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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Spawnstah, Jun 18, 2013.

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  1. Hi all,
    I've just setup a Jenkins and GitHub (GitLab) for the developers (on my mc server) on a separate dedicated server.
    As it's mostly unused, I'm now offering Jenkins and GitHub access to the ones who wants it.

    It's a free service, though I've got a few requirements;
    - The code built should be Bukkit/Spigot related!
    - If you miss use the service, your account will be disabled.
    - As I don't know how many users will want accounts and how heavily it will be used, I kindly ask you to not link production/release builds directly to the Jenkins repository. Only allow your users and youself to download developement/test builds.

    Send me a PM for access with a working e-mail address and requested username.
    Also state if you want Jenkins and/or GitHub access.

    // Markus

    I've still got room for more users.
  2. CPU is still just idling so space for more users.
    I guess the ones who sees the value in jenkins already has one, and the rest does not know they need one ;)
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    If I could figure out how to use Jenkins I would take one :p
  4. It's quite straight forward.
    You point Jenkins to a Git Repository (for example any of GitHub, BitBucket or GitLab).
    It's then possible to either automatically build a new .jar each time you commit any changes to the Code Repository or trigger builds manually.

    It will automatically fetch your code, any maven dependencies etc, and compile the stuff with either JDK6 or JDK7 depending on what you setup, do some testing and report if went well or what went wrong.

    It's a both easy way for you to know if your code works without manually building stuff, it gives you previous builds to go back to, it shows the changelog and commit messages between builds and history and makes it possible for other server owners to try out the latest (test) versions of the plugins before you upload and make them available on
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    Well, I got myself an account, seems to be working pretty nicely :) I'm just learning how to use Jenkins, but it's reasonably straightforward. It'll be very useful to direct people to development builds when working on bugfixes for my plugins.

    Thanks Spawnstah :)
  6. By popular request, I've made all Jenkins Builds private.
    But each "owner" can enable Anonymous access to their dev builds if they want to.

    Still got plenty of slots left, if someone wants their own account.
  7. I'd like to have an account, if you still have place. :)
    Edit: Oh I will PM you about it.
  8. Got about 20 happy debelopers using the server, some of them use a private jenkins space and some provide public builds.
    I still have free slots, just send me a PM.

    Full maven support too.
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