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    Version: 1.0

    License: GPLv3

    WeatherControl allows you to control the weather/thunder. You can also disable weather, thunder, lightningstrike, creeper power, pig zap, thunder fire or/and damage. Make lightning strike cause tnt-like explosions. Set weather interval. Configurable on a per-world basis.

    YouTube video by Taintedfilmz:

    Source Code

    IMPORTANT: You'll have to delete the configuration files and let WeatherControl regenerate it, or update it manually. This is because of changes, if you not do this, you may get a lot of issues.

    • Control the weather/thunder.
    • Make lightning strike cause explosions.
    • Interval support.
    • Disable weather, thunder, lightningstrike, creeper power, pig zap, thunder fire or/and damage.
    • Configurable on a per-world basis.
    • Lightning wand, strike players, creepers or pigs.
    • Customizable messages.
    • Multiworld support.
    • Lightning wand item is lightstonedust (348).
    1. Copy the WeatherControl.jar file into your plugins folder.
    2. Restart/reload server.
    3. If you want to, edit the config.yml file in plugins/WeatherControl and the world configuration files in the worlds folder.
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    /weather help - Show help.
    /weather status - Show weather status.
    /weather weather <on|off> <duration> - Show or toogle weather.
    /weather thunder <on|off> <duration> - Show or toogle thunder.
    /weather clear - Toogle clear.
    /weather strike <player> - Lightning strike you or/and other players.
    /weather strikemob [creeper|pig] <distance> - Lightning strike mob.
    /weather strikepos [x] [y] [z] - Lightning strike a specific position.
    /weather wand <count> - Get wand item or set count.

    Permissions nodes:
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    weathercontrol.* - Give you access to anything. - Show help.
    weathercontrol.status - Show weather status. - Show or toogle weather.
    weathercontrol.thunder - Show or toogle thunder.
    weathercontrol.clear - Toogle clear.
    weathercontrol.strike - Lightning strike you or/and other players.
    weathercontrol.strikemob - Lightning strike mob.
    weathercontrol.strikepos - Lightning strike a specific position.
    weathercontrol.wand - Access to use wand.

    Version 1.0
    • Compatible with CraftBukkit 1185.
    • Added ability to turn off interval messages.
    Version 0.9
    • Compatible with CraftBukkit 928.
    Version 0.8.4
    • Compatible with CraftBukkit 860.
    • Compatible with Permission 3.x.
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    Version 0.8.3
    • Compatible with CraftBukkit 818.
    • Fixed the bug that when load, it return null.
    • Added customizable messages (Can be used to add custom locales).
    Version 0.8.2
    • Added max wand count for prevent lag.
    • Possibly fixed errors in console.
    Version 0.8.1
    • Compatible with CraftBukkit 803.
    • Fixed grammar.
    Version 0.8
    • Added interval support.
    Version 0.7
    • Compatible with CraftBukkit 798.
    • Fixed disableSnowForm.
    • Added option to enable explosions on lightning strike, this is set in config file.
    • Weather does not disable when it's turned on.
    Version 0.6
    • Compatible with CraftBukkit 766.
    • Added function for set wand count by the wand command.
    • Right click now replaced with lightningStrikeEffect.
    • Added time formats.
    • Added status command.
    Version 0.5
    • Fixed bug reported by sausje.
    Version 0.4.9
    • Fixed bug with strike command.
    Version 0.4.8
    • Bugfix.
    Version 0.4.7
    • Bugfix.
    Version o.4.6
    • Fixed bug with wand (Reported by RobotGymnast).
    • Fixed big with strike command (Reported by Gimalo).
    Version 0.4.5
    • Fixed bug with wand (Reported by redsgreens).
    • Fixed bug with strike command.
    • Renamed lightning command to strikepos.
    • Added strikemob command and moved strike pig and creeper functionality to here.
    • Improved the alias weather.
    Version 0.4.4
    • Compatible with CraftBukkit 740.
    Version 0.4.3
    • Fixed invalid configuration file.
    • Added support for prevent lightning to cause mob and player damage, this is set in configuration file.
    Version 0.4.2
    • Fixed grammer reported by Azelote.
    • Added lightning command for lightningstrike a specific position (Command for wand), request by rockNme2349.
    Version 0.4.1
    • Added /weather alias.
    • Added pig and creepr support to /strike.
    • Added multiplie lightningstrikes to wand on right click, amount can be set in configuration file.
    • Now show help on if command is unknown.
    Version 0.4
    • Improved weather and thunder commands.
    • Added /wand command.
    Version 0.3
    • Compatible with Craftbukkit #733.
    • Added option for disable weather, thunder, lightningstrike, creeper power or pig zap.
    Version 0.2
    • Added lightning fire and damage protection.
    • Multiworld support.
    Version 0.1
    • Initital release.
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    I know about this issue, it's nothing i can do about it sorry, it's in Craftbukkit, either it's blocked or it's a bug. Sorry :(

    Should i remove the reload command? Is somebody using it?

    WeatherControl 0.4.5 released.

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    This plugin confilcts with essentials /weather

    will not work properly.... just an FYI.

    maybe try changing it to /wc??
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    What ever you want, should be no problem to use a parameter in the commands. Or do it like EssentialsGroupManager, there you can choose a world via command. And then all following commands are used for this world.
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    What should i do about this, think all of the weather plugin out there will conflict each other, the main command is /wc jost because of this. Maybe just remove /weather?
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    well you could still use weather, you just have to disable the /weather in essentials when you install yours. I know there is a way to do that, other developers use that when there is a conflict. I have faith in you though, this is by far the best weather control plugin right now.
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    Thanks it works :D
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    does anyone know how i can disable the essentials weather to use this one?? i really want to use this plugin.
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    u don't need of disable it.

    just use /wc <--- and do not /weather <---
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    Can someone please help me when i download the link i dont get a weathercontrol.jar only 2 folders (com and meta-inf) and a plugins.yml is this a new way of installing or am i missing something?
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    I keep getting a "Lightning strike is disabled" message whenever I left-click or right-click anything.. How do I fix this?

    World's config file:
    # WeatherControl's configuration file.
    # This is the a per-world configuration file. It only affects one
    # corresponding world.
        defaultWeatherDuration: 300 # Default 5 minutes (300 secounds).
        disableWeather: true # Disable weather.
        defaultThunderDuration: 300 # Default 5 minutes (300 secounds).
        disableThunder: false # Disable thunder.
        lightningStrikeWand: false 
        lightningStrikeWandItem: 348
        disableLightningStrike: true # Disable lightning strike.
        disableCreeperPower: true # Disable creeper power.
        disablePigZap: true # Disable pig zap.
        disableLightningStrikeDamage: false # Prevent players to be damaged by lightning stirke.
        disableLightningStrikeFire: false # Prevent lightning strike to cause fire.
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    You'll just have to set "lightningStrikeWand" to true. But you have an old config file.
    So try regenerate
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    Regenerating didn't help, nor did setting lightningStrikeWand to true. New config file is:

    # WeatherControl's configuration file.
    # This is the a per-world configuration file. It only affects one
    # corresponding world.
        enable: false # Enable weather.
        defaultWeatherDuration: 300 # Default 5 minutes (300 secounds).
        enable: false # Enable thunder.
        defaultThunderDuration: 300 # Default 5 minutes (300 secounds).
        enable: false # Enable lightning strike.
        lightningStrikeWand: true # Enable wand to strike lightning.
        lightningStrikeWandItem: 348 # Wand item.
        lightningStrikeWandMultiCount: 5 # Multi lightning strike count.
        lightningStrikeDistance: 10 # Default distance for strike command.
        disableCreeperPower: false # Disable creeper power.
        disablePigZap: false # Disable pig zap.
        disableLightningStrikePlayerDamage: false # Prevent players to be damaged by lightning stirke.
        disableLightningStrikeMobDamage: false # Prevent mobs to be damaged by lightning stirke.
        disableLightningStrikeFire: false # Prevent lightning strike to cause fire.
    If I set lightningStrike to true, but lightningStrikeWand to false, then it tells me "Wand is disabled!"
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    That's because when lightning strike is disabled it's disabled :) NOTICE: Lightning is the bolt, Thunder is naturally thunder weather, there lightning apper if it's enabled.
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    It shouldn't tell me every time I click something, though! Solved it finally by enabling strikes and the wand, but just changing the item to something that couldn't be gotten through the game.
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    See, going to release fix :)
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    Just askin it here, how do I change it to snowing/raining?

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    /wc weather
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    We have that message when we use the /wc strike <player> command...

    But lightning isn't disabled...

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    WeatherControl 0.4.6 released! Thanks for the bug reports :)
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    Not sure why, but this plugin's generating a blank file for the config, and thus spams me whenever I swing my tool with "Wand not defined in config file"

    Anyone else experiencing this?

  22. Same here on CB740

    Deleted whole config dir that WC made, just generated an file as config with "{}" in it.
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    @halvors can you post the contents of a config file here please while you sort the plugin out?
  24. He already did, look prev page.
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    That's the per-world config file.

    The one we need is the global one
  26. error:wand not set in configuration file?
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    Bradley Hilton

    I'm getting the same error that others are getting.
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    The global is not used yet.
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    well something is messed up, every time i do anything i get spammed with "Error: Wand not set in config." or "Error: Lighting disabled.", lightning is enabled and the wand is set.

    here's my config file
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    You just get errors when use the wand? Think i fixed it now, will release soon :)
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    No, we're getting errors using any tools at all. I've been doing test swings with all tools, and it throws the Wand not defined error

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