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    Kevin Forte

    AmnesiaCraft: Adding the Element of Fear
    Version: 1.1.2​
    Download: [JAR]

    Ever play "Amnesia: The Dark Descent"? I did, and it was amazing. I thought it would be a nice touch to make the dark more intimidating in Minecraft as well.

    • Adds the elements of a player's heart rate and level of sanity, where sanity drops when in the dark and heart rate rises.
    • If sanity drops too low, player slowly takes damage until death.
    • /sanity
    Check your vitals. Usage can speed the process of going insane very slightly (The more often you question your own sanity, the more insane you become).

    There is one node that will prevent a player from experiencing the effects of this plugin:
    • Drop sanity more quickly when monsters are in view.
    • Reduce the speed in which sanity drops when other players/wolves are near.
    • Various effects when sanity is very low.
    • A config file.
    • Multi-world support (be patient about this one please...)
    Possible To-do:
    • Consumable item to gain sanity.
    • Lightning striking near a player spikes their heart rate
    • Rewrite code more conviniently
    Bug list:
    • Null returns with /sanity.
    • Items are destroyed when a player dies.
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    Version 1.1.2
    • Items now drop normally when a player dies.
    Version 1.1.1
    • Fixed the null returns.
    Version 1.1
    • Added a permission node to prevent sanity loss.
    • Lowered the light level at which a player loses sanity significantly.
    Version 1.0
    • Initial plugin release.
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    omfg this will be awesome...i would like alittle horror in minecraft :D
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    i seem to be completely sane :( i went into the darkness as much as i could and it didnt seem to do anything so i went out near about 10 monsters at once and ran and looked at them checking my sanity every 3 seconds nothing changed :/ you null and your heart null i think i might be immune since im just to awesome lol
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    From Eternal Darkness (http://strategywiki.org/wiki/Eternal_Darkness:_Sanity's_Requiem/Sanity_effects): (The ones I thought possible in minecraft)

    • Blue screen of death
    • The game will appear to delete your saved game
    • The television will appear to turn off
    • Room-specific objects will float in the air
    • Entire sequences of play turn out to be hallucination, reverting to a prior point in play (side note: corridors, doors, windows, and environmental objects will often be located in different places or not at all the second time through these sequences)
    • The audio will mute
    • Crying and whispers can be heard in the background. (Ghast sound, obviously)
    • Knocking and creaking floor can be heard in the background.
    • Controls will become inverted
    • Character will turn into a zombie in the next room
    • The character's body will break apart as you walk (you can pick up your body bits)
    • The environment will be upside down and you will walk on the ceiling
    • Your character will grow larger or smaller during movement

    Cool plugin.
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    lol i wish it was as easy as scripting too... your not alone XD
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    definitely looking forward to seeing this on my server!

    just a quick question, i may have missed this in the forums, but does it support multiworld? i'd like to have an 'intense-mode' world in addition to my regular survival world.
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    definatly going up on my server. Thanks for this ;)

    One thing worth noting though - As you are scared/frightened your heart rate goes UP, not down.
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    this might be good, but then again i changed my portal sounds so its not that scary anymore, maybe make it configurable in the .jar?
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    people are currently losing sanity in the light, and loosing all items. plugin also needs config options whether we want the player to die or not. Good concept but no control over timer, light var or end result makes it unusable.
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    Kevin Forte

    @Tulips: Yeah, I am going to release a fix for the light levels today at some point, and as of now the monsters don't affect sanity. You aren't losing sanity at all? Now that is weird, and definitely a problem I did not have at all during testing.
    @DannyDog: Hope you enjoy it. :p
    @marky1991: Unfortunately, none of those are possible as of now, but they are pretty cool xP
    @TheGurw: Not just yet xP
    @OliTheG: Yes, I am aware how the human heart reacts to fear x) It was just far easier coding-wise to have both sanity and heartRate be written the same way.
    @AzureFlameCloud: You changed the portal sounds? Laammee ;D I can make sounds configurable once I have a config file.
    @KingPin: Losing all items, what do you mean? I will have a config option for death once I 1. Have a config file functioning and 2. Have other sanity effects in place, as watching your sanity would be pointless without the consequence of death. The config file will be coming soon, so hopefully you can use it then :)

    Updated to v1.1: Permissions added and the light level at which you lose sanity significantly dropped, hopefully that will fix the issue of people dying in the light.

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    well i did that to make portal sounds more like the game i base my server from, at least for me anyway, since i have lots of portal using AncientGates from Olof Larsson
    but yeah make it configurable like how we do mods in SSP, maybe open up your .jar and change it there but then again, do the noises have to be the same length?
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    @Kevin Forte
    Here's a thought, when sanity is one before the lowest, hallucinations begin to appear. Think about adding an "npc" a few blocks away, and if you run towards it, it will run away.
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    no the nether portal sound is annoying to me :/ its loud and stupid sounding i would hate to have that as a sound cus it really bugs me ide rather have sounds of enemies near :/

    i started loosing sanity once so far when i was outside getting mauled by a dog and doing /heal over and over with the levelcraft to level up health xD and i lost sanity it said something about my heart then i jumped out of the way of the dog and i got damaged really fast, also i checked my sanity on respawn and it seems it didnt reset like in the game to Crystal clear or the (you null thing)

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    Kevin Forte

    Any config options I do will probably be done through the use of a config file, and what do you mean the same length?

    ...Well that didn't make any sense at all haha :p What?

    I think the sound of a Ghast will be most likely if I can get sounds to work, but one step at a time haha. xP

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    It'd be interesting to see if you could get sounds to work, so far it is kind of a shot in the dark.
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    You null and your heart null
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    Although this is good, I always find myself slowly dying. Even when i'm in my house. Which is fully lit up. Which is messed up.

    I also lose all my items, which is madness.

    Therefore I uninstalled the plugin, until future updates.

    I'm sorry, but it is too sensitive and buggy to be useable, especially when it deletes everything, and doesen't allow you to regain sanity
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    Kevin Forte

    Well that's no good T.T
    What do you mean it deletes all of your items? Like, when you die all of your items are destroyed?
    Sanity should also regain in the light.

    Anyone having errors, can you start posting console snippets? It would really help.

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    i mean like how long the portal sound is cause its usually 6 seconds right? then there's the trigger sound and the actual warp sound.
    i was thinking do we have to make the portal sound also 6 seconds if we want to change it or it doesn't matter how long?
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    Kevin Forte

    Well right now there are no sounds at all and I don't know if it's even possible yet so I really can't answer that.
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    kk, was just wondering
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    Kevin Forte

    Possibly fixed the null returns with /sanity, I think it was caused by players who have the permission to prevent sanity loss using /sanity.

    EDIT: Also fixed the issue where items are destroyed on death; they are now dropped normally.
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    well how about damaging to a certain degree instead of death.... I like the concept of the plugin and I think you are awesome for making it and working on it, but I run a more relaxed server for friends and we alt tab or go afk all the time and I would love it if it damaged but not killed. ofcourse I understand you might not want to add a feature for one guy :) so either way, awesome work and thanx :)
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    Kevin Forte

    Once I have a config file going, I will add that option, because I think that's a much better alternative to not taking damage at all actually :)
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    Just in general, i'm a big user of essentials. so, if a mod is not compatible with Essentials, or is not on the latest version of the bukkit server that essentials is on, most people wouldnt bother with it IMO. I'll test it either way, i plan to use to scare the crap out of one of my friends lol
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    Kevin Forte

    I don't think this should conflict with any of essentials' functions :)
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    First problem I ran into. I am the all knowing master god of my server, with the permissions '*' which takes away my AC experience. Can you make the permission node a "This enables AC for the group" node? Otherwise I can't play! XD
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    Kevin Forte

    Or you could add a node '-ac.levelhead' :) (Seems like it'd be easier to add that to the admin group as opposed to adding a turn-on-the-plugin node to every other group xP)
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    If you die you lose all your items.

    My house was filled with glowstone and I still died. Tried going to bed would work. Woke up in the morning, with full light and I died again. No mobs at all. I F3'd.

    I actually made the mistake of putting this on my server. 20 people died in 5 minutes. I had to roll it back 1 hour to my last avaliable backup.
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    Kevin Forte

    Both problems are already solved, update your jar.
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    good to see this plugin progressing i look forward to a full release and many more plugins from you (hopefully) :D

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