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    ChessCraft - play chess

    ChessCraft is now on dev.bukkit.org. This thread will remain open for now for general discussion, but please use dev.bukkit.org for reporting problems and feature requests.

    All documentation is now maintained on dev.bukkit.org. Nothing below here will be updated from now on (8th September 2011).

    ChessCraft lets you play games of chess in the world of Minecraft. It has support for multiple chessboards and multiple concurrent games. You can play against other humans, or against the computer.

    Download ChessCraft.jar 2.0.1
    View source code on github
    Read the User Manual on dev.bukkit.org

    Thanks to BrandonHopkins for this review & tutorial:

    And to the WoopaGaming folks for this one:

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    Title format incorrect.

    Other than, nice!
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    Oops, yeah, fixed :)
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    This is a nice plugin and I hate it to see it fall to the bottom so..

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    This plugin rocks.

    Would be cool if we could have a wand ability to move the pieces around.
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    Well, you can right click pieces with anything in your hand right now to move them. Are you suggesting a configurable item that you have to be holding to move pieces?

    Thanks :) I have admit I was a little disappointed by the lack of response to this plugin, but perhaps Minecraft players just aren't keen chess players...

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    Mini Games Are always a good Addition :)

    EDIT: btw which texture pack is that you have on the OP picture?
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    That would be some variation of Painterly (http://painterlypack.net/)... can't remember what parameters, exactly, I used there.
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    Very often people cant do legal moves because they it says the move is not allowed.
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    Examples, please.
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    Cant give a good example, because there are no turn numbers (future addition ?)
    And yep I had the same bug, twice in one game, so we aborted it.

    Also might wanna add support for Iconomy?
    (2 Player can bet custom amount, winner takes it all)

    Fix you nice plugin ;)
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    /chess list game (game-name)

    shows the full move history for a game, including turn numbers.

    Economy support is already on the TODO list.
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    Just record it and post the bug on Youtube, I'm sure desht will do it the exact same thing and try to tamper with the source to get it fixed.
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    Yep, or alternatively do '/chess save' and upload a copy of your games.yml file somewhere and I'll take a look. I'll need to know the move you were trying to make at the time as well.
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    lloyd menzies

    Hi, i cant move my tower (rook) sideways... It can only go forward/backwards... please fix that it's very fustrating but good plugin.

    Please take a look, rooks can go sideways and fowards/backwards.

    Edit:... Now that i have moved my rook(tower) forward 1 square i can now move the tower sideways left and right
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    I found no games yml anyways I'll upload the png (it was near the end when he tried to use the rook,and place him into my last line.
    There was nothing and wanted he to give my king some trouble it said "illegal move" had this once more during the game also with rook.


    Also some magic "stick" would be cool, standing inbetween the "players" is 'confusing' or rather, you cant see the full "battlefield".

    Thanks in advance, I hope that helps.
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    100% epic, also could you help me develop my first plugin? if so could you PM me?
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    I found what the problem was now. You can not move anything to any 1 sqare (a1, b1, c1, etc.)
    Please fix this it is very frusttrating.
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    Confirmed this one. The code thinks the Rook is a pawn and is trying to make a promotion move, which is obviously wrong. Fixed in source now, 0.1.1 release out shortly. Should also fix the problems seen by everyone else.

    Re: the "magic stick" - yeah I agree it's difficult to see the whole game when the pieces tower above you :) I'll think of ways of making this nicer, but one option for now is to build a platform above/around the board, stand on that and use /chess move <from> <to> algebraic moves. I suppose what's really needed is a way to stand above the board and target squares/pieces from a distance.

    New release:

    v0.1.1 (8 Jul 2011)
    • Fixed a logic error which was mistakenly treating any move into row 1 as a pawn promotion move.

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    lloyd menzies

    Thankyou for fixing this, and i would like you to keep the chess the way it is... This new 1st person chest is amazingi'd be upset to see us having to play from a birdseye view again it's boring...
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    Thank you for fixing this I hope the information I gave you helped.
    I love this plugin.
    One Idea though. Why aren't the standard blocks for the player colors just black and white wool.
    I haven't tried it yet but I thought it would probably look better.

    It's awesome being able to run on the board and actually be smaller then everything x)
    Also reminds me a little of back in the days when I used to play chess on garry's mod.

    But also using CJB (I think thats with it's called) Mods helps. The bird's eye view in the minimap can be helpful.
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    lloyd menzies

    I agree with black/white wool i was going to post the same idea.
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  25. I cant download it. Can you make a video? The Chesspresso thing wont work. Do you know what is wrong?
    I might have done a mistake, but that is because i didn't really get the: 3) Extract Chesspresso-lib.jar from the above ZIP file (it also contains package documentation for Chesspresso but you don't need to do anything with that) into your Bukkit lib/ folder. Please help! This plugin seems awesome! I want it!
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    Good day, I got a small request, would it be possible to get iconomy support ?
    I would like to let players play against each other for some money (-tax).
    (I set up 1-2 chessfields and people can start playing by paying)
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    OK, what you need to do:
    • Download the ZIP file from sourceforge
    • Open it up with whatever zip program you like to use (winzip, 7zip, whatever)
    • Take the Chesspresso-lib.jar file from the ZIP file, and copy it into your Bukkit lib folder. That's the lib/ folder under wherever you have craftbukkit.jar.
    • You can ignore everything else in the ZIP file, it's just package docs for developing with Chesspresso.
    As for a video, I'm not much good with fraps etc. but I'll see if I can find someone more talented to do a video :)

    That's a possibility, but how it looks will really depend on what texture pack you're using, and it's pretty subjective anyway. But I'll consider it (in the meantime it's very easy to make a copy of board_styles/Standard.yml to e.g. board_styles/Wool.yml and change sandstone/obsidian to wool:white/wool:black respectively).
    Yeah don't worry, it'll always be possible to do that. What I'm thinking about is the ability to use a wand to select pieces at a distance in addition to the current functionality.

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    I like that Idea. You could also maybe add the option to spawn a platform with a board that you can teleport to using something like /chess platform [boardname] or [gamename] and from that platform the 2 players can move the pieces from with the wand. Also what would be cool would be a place for other people to spectate from.
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    Yeah could be nice in future, but for now there's nothing to stop you building spectating platforms around the board manually :) I'll add it to the TODO list anyway.
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    This is great plugin :) But i really don't like one thing :( When u mate someone neither u or other guy doesn't get any message like : Move your king or you will be checkmate. Are you going to add something like this to plugin?

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