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    Version: 1.0

    License: GPLv3

    WeatherControl allows you to control the weather/thunder. You can also disable weather, thunder, lightningstrike, creeper power, pig zap, thunder fire or/and damage. Make lightning strike cause tnt-like explosions. Set weather interval. Configurable on a per-world basis.

    YouTube video by Taintedfilmz:

    Source Code

    IMPORTANT: You'll have to delete the configuration files and let WeatherControl regenerate it, or update it manually. This is because of changes, if you not do this, you may get a lot of issues.

    • Control the weather/thunder.
    • Make lightning strike cause explosions.
    • Interval support.
    • Disable weather, thunder, lightningstrike, creeper power, pig zap, thunder fire or/and damage.
    • Configurable on a per-world basis.
    • Lightning wand, strike players, creepers or pigs.
    • Customizable messages.
    • Multiworld support.
    • Lightning wand item is lightstonedust (348).
    1. Copy the WeatherControl.jar file into your plugins folder.
    2. Restart/reload server.
    3. If you want to, edit the config.yml file in plugins/WeatherControl and the world configuration files in the worlds folder.
    Show Spoiler

    /weather help - Show help.
    /weather status - Show weather status.
    /weather weather <on|off> <duration> - Show or toogle weather.
    /weather thunder <on|off> <duration> - Show or toogle thunder.
    /weather clear - Toogle clear.
    /weather strike <player> - Lightning strike you or/and other players.
    /weather strikemob [creeper|pig] <distance> - Lightning strike mob.
    /weather strikepos [x] [y] [z] - Lightning strike a specific position.
    /weather wand <count> - Get wand item or set count.

    Permissions nodes:
    Show Spoiler

    weathercontrol.* - Give you access to anything. - Show help.
    weathercontrol.status - Show weather status. - Show or toogle weather.
    weathercontrol.thunder - Show or toogle thunder.
    weathercontrol.clear - Toogle clear.
    weathercontrol.strike - Lightning strike you or/and other players.
    weathercontrol.strikemob - Lightning strike mob.
    weathercontrol.strikepos - Lightning strike a specific position.
    weathercontrol.wand - Access to use wand.

    Version 1.0
    • Compatible with CraftBukkit 1185.
    • Added ability to turn off interval messages.
    Version 0.9
    • Compatible with CraftBukkit 928.
    Version 0.8.4
    • Compatible with CraftBukkit 860.
    • Compatible with Permission 3.x.
    Show Spoiler

    Version 0.8.3
    • Compatible with CraftBukkit 818.
    • Fixed the bug that when load, it return null.
    • Added customizable messages (Can be used to add custom locales).
    Version 0.8.2
    • Added max wand count for prevent lag.
    • Possibly fixed errors in console.
    Version 0.8.1
    • Compatible with CraftBukkit 803.
    • Fixed grammar.
    Version 0.8
    • Added interval support.
    Version 0.7
    • Compatible with CraftBukkit 798.
    • Fixed disableSnowForm.
    • Added option to enable explosions on lightning strike, this is set in config file.
    • Weather does not disable when it's turned on.
    Version 0.6
    • Compatible with CraftBukkit 766.
    • Added function for set wand count by the wand command.
    • Right click now replaced with lightningStrikeEffect.
    • Added time formats.
    • Added status command.
    Version 0.5
    • Fixed bug reported by sausje.
    Version 0.4.9
    • Fixed bug with strike command.
    Version 0.4.8
    • Bugfix.
    Version 0.4.7
    • Bugfix.
    Version o.4.6
    • Fixed bug with wand (Reported by RobotGymnast).
    • Fixed big with strike command (Reported by Gimalo).
    Version 0.4.5
    • Fixed bug with wand (Reported by redsgreens).
    • Fixed bug with strike command.
    • Renamed lightning command to strikepos.
    • Added strikemob command and moved strike pig and creeper functionality to here.
    • Improved the alias weather.
    Version 0.4.4
    • Compatible with CraftBukkit 740.
    Version 0.4.3
    • Fixed invalid configuration file.
    • Added support for prevent lightning to cause mob and player damage, this is set in configuration file.
    Version 0.4.2
    • Fixed grammer reported by Azelote.
    • Added lightning command for lightningstrike a specific position (Command for wand), request by rockNme2349.
    Version 0.4.1
    • Added /weather alias.
    • Added pig and creepr support to /strike.
    • Added multiplie lightningstrikes to wand on right click, amount can be set in configuration file.
    • Now show help on if command is unknown.
    Version 0.4
    • Improved weather and thunder commands.
    • Added /wand command.
    Version 0.3
    • Compatible with Craftbukkit #733.
    • Added option for disable weather, thunder, lightningstrike, creeper power or pig zap.
    Version 0.2
    • Added lightning fire and damage protection.
    • Multiworld support.
    Version 0.1
    • Initital release.
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    WeatherControl 0.4.7 released.

    Fixed in WeatherControl 0.4.7, sorry for the issues :(

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    Also, I just discovered that lightning spawns groups of pigmen, some of which are unkillable :(
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    I know about this issue, it's nothing i can do about it. Sorry, it's a CraftBukkit bug.
  5. Hi nothing hapend when i try the comands the only thing that hapends some times is that i get this in the chat
    WeatherControl (0.4.7) [] required <> optional.

    Im on bukkit 740 and have in my plugin folder Worldguard worldedit weathercontrol permisons mywarp musiccraft fakemessage magiccarpet craftbook
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    I've disabled pig strikes now, but I'm still getting pigs spawning on lightning strike. :(
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    Also finding that I can't get 'disablePigZap' to work.

    Would it just affect the command or would it affect the wand strikes as well?
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    Error when we try to strike an offline player...

    In game :

    Gimlao have been struck by lightning!
    An internal error occured while attempting to perform this command

    In the CraftBukkit console :

    I was more excepting a message (with no errors) like : "Can't find <player> !".
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    WeatherControl 0.4.8 released.

    This is fixed in 0.4.8.

    The disablePigZap command should prevent pigs for being zaped into pigmans. I know this not work at the moment, it's nothing i can do about it because it's a CraftBukkit bug.

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    Hey halvors, I'm still getting the occasional building burning to the ground, even with lightning fire turned off D:
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    I know, Bukkit is buggy, lightning randomly cause fire, also when i cancelling the event.

    WeatherControl 0.4.9 released.

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  12. With last update from your plugin.
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    WeatherControl 0.5.0 released.

    This is now fixed in WeatherControl 0.5.0, sorry for the issues :)

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  14. No worries, prolly something small you missed when editing :p
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    Yes it was. Thanks for the report :)
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    Any chance we could get a simple "/weather rain" alias that runs an equivalent of "/weather weather on 10" or some such?

    On my server we get a lot of phantom rain that isn't recognized by the plugin for /weather clear, but typing "/weather weather on 10" is a real pain when you're toggling the rain ON in order to get all the clients up to speed before turning the rain OFF.
    Also, the phantom rain comes back at least once usually, but sometimes reconnecting makes it vanish. You must understand how frustrating it is to do "/weather clear" only to have it say "It's already clear" ._.
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    So...there is this thundertower plugin and it catches natural lightnings on a defined area of the tower. The problem is, if the lightning is generated by the thunder tool of this plugin, it just ignores the tower.

    Any way you guys could make any kind of partnership, where you could make a way for the lighnings of this plugin to not ignore the tower, provide the author of thundertower a way to catch the manually generated lightnings or integrate it inside this plugin?

    Anything that could help a bit would really be apreciated.
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    Isn't the point of the wand to strike a specified position? You want it to strike in tower instead?
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    Yes, if the thunder fall inside the tower defined radius, it would "pick" it, if it was natural, or plugin made.
    Currently the tool made ligning ignores the tower. The reason I ask this is that on my server, thunder making tools are not exclusive for moderators, as we have a rare group of thundermages. So those towers would make thunder mages proof regions.

    Also, my moderators...erm...sometimes like to play around with thunders...A LOT. And accidents happens :p
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    I think the owner of ThunderTower need to code this, every weather plugin use a function in Bukkit, so we're not talking about compatiblity with WeatherControl but compatiblity with Bukkit.

    Someone want the commands to be on the /command? Also /weather instead of /wc weahter and /thunder instead of /wc thunder?

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    how about to add config parameter for how often rains+thunder shows? i would like the plugin takes a random value from a range like every 300-800 seconds. rainminbreatime=300 rainmaxbreaktime=800, thunderminbreaktime=600 thundermaxbreaktime=1000
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    Isn't this random on Minecraft by default?
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    that would be great.

    the simpler the better
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    Is it possible with this plugin to set more thunder storm ?
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    What do you mean with more thunder strom?
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    Yeah, it's random, but badly to often for my serversetting/players. My last wheater plugin "MotherNature 1.2" could that, so it shouldn't be difficult. I would appreciate. MotherNature is inactive, so if you want, you can overtake it and take the source of it, if you write plugindev.
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    So you want an interval feature? That's it?
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    i think keeping it as /wc <command> is good, just to prevent conflicts with any other plugin but thats just my view =]
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    Indeed, but if most of you want, i'll use not /wc.
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    White Sheep

    When i use /weather commands i get the follow error: "Lightning is disabled" or "Weather is disabled".
    Its not disabled in the config.

    Running: bukkit 740

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