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    So, I made some plugin out of boredom month(s) ago, which allowed lava/water fountains. That is, it creates an animation of blocks shooting up or going down again, triggered by redstone to a sign. The animation speed/height/blocktype could be changed. It also contained some logic to disable block physics, including the lava->obsidian/stone physics which were pretty hard to trap and disable.

    Sign usage:
    It has no commands and only uses a Block Physics listener. Everything is packed in 3 classes:
    Anyhow, I quit development, and never published this thing. So I am looking for people to 'complete' it, so to say. Make a dev.bukkit page, write proper documentation, video/gif, etc.

    As of right now it uses BKCommonLib simply because I was too lazy to copy-paste the Integer/Boolean parsing methods, plus it uses some reflection to cancel lava physics. It is completely up to you whether to keep using BKCommonLib as a dependency, it is definitely not a requirement. You also do not have to put my name as an author or contributor, though if you want to put a note somewhere that's fine. I am putting it out here because of the frequent skype requests I get for this plugin, so I guess I made yet another 'wow so unique!!!1!' plugin without even realizing it.

    If you want to extend it to also work with other block types than lava and water, go right ahead. It's quite easy to do in fact. It could also be extended by changing the liquid block data so it will take sub-steps instead of only full blocks, I did not incorporate that.

    I did not include the final built .jar file because of Bukkit regulations.

    Any takers?
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    (That was quick)
    Well go right ahead then, if you need help understanding the code pass a PM. I guess I'll be going with a 'first response first get' here. :)

    Feel free to post a dev.bukkit link in this thread once you've set one up.
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    Alright, I should have it up by tonight.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Free to use
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    Yep feel free to use the code for any purpose you seek.
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    Oh goodness, this is the plugin I've been waiting for for months, too bad I know jack about coding. LOL
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    Likewise, I can't wait to see this. link anyone?
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    bergerkiller Doesn't seem like anyone has made it, and Derpy's got deleted(?).
    I could do it tomorrow =)
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    I just made this amazing plugin! Please say if you want this plugin if there are enough players who wants this plugin then should i create a bukkit plugin page!

    Greetz Tuupkedebest
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    bergerkiller This looks Pretty sweet :) Its a shame that i am not really that good at Java development and Bukkit development because I Havant long started. Its a shame that nobody has taken this and made it into a dev.bukkit post yet. Only if I was better at Development then i could add some more interesting this to this plugin because if i took it over then I wouldn't be able to do much with it only compile it all together and add a plugin.yml and such, then create a post on it. I wouldn't know where to go to add new features/updates for this? If anyone has any suggestions on what i should do that would be hugely appreciated :)
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    I would really love this! Great work!
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    Whoevers working on this could you perhaps create an easy way of changing the motion of the water? So more complex fountains could be possible.
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    bergerkiller Ok i have just tried to compile this plugin together and i realised that on the latest BKCommonlib on github it doesnt have the com.bergerkiller.bukkit.fountains which this plugin looks to import in the class
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    does anywone have this plugin mayde? because i want de plugin and im not so good with java
    and my english is not so good im dutch xD
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