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    Casino games for Minecraft:
    Version: v2.1

    This is a casino games suite for Minecraft, eventually it will contain up to 5 different games, but right now it has only blackjack and basic slot machines. I am open to suggestions as to which game to add once slot machines are completed.

    This is a full blackjack game which includes:
    • Betting
    • Hitting
    • Staying
    • Teleportation (if you don't want teleportation, turn off block-based gameplay)
    • Up to 5 players (any additional players will be placed in a waiting queue)
    • Block-based gameplay (optional)
    • And many more!
    • NOW WITH SLOT MACHINES (Alpha phase)
    If you plan on having block-based gameplay turned on, READ THIS SETUP GUIDE! Please stop asking me why you fall through the map when you /blackjack as it is described in the setup below!
    Block-based (open)

    To use block-based gameplay:
    1. Place two signs. (More if desired)
    2. On one of them put "[HIT]" and on the other put "[STAY]". Make sure that both are put on line two the the signs without quotation marks.
    3. If a player left clicks on the [HIT] sign, they will issue the /hit command
    4. If a player left clicks on the [STAY] sign, they will issue the /stay command
    5. If a player right clicks on the [HIT] sign, they will issue the /double command
    6. Place two more signs
    7. Aim at the first sign and chat /blackjack <SlotNumber> 1
    8. Aim at the second sign and chat /blackjack <SlotNumber> 2
    9. Repeat steps 6, 7, and 8 using the numbers 1-5 to replace <SlotNumber>
    10. Player's cards will now be displayed on the signs set up in steps 6-9
    11. BRAND SPANKIN' NEW FEATURE: During the betting phase, the signs that display the player's card will also be use for betting.
    12. If the player punches the first sign (Which will have [BET] on it) they will bet the amount shown on the second sign
    13. If they punch the second sign, the number on it will increase 1
    14. If they right click the second sign, the number on it will decrease 1
    15. Stand where you want players to be teleported to upon game start and use /blackjack <SlotNumber>, where SlotNumber is the numbers 1-5
    16. If you do not set the teleport points, do not ask me for help when you fall into the map

    Slot Machines (open)

    Slot machines are very simple to set up and use. Here's how:

    To set up:
    1. Place a diamond block
    2. Put a switch on it
    3. Place a dispenser under the diamond block
    4. DONE!
    To use:
    1. Activate the switch
    2. DONE!
    Currently a player is charged 10 dollars to play, they break even if the bottom two blocks match, and they profit 10 if all three blocks match.Because slot machines are not fully developed, they fall short in many ways.
    • They are in no way configurable
    • They could already exist on your server where you do not want them
    • They don't work if you don't have iConomy
    • They don't spin like a slot machine
    • They are all the same
    Don't worry, these things will be fixed soon. I am planning on adding a third block to the setup of the slot machines to reduce the likelihood of them already existing on your server.
    I will add different types of slot machines (with different win probabilities) and configurable winning amounts. I will add item rewards for non-iConomy users. I will work on better simulating a slot machine. And any other things requested that I find suitable to add in.

    Download/Source Code
    TODO (I swear I'll make a video soon ... maybe)


    • Fixed some bugs
    • Removed some debug text
    • Began block-based gameplay
    • Finished block-based gameplay
    • Added Slot object
    • Minor bugfixes
    • Added betting to block-based gameplay (maybe officially finished with block-based)
    • Added a toggle option for block-based and console-based gameplay
    • Plugin now prevents players from building and breaking blocks (if block-based gameplay is on)
    • Removed some debug text
    • Hitting (or right-clicking) a fence makes you leave the game
    • Fixed a bug in block-based gameplay setup caused by client
    • Added draw/push
    • Added a configurable starting amount for non-iConomy users
    • Dealer's hand is now shown to players

    • Added very basic slot machines (much work to be done yet)
    • Added maximum bet to blackjack
    • Fixed how currency displays through the plugin
    • Slightly modified betting signs for blackjack
    • Usual bugfixes
    • Added slot machine protection
    • Changed how slot machines are built
    • Added separate levels of winning
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    No, the config file should generate automatically. Just delete Casino.jar,, and the folders for both. Place this jar into the plugins folder, and redo the setup procedure. This should resolve issues and has the updated translations.
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    I use BOSEconomy actually...
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    This plugin doesn't support BOSEconomy, but it still shouldn't breakdown like that. I'll look into it, but be aware that if you use BOSE you won't be playing for real money, only for fun, and your money won't be saved in any way.
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    Thanks but /blackjack don't work.("Unknown console command")
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    Oh my gosh, I'm an idiot. I never told you that the command is /jacknoire.
    Sorry about that. It must have slipped my mind. :eek:
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    Ok thanks but it's blackjack in french(It is a transparent Word) and not jacknoire. Jacknoire is a word who does not exist.
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    Got it, I'll change it back and let you know when to re-download.

    Ok, here you go. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    /blackjack don't work yet.
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    I swear that I miss the stupidest little things. I forgot to register the command under it's original name, so neither blackjack nor jacknoire would work. Here is the final copy(I hope). If you find any more issues with it, I will give you full permission to slap me across the face.
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    Ok thank you, I have tested and I note several errors of translations:



    In red: still in English
    -You have=Vous avez
    -The dealer has=Le croupier a

    In orange: error of translations:
    -delete "une"
    -concessionnaire ĂȘtes= croupier est
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    Love this plugin, been playing it non stop while testing my server before it goes live. I am not sure if its been handled before on the previous posts but I am setting up my game for block based only so there are no people outside of the casino I made playing the game (Hate waiting for people that forget they are in a game to bet). So I have block based set to try and console based set to false. But I am still able to use the console commands to play. Is there a way to set it for block based only?
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    It is possible, but I'd rather not do it. Turning off console-based simply makes it so the information does not print to the screen, but if block-based starts malfunctioning and you can't use commands, then the game is over. If you still have the ability to use commands if block-based malfunctions, then the game can continue even with a minor bug.

    Here is your updated version. Enjoy and continue to let me know about things that need fixing.

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    A suggestion, I am not sure if this has been said before, but adding in a timer or a failsafe for morons that will play a few hands and forget to /leave the table, making the game no longer playable till restarted. Second suggestion, allowing all players to place bets together but still do the hitting and stayin in order to mimic real gameplay and drop a bit of the waiting time for players between hands.

    Just suggestions, take em or leave em =)
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    • The timer:
    I may do that or add some admin commands allowing them to kick idling players.
    • The simultaneous betting:
    In real gameplay, betting is done one at a time as not to confuse the dealer. Plus the text printed to the screen when they need to bet reminds player's that they are still playing. But, this isn't real gameplay, so I might still do that.

    Thanks for your input.
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    I agree with the reality and the notifications should be plenty enough, I agree hands down, but most people who play the plugins are kids, and they are impatient, and would help it flow better, just my input. I am also working on developing a plugin, been looking at your code for references, just letting you know (No I am not making any Casino related plugins =P) just helping out, and if you are looking for any help/ideas with your Slots and future plugins, please do not hesitate to ask me. =)
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    Sounds good. Let me know if you have any questions on my code and I'll gladly answer, but I try to keep it fairly well organized and commented so it should be fairly easy to understand.

    What kind of plugin are you making?
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    I am actually making a game enhancement plugin with spout. Adding alot of just simple sound effects, achievements etc to the game, things like that. And, with your permission as Spout seems to be getting a lot bigger, I was wondering if you wanted to make a Spout integrated Casino plugin with sounds etc for Slots and Blackjack 21's, so when you win on the slots, make something light lights on and off and play some sounds? Enhance the experience for the player ^-^. I apologize for my typing, I am quite a scatterbrained typer.
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    I have found the last errors:


    -delete "une"
    -avezLe: avez Le
    -Coeurs: Coeur
    -Trefles: Trefle
    -Piques: Pique
    -Carreaux: Carreau
    -Jack: Valet
    -Troix: Trois
    -Le Reine: La Reine
    -le croupier foutu: le croupier est foutu

    Thank you for your work.
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    That sounds great!

    if(you have Github){
    Fork my Casino repo;
    Just download the source files and import them to Eclipse or Netbeans;

    Play with the code, and see if you can get it working with the spout upgrades.
    If you can get it working without any major game-breaking bugs, I will credit you for your work and, if I like your work, I may even make you co-programmer of the plugin (if you want to). I know that spout is going to make everything about Minecraft better, but I haven't really looked into using it in code yet and haven't even glanced at the API for it. So, having someone who knows their way around the API would be very nice to have contributing to the plugin. Pm me if you're interested and we can talk about it some more.

    Once again, here is your jar. Thank you for being patient with me throughout this process and for thanking me for my work. Please still keep an eye out for bugs and translation errors, they could be lurking anywhere.

    Thank you for posting pictures and outlining the errors. It makes my life 1000x easier when I'm fixing them.

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    why do i fall into map when i /blackjack?
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    Where are the instructions for set up I cant seem to find them
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    You did not setup the plugin properly. Read the directions.
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    Where are the instructions for set up I cant seem to find them
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    They are in the original post in spoilers. Click the button that says block-based.
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    you need to set the teleport points. /blackjack 1,2,3,4 etc

    Just an update, doing some improvements for ResidenceSigns plugin, then I am going to take a crack at yours. Do you have anything written for the slots yet by chance? I havent looked at your code yet.

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    I just posted the first slot machine code at about 2 this morning. The jar is updated for download, there is a new spoiler in the original post about them, and all the source code is updated on Github. Good luck and I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
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    oh wait no like how do i set up the config etc

    Because when i place a diamond block and place a lever on it nothing happens at all

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    No errors to report. good work.
    I saw that version 2.0 was released. I'm still at version 1.9?
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    anything wrong with this? thanks for blackjack help :)

    also can u make multiple blackjack tables? and just an idea, the money from the table should go to the creator or like 10% of it

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    The config file auto generates, it has default set values that will allow the plugin to operate, with the exception of the tp points that you have to take care of using the /blackjack <#> command. If you need to change something in the config, just open it and replace what you need to.

    There is no config stuff for slot machines, make sure that you downloaded the latest version and try it again.

    You are still in 1.9. I'm not going to bother updating you to slot machines yet, because they are very unfinished and have a lot of changes that need to be made. I will add Slots into your version of the plugin after they have reached a somewhat complete form.

    The only problem I see with how you set up your machines is that you need to put more space between them.
    When you pull the lever, three random ore blocks should appear around the diamond (one to the left, one to the right, and one above it). If you only leave one space between each diamond block, then two slot machines will be taking up the same space.

    It will look something like this:


    But I actually place a block underneath my diamond to make it look better and that will eventually be required for the slots to operate.

    Like so:


    As far as the blackjack goes, no you cannot make multiple tables and since the table does not have an actual owner, there is nobody to collect the 10%.

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