Inactive [FUN] BomberCraft v0.5 - Bomberman for minecraft [1060]

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  1. BomberCraft - Bomberman for minecraft:


    Version: v0.5

    This plugin allows creation of bomberman arenas.

    • Changes TNT explosion into bomberman type
    • Instant "Death" when damaged by TNT on arena
    • Item drops (redstone increase TNT range, TNT increse bomb amount)
    • This plugin can destroy your world, make sure you know how to use it before doing anythin on your main server.
    • /bombercraft create <X> <Y> - creates arena around you (safe creation)
    • /bombercraft create X Y force - creates arena around you (destroys blocks forever)
    • /bombercraft join <ID> - joins the game (you need to create arena before using this)
    • /bombercraft spectate <ID> - teleports you above arena to spectate existing fight
    • /bombercraft clear <ID> - removes the arena (arena transformed to air)
    • /bombercraft start <ID> - starts the game
    • /bombercraft list - list all arenas
    • /bombercraft stop <ID> - stop game in arena and kick all players from it
    • /bombercraft edit <ID> - enter edition mode for custom arena
    • /bombercraft config <ID> - show configuration options of arena
    • /bombercraft config <ID> <Option> <Value> -change configuration options of arena
    • /bombercraft top - show stats of all players
    • /bombercraft help - list of all availble commands
    Permissions (open)

    • bombercraft.admin.create - /bombercraft create
    • bombercraft.admin.forcecreate - /bombercraft create X Y force
    • bombercraft.admin.clear - /bombercraft clear
    • bombercraft.admin.start - /bombercraft start <ID>
    • bombercraft.admin.stop - /bombercraft stop
    • bombercraft.admin.edit - /bombercraft edit and /bc config
    • - /bombercraft join
    • - /bombercraft spectate
    • - /bombercraft start (only for current game after joining)
    • - /bombercraft list
    • bombercraft.allowcommand.XXX - allow usage of /XXX command in the arena
    Default permissions (used when no permissions plugin found):
    • OP: bombercraft.*
    • Players:*

    Custom map editing (open)

    Custom map editing
    To make a custom map:
    type /bc config <ID> mode custom_pvp
    then /bc edit
    and make your own map.
    To exit editor mode type /bc spectate

    In editor mode:
    Glass = air
    Stone = random (air or dirt)

    Place blocks on ground, every block will make a 2 block wall when out of editor mode.


    Older versions

    Source Code


    Version 0.5
    • Commands locked in arena
    • Updated edit mode
    • Light option in arenas
    • Stats system
    Version 0.4
    • Custom arenas
    • Fence on top of TNT (TNT block way again)
    • New bonus item: redstone torch = detonator
    • Help menu
    • Stop command
    Version 0.3
    • Permissions support (tested on permissions 2.7.3)
    • MultiArena support
    • Higher arenas
    • Short command alias (/bc = /bombercraft)
    Version 0.2
    • Game starting system (+autostart when 4 players join)
    • Fixed TNT explosions bug
    • Inventory storage
    • Safe arena creation
    • Arena regeneration after game
    • Simple messages
    Version 0.1
    • First release
    Movie by Kingdom4Gamers

    My old movie (open)

    My old movie

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    sounds cool, some pictures or a video would be nice
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    Haha, this is awesome. First a Tetris plugin, now Bomberman! Great idea, I'll add it to my server later. :)
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    Omg, Thanks <3
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    Sorry for the delay in submission approvals, I've been away for a while.

    VERY nice plugin btw
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    This is awesome xD Just like balloono from omgpop :p
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    OMG !
    I would love to have this in our server but with the three warning notes above looks like we'll have to wait
    why dont you borrow some code from "war" by tommytony his plugin makes an "instance" where the land is safe and the players inventories are held, along with the reset of the instance it may be what your looking for ! Oh and the tetris plugin has high scores so bomberman needs them :p
    Now I wish you gods speed perfecting this plugin I want to play bomberman ! but run a large server where we cant be dealing with a half finished plug
    gogogo ! :D
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    It would be nice if you released the source for this, and also not necessarily keep having to delete the area to restart a new fresh game.

    You do have a nice playerlimit system set up and sort throughout too, I guess you already have plans on adding notifications but, as you can see on the video I last posted, I always have to give the starting signal myself, is there a way to make that automatically happen?

    Then again, it would be nice if you brought out the source so I could customise this to my likings, like adding custom bombs, pickups, and the way pickups are handled. Thanks.
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    BAD ASS!!! so getting it and like ZerG said have it save the invatorys like the WAR plugin does
    what happens when some one finshes it? will it revert? back to start for anouther player
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    Well for now the arena destruction isn't really an issue (if you want the land back use WorldEdit's regen command) But the loss of inventories is (just tell players they lose their items... ) other than that it looks fine to me :)
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    Awesome, will wait for fixes first... dodgy warnings.
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    this is awesome ! thanks.
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    This is so Awesome!! can you make the height more than 2 block high? IM LOOKING FORWARD TO THE UPDATE :D
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    Love this, amazing idea :D
  16. permissions?
    does it fill the arena again with dirt when battle is over?
    if i protect the bomberman arena with worldguard, can people who arent added as editing access to the area break anything with tnt?
    i must leave it unprotected?
  17. permissions are not supported yet. To make arena you need to be OP.
    I have not tested worldguard but I think it will work if you allow players to put tnt blocks (detonation dont need to be allowed but if you block it, then the tnt will not make sound when exploding).

    At the moment I am working on Inventory saving system and better area protection (so I would delete the 3 warnings).
    If everything will be fine, v0.2 will be ready on sunday or monday with start signal and safety systems.
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    Is there a possibility of a source release as well?

    And have you seen my video that I've uploaded and posted on this topic too?
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    Mad Mod Bro ^.^
  20. yeah, i have seen your video, its great. Source is released here (same link under download button).
    I forgot about that bug with exploding TNT I saw on your video :(. It was fixed at v0.1 but i commented one line for tests and forgot to uncomment it, sry for that. It will be fixed in v0.2

    v0.2 released
    Make sure players will not logout in the arena, cose it makes weird things with the plugin. I'll fix it later.
  21. why does my arena dissappear each time i restart server ?
    even if i save world before i do this. It never seem to stay

    why doesnt the bombercraft area make new dirt walls when game ends?
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    can you remove the protection to make custom maps and stuff?
  23. My plugin have no saving system, thats why arena is removed after plugin unloads. I will add it in later version.
    Custom maps? Good idea.
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    Well so far the bugged tnt's were pretty fun, and now occasionally I sometimes replace all the obsidian inside the arena with dirt to have large X*X fights. I guess I'm going to fiddle about with the source everytime you release a new version, if you don't mind, cause I like to add some personal things to it.

    EDIT: I'm going to try and see if I can get custom bombs to work, like the spikey bomb (will be a nether block) that breaks through all the blocks as far as the fire travels.
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    o wow.....
    its a great plugin, but when i turn off the server and turn it back on
    it dissappears
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    I cant wait for 0.3!!
  27. Neat Plugin. Thats something VERY cool.
    But Sadly my Server has a little bit lag, so it takes around 30 seconds until a TNT explodes.
    And people who try to Join are not Teleported into the Arena.
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    Minecraft bomberman, sounds nice.
    With the RB 1060 the plugin doesn't seem to do anything, it is loading without error message but it won't react to any commands (nether with executing the command nor with an error message).
    Have fun,

  29. I've installed it on clean Bukkit 1060 and it works for me, maybe its a problem with other plugin you have, that blocks commands (like xauth).
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    New Update plz?

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