011)
    • Added Spanish (es_ES) translation.
    • Control panel buttons (clocks, ply count, half move clock) now support titles over 2 lines (needed for e.g. Spanish translation of "Half-move Clock")

    Download it at http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/chesscraft/files/4-chess-craft-v0-4-1/
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    @desht I'll do it but later...
    I'm kinda blocked this week....
    I still have to translate few other things....
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    Yep, whenever you have time, no rush :)
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    Yes, still. I will work on that but it may take some time.
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    Does anyone know any other plugins like this. It is very cool of course, but i want to collect as many famous games as i can. :p
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    New release (finally!) :
    v0.5 (1 Feb 2012)
    • Recommended CraftBukkit 1.1-R3 (build 1846). ChessCraft 0.5 will not work with releases earlier than CB 1.1-R1.
    • ChessCraft now uses the Vault plugin for economy support. The Register plugin is no longer required at all.
    • Added time controls: specify a time limit for the game, time limit for each move, or more complex "rollover" limits (e.g. "40 moves in 60 minutes, then 20 moves in 60 minutes ...")
    • Added ability to change (most) board style parameters on the fly, and to save new board styles with your updated style parameters (style parameters affecting board dimensions cannot be changed after a board has been created).
    • Chess board lighting no longer handled by peppering the board with glowstone at night - boards should now stay at a constant light level all day round.
    • Chess board and piece drawing is now *much* faster and lighter on the server (thanks bergerkiller for some great optimisation advice). Memory usage for the plugin should be slightly lower too.
    • Significant internal code cleanup and streamlining. Now uses Bukkit 1.1 event model for improved performance.
    • Board and game save files (under plugins/ChessCraft/data) have changed format slightly (to take advantage of the Bukkit serialization API), but will be auto-migrated to the new v0.5 format. Migration has been well-tested but if you're really paranoid, finish any games in progress before upgrading to 0.5.
    • Now uses Maven to build the project.

    Still looking for translators, please let me know if you feel like translating ChessCraft's messages into your own language!


    Well, there's Tetris :) Not sure if it still works in 1.1, but worth a go...

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    Ehm, i can't create game etc. When i say /chess its just came with a long list of commands, but when i type 1 of them, its just come up with the commands again .. :S - And when i say /plugins its green
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    So you type "/chess create board xxx" and it just gives a list of commands?

    Can you post or PM me your server startup log? ChessCraft may have hit an exception while initialising (in which case the various subcommands would not get registered).
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    ofc :) 2 sec :)
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    Whould you beable to use the video I made on your bukkitdev and/or thread?

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    Yep, definitely. Will get it updated soon (difficult right now, posting from a phone).

    Update: done. There's a link to it from the forums here, and also from the bukkitdev page (see the "Videos" page)
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    Bugfix release:
    v0.5.1 (6 Feb 2012)

    • If you use portal blocks as part of board styles (e.g. the enclosure), they will no longer send you to the nether.
    • Catch & warn about exceptions thrown by economy plugins when trying to format currencies. Not sure under what circumstances this actually happens, but we don't want other plugins preventing ChessCraft from starting up.
    • ScrollingMenuSign integration: SMS menus are now created with a "cc_" prefix, not "cc:" (Windows doesn't like colons in file names). Any existing views you have will be auto-renamed too, no user action required.
    • The chesscraft.commands.board.set and .board.save nodes are now included in the chesscraft.basic & chesscraft.admin parent nodes. Overlooked that in 0.5.
    • pom.xml fix to ensure all resource files are correctly copied.
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    I don't know if this has been noted yet, but the queen and king are backwards for black.
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    Err, no they're not :)
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    Just released 0.5.2 - only change in this version is 1.1-R5 compatibility.
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    Epicness! Thanks soo much!
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    hey i am just asking if this awsome , what  not awsome,  AWSOME pluging works one minecraft .. because i want it for my server (still don't have server) so that me and my friends play hard .So please work on that  PLEASE if it don't work on ..
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    Er... thanks?

    Seem to be a lot of non-printable characters in your post, but if you're asking if it works on 1.2.3 then the answer is yes, it does.
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    Desht no , I am asking if it works on .. .
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    sonic0707 not sure what locality you're in or what your computer's language settings are, but half the characters in your post are showing as non-printable graphics characters. So I don't know what you're asking, sorry.
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    I am using an Ipad2, I was asking if it works on 1.2.4 but rigth now i am asking if it works on 1.2.5
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    Yeah now I'm on my iPad I can see what you've typed. You should really stick to ASCII.

    Anyway it works fine on 1.2.4 and should work on 1.2.5 but I have not tested that yet. http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/chesscraft has up to date info, I don't update this thread anymore.
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    hey do you know if there is a tutorial that shows how to make a multiplayer mod?
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    If you mean Bukkit plugin development, read the developer tutorial on wiki.bukkit.org, and start reading the Plugin Development board on these forums.

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