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What should the Next Feature I work on be?

  1. More parsing like {P}

  2. A cool command

  3. Different sorts of catches

  4. "Friends" system

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    ServerBot - You've got a friend in me: IRC Bot-like creation with catch/response system.

    Version: v0.4 - "Why does the <init>() keep existing!" edition

    Styled after many an IRC bot, ServerBot is a customizable bot with a catch/response system that lets you program responses for key phrases or questions directed at your Bot. In the future, the bot will have functions like:
    • Dice rolling
    • Lotto
    • RSS feeds
    • Tweeting
    • Googling
    • Quick references
    • Time both Server and Local
    • Any any other suggestions
    For now, with v0.1, we have the catch system online. With v0.3 the friends system was activated.

    Zip File with Config

    Base Level Configuration
    In the config.yml file inside the ServerBot folder, there are five main options so far. They are pretty self explanatory (name is the bot's name, color is the [0-9a-f] letter designating the color), save for the last three: action, spoken, and other. Those are part of the Catch System, outlined below.

    Catch System
    There are three types of catches. Action catches, Spoken catches, and Other catches. Action catches are used when the player uses the /me command. Spoken catches are used then the player sends a normal chat message. Other catches are other messages used elsewhere throughout the program. The format is thus:

    Yay! A hug from {P}!: [hugs]
    I like waffles, {P}: [does, like waffles?]

    The way this works is simple. The first bit is the actual response you want. Notice the {P}. This inserts the players name at that spot. The second bit after the colon, in bracket, is the before/after clause. The first part, before the comma, is what should come before the bot's name. The second part, after the comma, is what should come after the name. Avoid using commas in your actual catches, as it probably will break things. This is the format for Spoken/Action catches. Other catches are similar, except instead of having a before/after, you have just the ID of the other catch. A list of IDs are provided below, and they are self explanatory.
    • playerjoinop
    • playerjoinfriend
    • playerleaveop
    • playerleavefriend
    • playerkickfull
    • playerkickbanned
    • playerkickother
    In your responses, you can use certain parsers. These will input things that you might not want to remain constant, i.e. the players name or the current time. Here is a list of current Parses. Add them in like in the example above.
    • {P} - Player Name
    • {B} - Bot Name
    • {T} - Time (Real World)
    • {D} - Date (Real World)
    • {ST} - Time (Server)
    • {DT} - Descriptive Time (Real World)
    • {SDT} - Descriptive Time (Server)
    Change Log
    Version 0.4
    • Compatible with most recent recommended build.
    • Fixed a few lingering Friends system issues. Preparing full implementation.
    Version 0.3b1
    • Friends system in place. May be buggy.
    Version 0.2
    • More parsing for the bot
    Version 0.1
    • Release. Base catch system
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    I'm pretty sure you could do that, I'll look at adding it into my version of this plugin
  3. When will this be updated?
    I'd love to try this out!
  4. Please do it! Really want to try this out :'(
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    When you going to update this? There is not going to be a 1.9 update, just a full release in several weeks
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    I love the idea of this plugin, however, It will not work for me at all. I always get a 'Cannot pass event PLAYER_CHAT to' whatever and such. (If you want/need the full error code let me know and I'll be happy to) I apologise if this has already been mentioned/worked on. Thanks again for the plugin!
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    Everyone, I have made copy of this myself with some other things... not fully done yet,
    BUT I need permission from this user (@lego6245) before I put it out :\
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    You would be killing his plugin if you did release your version. But there is already another chatbot plugin that is being developed and this has not been updated in months so I would just either release it or not.
  9. Could you send it to me? Want to try it out! PLEASE :'(
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    video? photo?
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    Is this going to be updated?
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    Hello?! Anybody alive here?
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    Firstly, no... everyone is dead and moved over to Dev.
    Second, this plugin is LONG since dead.
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    You said you were making a bot plugin
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    PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE! i want this so bad
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    i love man

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