[FUN] Carz - Drive in Minecraft! v2.1 [1.4.6]

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    • Drive cars on land!
    • Easy to Use!
    • Drag n' Drop
    Do you have a server that has a city theme? Want to add more realism by driving on the roads and adding role play?
    Then this is the perfect plugin :D

    In V2.1

    • Changed Boats to Minecarts
    • Added /carz destroyall (Will destroy all carz on the map)
    • Works on bukkit 1.3 and above!
    • Configurable speeds
    • Added smoke when driving
    • Your car is destroyed when submerged in water

    • carz.use
    • carz.admin
    • /Carz - Displays About
    • /Carz Destroy - Destroy you're car
    • /Carz DestroyAll - Destroy all the cars on the map
    1.3.2+ Server
    1.2.5 Server

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    Hey, I'm learning Java and I'm wondering if I could have the source code. I wanna learn how to change some mechanics in minecraft. Thanks :) it would be very helpful
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    Yeah thats fine, this plugin only took roughly a day. I will private message you now.
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    Nice, I must make a note to try this out.
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    hi i just installed this plugin and i have a question only op's can drive the car?
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    Players with the permission carz.use (or ops)
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    how to drive up??

    Can you please send me the source too, im also learning java and really want this so I can practice.

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  8. Could you add so you can drive minecrats too? Because they wont break if you drive in to something :p
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  9. can you drive up slopes? and you shoud make it minecarts instead of boats. otherwise NICE!
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    Could you make 4 coal configurable?
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    Can cars go up halfslabs?

    Seems like a cool plugin, especially for my map (much like yours).
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    Um, hello. I created this account but the thing is that I just started learning java and i want to change stuff up in minecraft. Ashley, Could you please send me the source code so I cans ee it? I won't copy it or use it, I just want to learn. Thanks.
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    Ill look into this thanks.
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    yeah that would be great
  17. No, thanks to you! :)
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    Can you send me it too this would help me with my plugin. Thanks in advance
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    Its a great idea, but the trouble is that boats and minecarts are one of the glitchiest parts of minecraft, and this just allows people to get a front row seat for the glitches. It is very common for boats (or minecarts) to "float" through solid objects, and this is pretty inconvenient when you are riding in it.

    Also, the boats need to be toughened up a bit so they don't fall apart when you just barely touch a curb. Unsafe at any speed, lol
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    Oh, well sorry, I just started java so I just want to see the code, I won't use it though... sorry.
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    You are correct, due to the way they are created I cant change its properties (toughness, colour etc.)
    As you can see in the video, I only intended that you use it for city servers, as this adds more fun to the server. Its up to other sad people if they want to abuse it.
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    Maybe you can combine this with PickBoat or, better yet, the author can integrate the non-breaking feature from that plugin into this one :)
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    Added into v1.1 when Bukkit accept the file :)
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    Could I have it as well? :)
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    I tried this but couldn't make it work. I suspect it was a collision with another plugin, perhaps Essentials. The boat wouldn't move and everything I did with items resulted in a 'Carz: wrong key' error. I couldn't even get out of the boat and had to use a /home command, which got me out but didn't put me 'home'. Once out, I killed the boat with my pickaxe and even after the boat was gone, using items resulted in the 'Carz: wrong key' error. Had to disable it.
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    ty for this plugins really nice and simple to use great job, if you want to test it on my server pm me
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    I got it to work but only for OPs though. Nonops can use the key to start it but they can't place the boat on land. I added the permission but it still won't allow them to place the boat on land. I set use permissions to false and it still won't let a non OP place the boat on land.
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    I was not criticizing your plugin, I am just disappointed in mojang for allowing minecarts and boats to remain so messed up for so long. This would be an awesome plugin if they got their act together
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    Right click the boat with a stick. This does sound like a plugin confliction.

    I completely agree, apparently boats have been tweaked for 1.3, so fingers croseed. (yn)

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