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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Derpzord, Sep 12, 2012.

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    NAME: MySQL Craft
    LINK: N/A
    COLOR: Maybe the MySQl Dolphin inside a minecraft diamond ore block? And add somthing Red, i like red :)
    TYPE: Combo
    Description: Its a new plugin im making so that user stats will save to a MySQL database enabling them to be used on a website! Thus making an easy link between server and site!
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    NAME: ERBPlugin
    LINK: N/A
    COLOR: Black and white maybe?
    TYPE: Logo with the plugin name
    DETAILS The logo from ERB, but better
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    LINK: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/tardis-xern/
    COLOR: Blue, Silver, and any other colors you think look good
    TYPE: Logo
    DETAILS: A doctor who minecraft like tardis with an open door going into either a black abyss or one of the control rooms

    All of your logos look awesome by the way.
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    Name: The Spire
    Link: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/spire/
    Colour/Color: Suprise me!!! Be sure to check the link above for inspiration :D
    Type: Logo
    Details: A Minigame where players ascend a spire and fight at the top More info on the link!

    Thanks! =D

  5. Name: EasyWarn
    Link: In Dev...
    Colour/Color: Simple Colors, Nothing to "Strong", White-ish
    Type: Combo
    Details: Give warnings to players and display them on a WebPanel.

    Thanks, Awesome work :)
    Just a question, What software do you use?
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    NAME: MCBukkitSupport
    LINK: No Link Yet
    COLOR: Any colour.
    TYPE: Combo
    DETAILS: It would be nice to maybe have an icon instead of text or an icon and text, if you want to do one with text then "MCBukkitSupport" would be nice! Thanks
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    The awesomeness of these logos burn.

    What do you use to make them?
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    NAME: MineWarPT
    LINK: not yeat will be a plugin whit guns and some gamemodes like ctf tdm etc
    COLOR: choose you you are good :D
    TYPE: text saying MineWarPT and a image of a gun or a soldier whit a gun
    DETAILS: Like a said its based on guns and pvp
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    Sorry guys, butI don't think this offer is available anymore. :(
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    Why would you say that
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    Last post by him (on this topic) was on Nov 12 2012.
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    So? One time I took a 3 month break from developing my plugin, I still came back to it
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    Still, he'll have a huge backlog which he probably wont want to deal with.
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    he delt with a 4 month one last time
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    NAME: Viral Aftermath
    LINK: There is no link.
    COLOR: Army green/camofaluge
    TYPE: combo
    DETAILS: A zombie villager that has been infected by a virus. The Writing ' Viral Aftermath ' Cracked with vines on it..

    Here is the story behind the server, This might help you
    Show Spoiler

    Earth, the world that never sleeps. Dr Bryan came up with a cure to treat all illnesses and deseases, they called it the Astronamy Tablet,'could protect you from every symptom in the universe'.
    In just one day, ONE DAY!, the whole earth fell apart, no one had a clue of what was happening or why. There where incidents and a myth of a plague. The plague that could never be cured. A simple, innocent tablet that turned the rich, the poor, the young and the old, the good and the Evil, into cold.. delibrate.. Cannibals in just a matter of seconds. Yes, the brilliant Dr had all the answers and he damned the earth, for that He was outcast into the hored with just one bullet.

    The one burning question remians, the obvious question. But days go by, not one person dares to ask the question.

    'Will you survive?..'
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    I'm still standing by my point - this thread is dead.
  19. Too many plugins, not enough graphic designers.
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    I'd love to see something for PortableHorses.

    I don't really have any ideas or color choices. I can' leave that up to your good judgement :D If you decide to take this up, it's greatly appreciated.

    Just noticed everyones using nice formatting :D

    NAME: Portable Horses
    LINK: PortableHorses
    TYPE: LOGO W/ Text.
    COLOR: indifferent... maybe saddle colored
    DETAILS: The plugin lets you store your horse inside it's own saddle so that you can safely store it in your inventory / a chest / whatever.
    removing the saddle makes the horse disappear, and clicking it on the ground again re-spawns your horse ready to ride. I have no idea how this could be illustrated. :p

    I just realized this thread is old and OP is probably gone... :(

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    NAME: KrypticPvP
    LINK: N/A
    COLOR: Like A Lightblue For Kryptic And A Sick Red for PvP
    TYPE: I don't care.
    DETAILS: Faction/PvP Type plugin make it look amazing?<3
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    Locked since thread appears to be long dead. If Derpzord wants to reopen it, simply report thread so i can reopen.
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