[FUN] Carz - Drive in Minecraft! v2.1 [1.4.6]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by A5H73Y, Jul 19, 2012.

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    Nice plugin im going to install it wen my server works again!! :D
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    It hasn't been updated to 1.3.1 just yet.
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    Request for a feature:

    Car runs on fuel, for example each coal added will make it move 200 blocks, also the item to fuel your car should be configurable, this way i/other players can set up petrol/gas stations and earn money.

    It would be quite a big change but perhaps this could work better with minecarts and tracks. Maybe it could be set so that a powered track appears on the block beneath and in front of the cart and then disapears once you have gone past it. Just a suggestion no idea if it would be possible. But surely if it could work it would make going up hill alot easier and smoother. Also turning would be easier, you could make it so that when a player presses a or d a curved track will appear in front, would be cool for races and dodging other cars.

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    It is brilliant and fun plugin but ive just found a minor glitch/bug.I dont know whether its lag or something like that.
    But when I get in the Car sometimes it falls in to the block beneath me and i cant drive it..

    Maybe Im Being Retarded But...Can you make something like this but the boats in the air??

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    I like the idea. You said that 1.3.1 has broken the plugin. Will you update to resolve this issue?
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    Yeah im slowly trying to fix it, currently working moreso on my new plugin.
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    I put permissions true in the config file and then i add the permission - '*'
    to one of my groups. But the group couldn't use /carz reload
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    Thats odd, Ill look into this.
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    Hi , i was just want to know if you could help me to learn to make plugins with eclipse.
    Im not new to eclipse (i know javascript) but i need help to make plugins can you message me if you can try to help me to make plugins ?
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    can i have the source code to??? i plan to edit it a bit to make it a lil bit more realistic be4 i use... thanks :)

    (am also learning java so it will be a good plugin for me to experiment on)
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    I must be doing something wrong, because I can't get the boat to go in a straight line :p
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    Ok :D That would be awesome cheers
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    Thats what we call a plane XD


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    One Question - Can you drive the "Car" with the minecart or just with boat?
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    Just boat
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    where do i download Coming in V1.3.1 (Ironically ;P):
    • Update for 1.3.1
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    Please read, it says COMING IN Carz 1.3.1, It hasnt been released yet.
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    Could we get a time/date of release of the version for 1.3.1?
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    Tomorrow probably
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    you have verry nice idees
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    i think you should make it so a boat can jump so it will be able to go on top of about 1-2 blocks higher then she is so that pepole wont need to get in the car every single time they need to get higher
    and you should make it so that the coal drops back or that the speed after upgrade gets saved for the specific player so he can continue using the upgraded boat instead of waisting tons of coal
    btw awesome plugin :D
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    Thanks, I was about to add going up blocks in the next update... Then 1.3 came out so I have to update carz to work for 1.3 then focus on the fancy stuff.
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    Any ideas when 1.3.1 update will be out? I'm dieing to add this to my server :3
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    yeh me too
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    Wont be too long, Just adding small functionality.
    Most of the plugin has had to change due to 1.3
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    looking forward to it :D
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    Awesome Thanks :D
  28. You should add so you can break the boat with your hand but it shouldn't break when you drive in to something. I couldn't break the boats on my server! :p
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    /Carz destroy
  30. Oh. Ok. Thanks! :D

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