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    BlockHat - Put any block on your head!

    Moved to BukkitDev: Click Here

    GlowHat - Adds the ability for glowstone hats to glow!!!

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    Very nice, a good way to add individuality within the server :)
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    i got an idea: TNT makes your head explode when near enemy LOL
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    That would be awesome, I may add that :D
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    Please make it so the fun blowing up and water breathing is a permissions or disable able feature. One question is this legit? I used one before but what happen is it let you spawn the item from thin air onto your head then could be put into your inventory later.
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    Yes it is legit if by that you mean does it work. When you type the command, the item goes on your head.
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    Thanks I just tried it out.

    For legit servers only enable the permissions I think it's blockhat.hat and just have the item in your hand.

    One bug I found if you use the from hand feature the legit way for legit servers it will replace the one on your head and not switch the 2 blocks.
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    I just tried it, and it is replacing the previous item for me.

    Is there any error in you servers console that you can see?

    I could use some help with the glass helmet preventing drowning.

    If there are any developers who are interested, please contact me.

    Thanks :)

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    He's saying that if they use the item in their hands, it should switch the two helmet-items out, instead of destroying the current helmet.
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    man, you totally owned with this plugin

    Thank you :)
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    Sweet - been looking for this again.
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    Nice Plugin. You had me there. I got all excited thinking those were blocks floating and rotating around:p....Then i realized it must be something with the skin. Literally the hat.[edit-i give up is it a block or a hat?] Awesome job however you did it. :)
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    Thanks for bringing this back.
  14. My new TNT Club ;)
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    Brilliant plugin. Would like to see permissions to allow users a particular hat or set of hats (or a list of hats specific groups are allowed to use in the config). Want to give this to select players but don't want people running around with lava sliced through their body :D
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    I am actualy trying to fix water and lava so it goes on your head and looks kind of like a portal does :)

    Thats awesome :D

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    Cool :) I'd still like more granular control though, like being able to give my standard players access to just the cobblestone or glass hat :)

    Hope it doesn't change the torch or sapling too much - I like having them slung over my back :D
  18. I just tried the torch one, it look like a ROCKET-BACKPACK!!! :D I'm going to change my displayname to Jimmy Newtron and mess around the server :D

    You should at a flying features :D
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    Version 1.1 is out.

    I need some feedback on it. Do you like being able to stay underwater forever or would you prefer for it to be on a timer like an extra 30 seconds or something?
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    lit items give off light at same value as they are normally?
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    First off, id like to say i Absolutely love this plugin, and i dont think my server would survive with out it, and for some suggestions, is it possible to make it so something like a sword could go on your head? or cocoa beans, also maybe once you get the feet done a item that makes you swim faster or run faster, and one other suggestion, possibly a /noob NAME tool that places a diamond block Infront of the players eye so they try and break it (ik mean), oh and thanks again its awesome
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    If you could set blocks to groups, that would be amazing for cracked servers! Also if it was possible to not take the block off, that would be cool too.
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    I am adding more blocks for the next update. And /noob is really mean :p
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    /hat 19 (or any other item)
    someone kills you.
    item drop to the ground (with stack -1)
    someone grab the item and can indefinitely dupe it in inventory.

    Bukkit #860
    BlockHat 1.0

    Had to disable this plugin :(
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    Thats jusy mean to not let them take it off, thanks ofr fast reply nmc, i sugest u go in game spawn item 44:4 and put ur mouse over it (game may crash) Xd, anyways that would be awesome to where a axe on my head, and a hat on my feet
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    Pretty funny plugin! Love the fire cape thing going on! I keep it on all the time.
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    Yes, i agree i love that firecape, Up their i saw that you where trying to fix it please!!! DONT
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    Are you able to do it in version 1.1?


    I am working on a fix.

    More people seem to like it rather than want it fixed, therefore, I am leaving it alone.

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    With this tool on a server, I'm configuring the green cloth to a creeper face, anyone wearing it, I will say


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