[FUN] Bodycount v0.1a - Killboard for Minecraft [953]

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    Bodycount - Killboard for Minecraft
    Version: 0.1a (172)

    With the Bodycount plugin a player gets points for killing mobs or other players. During bonus time the points will double.

    still alpha: (but getting closer) I would appreciate all testing, code reviews and other feedback.

    Source on github.com
    Bodycount.jar from github.com

    • get status message on kill (if you want to)
    • see hiScore with "/bodycount score"
    • config-file(yaml) to edit points and bonus settings.
    General Commands
    • /bodycount help: Show help
    • /bodycount score: Show score
    • /bodycount version: Show version
    Player Commands:
    • /bodycount <on/off>: switch bodycount per player
    • /bodycount <msg/nomsg>: toggle status message per player
    • /bodycount <show/noshow>: toggle HiScore visibility per player
    OP Commands:
    • /bodycount reset <all|player>: reset score & flags
    • /bodycount remove <all|player>: remove player from socreboard
    • /bodycount flag <player>: Show user flags (tbc)
    Todos: (short time)
    • fix flag command
    • implement Deaths, PvPDeaths, PvPKills, MobKills
    Plans: (no guarantees)
    • support for Permissions
    • MySQL support to show scores in www
    • game mode, e.g. just 30 minutes
    • Team play

    build 172
    • HiScore: sorted, paging & formatting
    • added on/off, msg/nomsg. show/noshow & remove command
    build 127
    • added score, flags & reset command
    build 90
    • built and checked against CraftBukkit b953
    build 86
    • implemented config update
    • added all entities to config
    build 76
    • basic hiScore
    • total kills
    • basic commands
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    I would like something like this for my server, but i fear that it would conflict with herobounty and pvpreward.

    Would it be too much to ask to have a feature of this being a simple sql database that would show a percentage of how many times you have killed x person, and who has the top kills ration/death ratio.
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    They should probably not interfere.

    not yet.;)

    I like that. I will probably count the number of PvP deaths/kills separately and show the ratio in the "hiScore".
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    Been using this for a week and only found two problems...

    The formatting is awful (sorry) and without improved chat, there is no way to scroll and look at the top 10, or 200 on my server...

    Otherwise no errors on 935 or 953
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    just to tell you, in the plugin list, it just says null, doesn't show the title, just thought you might want to know.
    ---------how it looks-------------
    this looks amazing, in combination with some other war plugins, this would be amazing, can't quite test it now. What fatmarley said would be a problem on my server also. but it does look good overall
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    I've been quite busy in RL this days, but sorting and paging through the score will be the very next thing I tackle. The formatting issue will be more difficult though, because of the true type font. It doesnt look that bad on the console. ;)

    Thank you for testing and telling me about. btw
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    could you just make it user specific snippets?

    If I am 55th it shows the top 5 above and below me....?
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    Thx for telling, looks funny indeed.
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    Update the plugin to latest recommended build and change the title accordingly.
    Failure to do so will result in this moving to INACTIVE section.
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    Just committed a batch of work (build 172).

    Changed that. :)

    I added a "more" command to page through the scores.

    Changed the dash in the title to a hyphen-minus and it works now.
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    REQUEST: could you add an option to do scoring by team (permissions group) so for instance 4 separate scores, each for a team of players all of the same permissions group

    that would be AMAZING!
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    Added "Team Play" to plans. However I don't think it'd be wise to use permission groups for that. I'll rather enable in-game team setup as e.g.in MobArena. Don't expect that next week though. ;)
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    works perfeet with current RB 1000
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    This would work well will a economy plugin
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    @jaqwith still working on this?
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    Having issues setting point values. Help please?
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    not currently.

    could you describe the problem?

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    Even after changing the points per kill and reuploading, restarting, etc; I get the default points per kill instead of the values that I set.
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    I found the problem: The plugin writes the settings file on every quit. Please try to stop the server first, upload your changed bodycount.yml and then start the server again.
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    Could you add a feature where an op can view any player's score? It will be perfect for my server if you can do that.

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