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    Kevin Forte

    AmnesiaCraft: Adding the Element of Fear
    Version: 1.1.2​
    Download: [JAR]

    Ever play "Amnesia: The Dark Descent"? I did, and it was amazing. I thought it would be a nice touch to make the dark more intimidating in Minecraft as well.

    • Adds the elements of a player's heart rate and level of sanity, where sanity drops when in the dark and heart rate rises.
    • If sanity drops too low, player slowly takes damage until death.
    • /sanity
    Check your vitals. Usage can speed the process of going insane very slightly (The more often you question your own sanity, the more insane you become).

    There is one node that will prevent a player from experiencing the effects of this plugin:
    • Drop sanity more quickly when monsters are in view.
    • Reduce the speed in which sanity drops when other players/wolves are near.
    • Various effects when sanity is very low.
    • A config file.
    • Multi-world support (be patient about this one please...)
    Possible To-do:
    • Consumable item to gain sanity.
    • Lightning striking near a player spikes their heart rate
    • Rewrite code more conviniently
    Bug list:
    • Null returns with /sanity.
    • Items are destroyed when a player dies.
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    Version 1.1.2
    • Items now drop normally when a player dies.
    Version 1.1.1
    • Fixed the null returns.
    Version 1.1
    • Added a permission node to prevent sanity loss.
    • Lowered the light level at which a player loses sanity significantly.
    Version 1.0
    • Initial plugin release.
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    Is there any way that only certain people can use this?
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    This is a great idea. The problem of a display can be solved. You can look at another plugin's source to get an idea of how to do a text-based gui.

    I've been annoyed by the people who mine without using torches now. This would be an excellent deterrant that adds to the gameplay at the same time.
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    Also...how are you making the character lose sanity? Just seeing a creeper trigger or seeing a creeper up close? There is a Block distance limit or a Zombie from waaay down a corridor could trigger the sanity loss? Can you trigger a "faint"? Like make the light on the camera go black(darkness level 1 or 0) and make the character go slow or stop him completely?

    Can you add a config that makes the sanity drop only when targeted by a monster?
    Will definitely use this plugin on my server. They must learn to Fear darkness!

    (for god's sake use the Ghast sounds when going crazy...even the shriek when the ghast get hit is enough to freak out even someone that is killing the thing and expect the noise)
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    More suggestions; how about making sanity drop faster in rain and really fast in a thunderstorm? And if lightning strikes near you you could have a very sudden (and large drop) in sanity too? Great concept for a plugin, I'm likely to continue using this for my server.
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    Kevin Forte

    Not yet, but adding a config file is priority number one for me right now. I just have to learn how to do it...
    That's a really good idea. I think the morale might be something I could do in a separate plugin eventually, but it should be easy if I can get sanity to drop more slowly with other players/wolves around.
    Then it IS possible... this excites me. x)
    Thanks, I really appreciate that! :D I'll do my best to make this as awesome as everyone wants it to be (including myself).
    That is probably a very small error on my part, I'll look into it.
    A config file is first priority, and I believe this is second priority. The speed at which it happens depends on my Java abilities, which are quite limited. ):
    Nope, no it is not. Looking into it.
    For some reason, it tells me that the value of health needs to be between 0 and 200, when health is actually measured from 0-20. I saw this during testing, but it wasn't affecting the functionality of the plugin so I left it alone. I'll see what I can do about it though.
    This is the sort of thing that will be added once I can figure out config files. :)
    This already happens ;)
    Thanks! I'll try and put them in as fast as I can.
    Eternal Darkness... is that the vampire plugin?
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    you know i like this plugin sooooooo much im gonna put the effort in to help you design it

    but ull have to get me up to speed

    (dw i have modded before (maybe not minecraft but i have)) i will learn from you simply telling me:
    1.what is minecraft written in EG. C,C+,C++
    2.tell me what files contain what parts of the mods
    3.what do i mod it with notepad++,vs or what
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    VS 2010 Ultimate
    VS will tell you.
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    the source would be nice too XD
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    For the sanity thing, you could try sending PMs ( /msg player msg) every X seconds or X percent (and make it configurable) to players in dark areas, returning "sanity dropped" and each "step" (90% / 75% / etc..) you would notice the player about its sanity percentage ( "sanity under 75%") and add those "zombies moans/flashes" at the same moment.

    That would be cool to make the flashes progressive, each "levels" of sanity would spawn more and more zombies, with variable durations.

    Ps: you might try to use the thunderbolt flash if you can't use the portal effect to create "illusions"

    Ps2 : as adding a "new item" would require a client-sided mod, why not using mushrooms stew as "medics" (it can't be stacked, so you'll have to deal with your inventory space, it heals 5 hearts (if sanity hurts or zombies hits you during flashes, that's not a bad choice of item), shrooms are suffisantly rare not to make 999 shrooms stew and store them in a storage minecart)
    mushrooms stew would regain 35% of sanity but won't reset flashes, so you'll see more and more zombies the more you spend time in a cave shooting you shrooms, bowl after bowl x)

    Anyway, I'll try this mod soon, keep up the good work :)
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    Kevin Forte

    Woops, didn't know there were two pages!
    If you'd like, I can add a permissions node?
    It does already display when your sanity is starting to get really low. :) Glad you like it!
    I really appreciate your interest, but if you don't mind I want to see how much I can do alone first :) Please don't be offended! Minecraft plugins are coded in Java and I use the IDE Eclipse to code in. The reason I want to go it alone is because I'm very new at Java and coding as a whole so writing is a learning experience for me, I'd like to do as much as I can before having straight up contributors. Thanks again though and I'm glad you like it that much :p
    Like I've said, it does send players messages when their sanity gets below 50 (out of 100). I think before I work on any hallucinations I'd like to have that portal effect be triggered every so often, more and more the lower your sanity is and constant at 0. I'll be looking into all other hallucinations soon :p Having an item to restore sanity could be interesting, I'll put some thought into that.

    Right now, sanity isn't dropped by seeing creatures, only by being in the dark. I think I will be slowing a character down if possible when their sanity gets very low, it forces a player to be more wary about it since it is harder to escape the dark at half speed. I don't really want sanity to drop when targeted by a monster, because people could be in a completely lit room but have a spider pestering them from outside and they could be losing sanity due to that.

    Thanks for using it :) and I might make weather affect sanity a little bit, but it isn't priority for me considering it rains all of the time where I live and I still consider myself sane. x) Lightning striking near someone I think will affect heart rate as opposed to sanity, making it almost instantly spike.

    Is anyone else having the issue where sanity is still dropping even when in the light?

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    Looks great - would love permissions and the config file (will probably slow it down as I like a subtle effect on my server) :)
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    No, it's a game for the Nintendo Gamecube. Probably one of the only ones to be rated M. It's loosely based around the Cthulhu mythos. If you've never heard of it, it's definatly something to look into. The sanity effects in that game for when you start going mad are hilarious. For one of them, your head pops off. Should you go over and pick up your head it will start reciting Shakespeare at you.
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    Kevin Forte

    I'll do my best :)
    Ha, that is absolutely awesome.
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    Is there anyway I could take a look at your source code? I've been programming in Java and the Eclipse IDE quite awhile, but have never ventured into Minecraft Open Source. It'd be interesting to see how Minecraft handles variable change at not such a large level of complexity.
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    i'm loving this plugin more and more with the constant barrage of ideas
    i'd love a permission support though, i wouldnt want admins go crazy in the dark

    keep up the good work
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    Kevin Forte

    Permissions is an easy one :) Can do that in five minutes.
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    permission, multiworld support, and make sure its compatible with essentials, then you'll be set. oh yea, and those lovely effects :)
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    Kevin Forte

    Compatible with Essentials...? xD

    EDIT: Let me clarify, what do you mean by that? Compatible with which part of essentials?
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    like the sound of this plug but something that would be awesome is making thunder storms make you lose your sanity rely fast so you have to get out the rain
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    Kevin Forte

    I think I am going to make sanity drop more quickly in the rain, as opposed to the rain being the cause. So if it is raining in the chunk you are in AND you are in the dark, your sanity drops faster.
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    is there any way you can make sure this only happens when the rain is falling directly on you just for realism
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    Kevin Forte

    To be completely honest, I don't think so, not at this point anyways.
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    I think you should add the sounds a nether portal makes as well. I find that more creepy than zombie moans.
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    Kevin Forte

    Priority one with the sounds is making sure it's possible to add them, from there I can probably make it configurable.
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    place it as so

    level (whatever) light
    monster (whatever area the noise reaches) close to player
    loose sanity

    just a basic structure
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    Kevin Forte

    lose* ;) (A pet peeve of mine) and I don't want a player to lose sanity when near a monster, only when they are looking directly at the monster. The problem is is that player.getLineOfSight() returns a list of blocks. The problem for me is that I don't know how to get the locations of all of those blocks and then how to check if a mob is near any of those locations. I wish it were as easy as "if (monster is close to player) { }" xD
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    I am having that issue - I had to remove it as it has no notifications when you are losing sanity, and players were losing health while standing under glowstone.
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    Yes had a user in his house with a bunch of torches as light sources and he said he was taking damage as well, we took damage in a cave with torches too so something is wonky :p
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    Kevin Forte

    There is only one notification for heartbeat and one for sanity, when either hit 50. I think I just need to lower the light level at which you start to lose sanity. I'll work on a fix.
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    hey I was looking for this plugin like 2-4 weeks ago but it seemed to not be existing and now I find it on the plugin list :D great I got amnesia about a month ago or something i barely went through it cus i play when other people come over so I can see how they react as it is a great game :D I hope you fixed that light level thing ussually im in the light from outside just enough and i dont even go down in sanity to much(u also need to add the limit for each light level like when ur in light like moonlight in amnesia ur sanity is still like +80% and thats basicly level 4 light minecraft which rarely anyone would be in so having it be like maybe add a config file so I can set the limite like for each light level maybe :D thatd be great)

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