[FUN/ADMN] WeatherGod v0.31 - Play with the weather [818]

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    WeatherGod - Play with the weather
    Version: v0.31
    CraftBukkit: 818

    This plugin allows you to easily control the weather.

    • Control the weather
    • Turn the damage of lightnings on and off
    • Enable or disable certain weathers
    • Kill players with lightning bolts
    • Create lightning bolts where you want
    Download WeatherGod v0.31
    Source Code

    Usage (parameters in <> are required, the ones in [] are optional:
    • /wg set <normal|storm|thunder> [world] [duration in sec.]
      • Set the current weather of a world.
    • /wg get [world]
      • Get the current weather of a world.
    • /wg strike
      • Toggle the creation of thunder bolts with the thunder item.
    • /wg strike <Playername|MobID>
      • Kill a player or a mob with a thunder bolt. You can get a mob's ID by pressing F3.
    For worlds with spaces in their names use a '_' instead ('My World' => 'My_World').

    • thunderItem (def. (stick): 280)
      • The item to use for the creation of thunder bolts.
    • allowNormal / allowStorm / allowThunder
      • Enable or disable certain weathers.
    • preventIgnition
      • Set this to true to block the ignition of blocks by a lightning.
    • thunderMouseButton ('left' or 'right')
      • Select which mouse button to use for the creation of thunders with the thunderItem.
    • weather.get
      • Use /wg get
    • weather.set.normal / weather.set.storm / weather.set.thunder
      • Use /wg set
    • weather.strike.player
      • Use /wg strike <Playername|MobId>
    • weather.strike.item
      • Use /wg strike
    • weather.invulnerable
      • Don't take damage from lightnings
    Version 0.31
    • Updated for Minecraft 1.6.6 (CraftBukkit b818)
    • Changed the command from /weather to /wg
    • Added the /weathergod alias for the /wg command
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    Version 0.30
    • Remade the commandhandler (thx mrapple)
    • Commands sent from the console are working correctly now
    • You can now set and get the weather of worlds with spaces in their names (see 'Usage')
    • You can now kill mobs the same way you kill players
    Version 0.22
    • Updated for CB 733
    • Better check for changed weather
    • Added 'thunderMouseButton' to the config
    Version 0.21
    • Added permission weather.invulnerable
    • Added the ability to enable or disable weathers
    • Added an setting to turn off the ignition of blocks by lightnings
    Version 0.20
    • Added /weather strike
    • Added /weather strike <Player>
    Version 0.12

    • You can now change the weather to a thunder storm.
    Version 0.11

    • Added support for permissions
    • Added the ability to set a duration for the weather
    • Added a command to get the current weather of a world
    Version 0.1

    • First release

    Have fun :)
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    This plugin will no longer be updated?
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    Hey mate! I have some problems trying to enable or disable certain weathers.
    It doesnt work.
    Can you answer me with the complete string?
    /weather disable storm

    (My intention is to remove storm, every damn second start snow. I hate that fucking snow everywhere!)
    Please help me! Means a lot.
    See ya
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    /wg set <normal|storm|thunder> [world] [duration in sec.]

    i think fo you should

    /wg set normal


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