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    Minecraft version: 1.8.8

    Suggested name: Friends

    What I want:
    /i know friends plugin is existed but not like this features/

    1/msg only friends can msg.
    when they click on player name from friends list immediately do in chat /msg playername
    §5§lPRIVATE §8| Sender Name§e⇉ Receiver Name§8» §bmsg
    Color of msg is aqua
    2/join and leave alert
    §e§lFRIENDS §8| Name §a§l✚ //for joining
    §e§lFRIENDS §8| Name §c§l✘ //for leaving
    3/online friends shown first.
    4/max friends 30 for default rank.
    5/if he has no friends a msg pop off with <No Friends>
    6/shows what they'r doing can be edit in config // config settings Hub = <world name>
    7/friends request //least for 4 mins then the request expire
    #formats :

    Friend request from <Player>.
    §a§l[ACCEPT] §8- §c§l[DENY]

    §aYou sent a friend request to <Player>! They have 4 minutes to accept it! ----------

    /friend shows the commands
    /msg <name> <msg>
    /r <msg> reply to last msg
    /friend add <name> /f <name>
    /friend remove <name>
    /friend requests
    /friend accept <name>
    /friend deny <name>
    /friend list - /fl - /friends
    #each page has 6 friends shown
    ✦ <Player> §7[Hub]
    ✦ <Player> §8[Offline]
    ✦ when you click it, make favorite friend and what it does it shows them above every online friend - if the friend is offline it shows above every offline
    §6✦ favorite friend
    §8✦ isnt a favorite
    /friend toggle - to toggle on/off friend requests
    /friend broadcast - to send global msg to every friend you have
    friends.all //all commands with 30 max friends
    friends.max.130 // 130 max friends
    friends.max.155 // 155 max friends
    friends.max.180 // 180 max friends
    friends.max.250 // 250 max friends
    friends.max.400 // 400 max friends

    I'd like it by this month :)
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    what do you mean by this?
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    for example if someone playing in world named (World) this his playing statues Hub or something like that
    ✦ Player [Hub]
    or playing in world named Skywar08
    ✦ Player [Skywars]

    can be changed in config depending in what world he is on
    World = Hub
    Skywars05= Skywars
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    What rank plugin? Do you Vault and does your plugin work with Vault?
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    I do use Vault
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