[FUN] Carz - Drive in Minecraft! v2.1 [1.4.6]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by A5H73Y, Jul 19, 2012.

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    Approve it!!!!
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    It's ready... :)
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    really nice plugin!
    But can you add a template.yml?
    Then can everybody change the Messeges...
    Dear DerHolzhacker from Germany
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    whenever i sit in a boat it seems to sink threw the road so u cant see it ?
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    Hmm thats odd, try crouching and placing it.
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    does this only work on flat maps? what about half-blocks etc....
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    I highly suggest it, Ive only just achieved porting it to 1.3, I will be adding more functionality in the future.
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    Could I have the source code too ??? :)
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    tried that still the same i think it may have something to do where u have placed one before and not destroyed it
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    Do you have a conflicting plugin? Ive tested it on a few servers and it runs fine.
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    Well i tried it and - it's relly laggy, really much. Sometimes the car stops and if i leave, it tps me far from car and i can't enter the car anymore. Also when this happens, i can't destroy the vehicle. please fix it because it got big potencial.
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    hey the car sinks through the road and barley moves at all just thought id let you know
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    It had potential in 1.2.5 I agree. 1.3 has destroyed this plugin
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    Got the exactly same problem as Tombik's. I try running only this plugin but problem still there.
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    i drove one about a bit just after install and it worked a bit slow and juddery but worked , but every other time since it falls through the floor not sure what plugin would conflict with it i have nothing else that controls boats
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    When I have gone forward with the car it goes really slow, when I get out of it I am in an another position where my car is. How can I fix it? :eek: (Sorry about my English ;) Norwegian :p)
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    Ughh, please read page 1.
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    Looks Cool[sheep]
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    what about page 1? i really want this to work : [ it would be sick!
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    He means he didnt dev this plugin anymore and on 1.3.1 is buggy.

    to A5H73Y
    I think you should remove [1.3.1] at title and label as the working one because it doesnt works.
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    Join the server in my signature and it works fine, I dont know why it doesn't even slightly work for others "/
    Ill change it so theres a 1.2.5 download and a 1.3
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    Hey... Suggestion.... Make smoke come out the back (aka exhaust). that wuld be a cool feature!
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    Whats the diffrence betwen this plugin and movecraft car?
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    By Version 1.3.1 is the /Carz Upgrade not faster?
    I have coal in Hand.
    My boat walk in the earth.
    Who is the Problem?
    Pls Help Thx
    Sry 4 my English
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    When will 1.3.2 from?
    Perhaps you could ask the source code?
    :) Advanced thanks
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    I don't really understand what you are saying? Maybe a bad online converter?
    Anyway, 1.2.3 is out on dev.bukkit.org because nobody uses this forum anymore.
    I Will not be giving out the source code.
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    Really like this awesome plugin! my city will never be the same without carz! but. After the new update it dosen´t work... I try to reinstall but it not works... When i start the car i can´t drive it´s just sloooowly moving forward. I try to upgrade but it´s still slow PLEASE HELP I`M NOOB TO THIS![diamond][diamond]
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    An answer?..
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    When I ride and try not to drive me forward, not putting charcoal :/

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