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    This is a great plugin! Can't wait to see any new features added to it!

    I have a small problem with it; since my group "new member" is a default group, it doesn't have any users in it. And it seems if there are no users in a group then it won't add the hat to the group. Is there and fix for this? I was thinking about just adding myself, but I think having myself in multiple groups could cause problems.
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    i think only leaves does that.
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    I have a suggestion, could you make it so certain blocks do certain things as well, like a glowstone hat could glow, and a netherrack hat could have a fire atop it?
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    Evverytime i try to make someone wear a hat it says "you are not allowed to use this command" I dont have Premmisions and i am the owner (So im an op). Any help?
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    Could you please make it so when you die you can keep the hat?
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    can someone help when i try it says : your not allowed to use that command. i am a little noobie so please tell me how i can change that so i can put the block on.
  8. Suggestion:

    Add blocks have certain abilities or effects when weared?
    like glowstone = emits light
    glass = breath underwater just like the 1 video shows
    leaves = reduce fall dmg or gravitation jumps or levitation or something
    43 block (cant remember name) = less dmg from players / mobs <- this could go with all Stone and other hard materials
    dirt/gravel/sand/clay = no dmg if u get suffociated under dirt/gravel/sand or clay
    u get the idea? :) imagination!
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    John Keller

    You should make glowstone/torches glow as your walking. Other than that, amazing plugin and great idea!
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    My question still stands
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    Dupe problem; Take a diamond block off your head and put it in the inventory crafting table and you have 9 diamonds.
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    That is a minecraft defualt...
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    glowstone=light just like that torchlight plugin where torches held in hand gave off light
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    Great plugin!
    One feature I'd like to suggest is that when a player wearing a TNT block as a hat takes damage, the TNT about-to-explode entity drops from their head. Could be good for duels...
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    i also want to know
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    ohh crap I just need to view my inventory and take off the helm item :D sorry.
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    i got an idea: TNT makes your head explode when near enemy LOL
    that would make you a creeper....
    i ave an idea too, portal head makes people go to nether when they hit you or just bump into you........
    they would fail at killing then​
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    Im adding that when i release a build for RB #1000 tomarrow

    haha :p

    Im working on the TNT thing, but im pretty sure that nether portal idea would get incredibly annoying. Unless a lot more people suggest it, Im not going to add that.

    Working on it :D

    like glowstone = emits light - Working on it
    glass = breath underwater just like the 1 video shows - Done
    leaves = reduce fall dmg or gravitation jumps or levitation or something - Leaves already turn stuff green !!!!!!
    43 block (cant remember name) = less dmg from players / mobs <- this could go with all Stone and other hard materials - I may make one block (such as bedrock) that disables player damage all together

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    I'm glad to see this still being maintained :p
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    Hey, I have a simple request.
    A config file.

    This could choose whether the special item effects work, and whether it's an OP only command.

    Why? I don't run permissions, and I don't believe it's worth it for a server of 5 players :)
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    Version 1.3 is now out.

    - Bukkit #1000 support
    - More in-depth help menu
    - Changes to error responses
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    theres a plugin exactly the same as this called party hat made by DemmyDeamon
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    Are you just stating that or accusing someone of stealing a plugin?

    Look at the date the two plugins where published.

    June 25, 2011

    Party Hat:
    July 12, 2011

    Party Hat is command-less and has less features than my plugin :)
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    Can you add only if the players had the block on their inventory they can put the block on their head ? And can you add multiworld support ? because i have a Pixelart map with infinite block :p
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    As for making it so only players can use items in hand, there is a way to limit players to that. You just have to disable the blockhead.hat.items permissions node.

    And im pretty sure you keep the hat unless you have per-world inventories.
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    @nmc94 Love you :D

    EDIT : Can't wait for shoes oO !!
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    Speaking of shoes, I made the plugin and it turns out, it is impossible. The shoe does not show up.

    You can go fuss at Notch for that if you want to :p
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    You can make other FUN plugin :D ?
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    We shall see ;)

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