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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by raphy123, May 9, 2011.

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  1. J'ai un probleme avec le plugin iConomy; l'argent n'augmente pas.. Pourtant avant ça marchait. j'ai réinstallé le plugin, et cela ne marche toujours pas, voici mes codes :

    Dans la config.yml :

    # iConomy 5.0
    # %author    Nijikokun <[email protected]>
    # %license    GPLv2
    # %copyright  Copyright AniGaiku LLC (C) 2010-2011
    # Setup Notes
    #  - Default
    #    This node consists of all the 'default' data.
    #  - Formatting
    #    Allows you to control the output of how you will
    #    see the currency in-game with the major/minor features.
    #  - Banking
    #    Allows users to store money in a seperate location as
    #    well as transfer from bank to bank between users
    #    - Multiple
    #      Allows users to create multiple accounts with banks
    #    - Q & A
    #      Q: Why?
    #      A: Money on hand can be lost, money in banks should not
    #          be altered upon plugin specifictions in iConomy 5.0
    #  - Interest amount is done in seconds.
    #    - Online
    #      If only true, only one bank / account will recieve money for that player.
    #      If only false, it will go through each bank / account and deposit money.
    #    - Announce
    #      Sends message each time a player recieves money.
    #    - Amount
    #      - On
    #        Each time interest runs you can either deposit the money into a bank (Interest)
    #        or directly into a players holdings (Wage).
    #    - Interval
    #      - Seconds
    #        Basic Table:
    #          1 minute = 60 seconds
    #          1 hour = 1 minute * 60 = 3600 seconds
    #          1 day = 1 hour * 24 = 86400 seconds
    #          1 week = 1 day * 7 = 604800 seconds
    #  - Database
    #    - Type
    #      Can only be h2 or MySQL, no longer supports SQLite.
    #    - Settings
    #      If you choose h2, only the first two are needed, do not alter MySQL.
    #      - MySQL
    #        Do not use remote databases from free sites, please use either a
    #          remote database from a personal hosted VPS or DEDI or a local
    #          database. This will prevent any 'timeout' or 'invalid settings'
    #          or 'cannot connect to database' issues. Thank you :)!
                Major: [ 'Dollar', 'Dollars' ]                # Major ([Major].Minor) 1.00 Dollar (With Seperate 1 Dollar)
                 Minor: [ 'Coin', 'Coins' ]                    # Minor   (Major.[Minor]) 0.23 Coins  (With Seperate 0 Dollars, 23 Coins)
                Holdings: 30.0                            # Default holdings on hand upon join / creation.
                Name: iConomy                            # Default Bank Name
                    Major: [ 'Dollar', 'Dollars' ]
                    Minor: [ 'Coin', 'Coins' ]
                    Fee: 20.0                            # Default cost to register an account
                    Holdings: 30.0                        # Default initial account holdings
             Minor: false                                  # Example  (true)  0.23 Coins and 1.23 Dollars (false) 0.23 Dollars and 1.23  Dollars
             Seperate: false                              # Example  (true) 1  Dollar, 23 Coins (false) 1.23 Dollars (Only if Minor is true)
             Enabled: false                                # Logs  transactions  done inside iConomy only, other plugins must utilize the  api. (Logs to  SQL)
            Enabled: false
                Multiple: true
            Enabled: false
            Online: true                                  # Only give to players who are online?
                Enabled: false
                Seconds: 60
                Cutoff: 1.0                              # Amount limit to be met until we stop giving interest. (0.0 for no limit)
                On: 'Players'                            # Banks or Players
                 Percent: 0.0                              # Percent of   holdings to give / take (Negative to take) (Overrides Min/Max)
                 Maximum: 1                                # (Range)  Maximum  amount for random in between. (Make Max/Min equal for a  flat-rate amount  ie: 5/5)
                Minimum: 2                                # (Range) Minimum amount for random in between.
            Type: 'H2SQL'                                # H2 or MySQL
              Name: 'minecraft'
              Table: 'iConomy'
                  Username: 'root'
                  Password: 'pass'
                  Hostname: 'localhost'
                  Port: 3306
    et template.yml :

    # Messaging Template
    # Variables
    #  These are denoted by the + signs before them;
    #  Not every line contains the same variables.
    #  To prevent any errors or issues, we have included every variable for each line.
    # Colors
    #  Previously you would use a utf-8 character to use colors, this has been replaced
    #  to make your lives easier, there are 3 different methods of adding color to your lines
    #  each orchestrated for a different personality type.
    #  Whichever is easiest for you to remember; They all do the same, and you can mix and match.
    #  Methods: &[code] or `[name-code] or the easier alternative InEquality Signed color brackets: <color>
    #  Color Mapping:
    #    &c `c Color    &c `c Color
    #    -- -- -----    -- -- -----
    #    &0 `k black    &f `w white
    #    &1 `B navy      &a `g lime
    #    &2 `G green    &b `a aqua
    #    &3 `A teal      &c `r rose
    #    &4 `R red      &d `p pink
    #    &5 `P purple    &e `y yellow
    #    &6 `Y gold
    #    &7 `s silver
    #    &8 `S gray
    #    &9 `b blue
    #    For black would be: <black> or `k or &0
    #    Example using Inequality: <green>Hi I'm green! <white>Now White!?
    #    Example using &: &2Hi I'm green! &fNow White!?
    #    Example using `: `GHi I'm green! `wNow White!?
    #    Example using all: `GI'm Green, &fWhite, <yellow>and Yellow!
    # Additional Tag for Interest Announcement
    #  +bank,+b = Shows bank name
        money: "<green>[<white>Money<green>] "
        bank: "<green>[<white>Bank<green>] "
        create: "<green>Created bank <white>+name<green>."
        remove: "<rose>Deleted bank <white>+name<rose>."
          bank: "<rose>Bank <white>+name<rose> was purged of inactive accounts."
          all: "<rose>All banks were purged of inactive accounts."
         set: "<green>Changed <white>+key<green> on   <white>+bank<green> to <white>+value<green>."
        balance: "<green>Balance: <white>+balance"
        reset: "<rose>Your account has been reset."
        rank: "<green>Current rank: <white>+rank"
        set: "<green>Your balance has been changed to <white>+amount"
        debit: "<rose>Your account had <white>+amount<rose> debited."
        credit: "<white>+amount<green> was credited into your account."
            balance: "<green>+bank Balance: <white>+balance"
            charge: "<green>You payed <white>+amount<green> for the account."
             sent: "<green>You sent  <white>+amount<green>  from <white>+bank<green>  to  <white>+name<green>."
            deposit: "<green>You deposited <white>+amount<green> into <white>+bank<green>."
            withdraw: "<green>You withdrew <white>+amount<green> from <white>+bank<green>."
             transfer: "<green>Transferred   <white>+amount<green> from <white>+bank<green>   to <white>+bankAlt<green>."
            between:  "<green>Transferred  <white>+amount<green> from  <white>+bank<green>  to <white>+name<green> at   <white>+bankAlt<green>."
            change: "<green>Changed main bank to <white>+bank<green>."
             recieved: "<green>Your account with   <white>+bank<green> had <white>+amount<green>   credited."
        balance: "<green>+name's Balance: <white>+balance"
        rank: "<green>+name's rank: <white>+rank"
        reset: "<white>+name's <rose>account has been reset."
        set: "<green>+name's balance has been changed to <white>+amount"
        credit: "<white>+name's <green>account had <white>+amount<green> credited."
        debit: "<white>+name's <rose>account had <white>+amount<rose> debited."
            balance: "<green>+name's Balance with +bank: <white>+balance"
            recieved: "<white>+name's <green>account had <white>+amount<green> credited."
        self: "<rose>Sorry, you cannot send money to yourself."
        to: "<green>You have sent <white>+amount<green> to <white>+name<green>."
        from: "<white>+name<green> has sent you <white>+amount<green>."
        opening: "<green>-----[ <white>iConomy Stats <green>]-----"
        total:  "<gray>Total +currency: <white>+amount"
        average: "<gray>Average +currency: <white>+amount"
        accounts: "<gray>Total Accounts: <white>+amount"
            accounts: "<gray>Total Bank Accounts: <white>+amount"
             opening: "<green>Page  #<white>+amount<green> of  <white>+total<green>  pages (<white>F:  Fee<green>, <white>I: Initial  Holdings<green>)"
            empty: "<white>  No Banks Exist."
             all-entry: "<green> +name [F:   <white>+fee<green>] [I: <white>+initial<green>]   [<white>+major<green>/<white>+minor<green>]"
             fee-major-entry: "<green> +name [F:   <white>+fee<green>] [I: <white>+initial<green>]   [<white>+major<green>]"
            major-entry: "<green> +name [I: <white>+initial<green>] [<white>+major<green>]"
             entry: "<green> +name [I:   <white>+initial<green>]   [<white>+major<green>/<white>+minor<green>]"
        announcement: "+amount <green>gained from interest."
        empty: "<rose>Deleted <white>all<rose> accounts."
        purge: "<rose>All inactive accounts were purged."
        create: "<green>Created account with the name <white>+name<green>."
        remove: "<green>Deleted account: <white>+name<green>."
        remove-total: "<green>Fully deleted: <white>+name<green>."
        status: "<green>Account status is now <white>+status<green>."
            create: "<green>Created account for <white>+name<green> with <white>+bank<green>."
            remove: "<green>Deleted account <white>+name<green> from <white>+bank<green>."
        opening: "<green>Top <white>+amount<green> Richest Players:"
        empty: "<white>  Nobody yet!"
        line: "<white>  +i.<green> +name <white>(<green>+balance<white>)"
        online: "<rose>Sorry, nobody else is online."
        exists: "<rose>Account already exists."
        account: "<rose>Player <white>+name<rose> does not have account."
        funds: "<rose>Sorry, you do not have enough funds to do that."
            fee: "<rose>Sorry, this banks fee is more than you are holding."
            exists: "<rose>Sorry, that bank already exists."
            doesnt: "<rose>Sorry, bank <white>+name <rose>doesn't exist."
            couldnt: "<rose>Sorry, bank <white>+name <rose>couldn't be created."
                funds: "<rose>Sorry, your account doesn't have the funds."
                maxed: "<rose>Sorry, you already have a bank account."
                none: "<rose>Sorry, no accounts found."
                doesnt: "<rose>Sorry, no account with the name <white>+name<rose> exists."
                exists: "<rose>Sorry, an account like that already exists with us."
                failed: "<rose>Sorry, failed to create account. Try again..."
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