[FUN] Carz - Drive in Minecraft! v2.1 [1.4.6]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by A5H73Y, Jul 19, 2012.

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    Hi, A5H73Y. I have the same issue than r3g3n, Candyjensen. They have minecraft 1.3.2, like me. A friend opened his TESTS server, within the plugin on it. The plugins seems to be very very good. In fact, when I saw the video, I liked it too much.
    buet in MC 1.3.2, is isn´t still working: The car moves too slow, it only moves fast for a few miliseconds.

    But the plugin works, if you upgrade the car, and run it over water, it goes like a plane!! very fast!

    I´m gonig to post this message in the forum you gave there, because anyone is using this one.

    Good-bye, I hope you can help us!
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    I have replied to messages like this countless times. It is infact 1.3 that makes my plugin so shit. It has been coded so it doesn't work on land anymore. I guess you could use it on water, but mehh..
    It sucks now and I hate that im the creator of it.
    If you know someone who wants to take over, then please tell me.
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    Hi! I just downloaded you plugin... but the boat just falls halfway through the block i place it on, so i can get in and move around, but it moves SO slowly... is there anyway to prevent this?
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    Is there any way you can change driving a boat into driving a minecart?
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    Please download the newest version :)
    V2, uses only minecarts.
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    Hi :) have downloaded this and us ops used it but it hasn't created a configuration file.... i need the configuration file for the permissions as it is stopping my players place minecarts in other worlds....
    I downloaded the latest version too :)
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    There is no configuration yet. Oping the player should allow them to place them anywhere.
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    Ahhh was confused by the post that echeesey did on the first page, which is misleads with the configuration bit
    Works great you have made a great plugin keep up the good work :)
    I shall be sadly taking it off though there is no way I'm making all my players Op's that is just suicide lol
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    I am confused what you are asking for. There is a permission node: carz.use If thats what you mean?
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    there is no config file
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    I just installed this plugin and i cant drive even though im op, and there isnt a config,
    help anyone?
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    Will do! Much better! :D
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    No there isnt config yet, also it should work... You are using minecarts correct?
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    I would also like to get my hands on your source code, if that's alright
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    Me too?
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    Codex Arcanum

    Almost definitely not. Just install it and find out.
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    i've just installed the plugin and its my favorite so far. the only things i didn't favor is it cant turn, there not so fast and i cant go up slabs. sorry to be annoying but can you try to fix em. i know you have a life an all but that would be great for me and my friends to drive around in. but still best plugin ever.

    it does!.

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    Plugin is future ready, meaning it will work on 1.4.6 onwards with little to no problem. If the plugin becomes broken then I will update asap.
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    will you be adding more things into this plugin like the cars being able to go up slabs and a speed improvement?
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    2012-12-23_14.47.58.png 2012-12-23_14.46.53.png 2012-12-23_14.49.58.png
    it be awesome if you could make it so i could go up slopes... every time i try i just go through the block and when i get stuck in a hole i just drive though the ground and cant get back on top, other than that its a very awesome plugin
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    Do you need a client side version to run this mod?
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    No its a plugin, which is a server side modification. Join your bukkit server with this plugin in the "plugins" folder and it will work perfectly.
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    Can you make it so that they can climb half steps of can they already?
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    It isnt currently added, but the newest version (v2.2) has a few nice new features.
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    OK perfect!
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    Hello, I'm also learning java and would like to know if I could also have the source code. I am trying to make a plugin with faster boats
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    Can you send me the source? i just want to know how to steer minecarts and Mobs :)
    Or just PM me the minecart riding code
    sorry if you dont want to i fully understand
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    when I tried loading this plugin, it said Carz have fun :) but i couldn't move me minecart
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    its not working for me maybe because my server is lagy? or...
  30. Hey could I also pls have the source code because I would really like to know the mechanics

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