Friends Cant join Bukkit Server with No-IP

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by LokiXV, May 4, 2014.

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    So I'v created a bukkit server before with no-ip. but for some reason on the new server i made it friends cant join, but im able to join with localhost. i downloaded the DUC program and that is running and connected properly. I port forwarded correctly. the port is open i checked with i allowed port 25565 through my firewall also. Iv searched the forums and cant find a solution any help?

    I'v been working on this for a few days now. My buddies really want to play. Could someone please help out?

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    I'd have to see exactly what you did, and unless you can give me a video of your memory, I can only guess.
    Make sure you have selected A on no-ip and not something like round-robin
    Double-check EVERYTHING
    Put your computer in the DMZ (this needs to be done in the router)
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    A is selected on no-ip and DMZ was disabled, and i enabled it.
    My friends are able to join Thanks so much!
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