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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by evilmidget38, Aug 16, 2012.

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    Currently the available ranks/roles are:
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    I've bolded and underlined something I find kind of strange. The only role that is able to moderate the forums(aside from Manager ofc) is an Author. It would be really great if there was another role for this, because, as the bukkit community knows, it takes more than one moderator to moderate a forum.
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    I support this.

    I already have a request from someone who wants to be a mod on my plugin's forums, but I don't want to make him author...
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    I support this as well, plugin developers have enough to do as it is.
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    Not bad, It's rare that I support these kinds of threads but I can finally give my support for this.
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    I already have a request from someone who wants to be a mod on my plugin's forumI already have a request from someone who wants to be a mod on my plugin's forum
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    This is a very good idea, You have my support.
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    It kind of makes sense for the ticket manage to be able to moderate the forum I guess. Maybe that could be possible instead of creating a whole new group.
  9. It would make sense...Support.
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    I considered suggesting something like that, but it reminds me of plugin permissions. If you bundle too many permissions together, people become sad/angry because maybe they just wanted someone to be a ticket manager, or maybe they just wanted someone to be a forum moderator.
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    er i kinda get it and i kinda dont but anyway SUPPORT!!!
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    I support this too!
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    I agree, Ticket Manager should have access to moderating the forum, or otherwise we could ask about creating a forum moderator group. Do you guys have a preference?
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    I don't have any preference, choose whatever is easier ^^
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    Probably adding it to the ticket manager would be easier, but more sane? I don't know.
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    I personally vote for it's own rank, simply for the same reason that we have permissions in bukkit: Some people don't like having the two necessarily together. Personally though, I wouldn't mind it if it was merged with ticket manager.
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    I vote for adding to ticket manager
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    I'd say throw it in with Ticket Manager as well.
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    I say make a forum moderator, sometimes I'd like it if people had access to moderating tickets but not the forum and vice versa. But whatever:3
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    I don't see any reason to not have a forum moderator rank, I'll put it on the todo list.
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    Thank you, kind sir. Any ETA for something like this?
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    We have to reach out to Curse for this, and I will admit I have not had time, and may not have time until next week. We do have a running list of features we bring up with them, and this has been added to that list. No ETA.
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    Alright, thanks.
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    Any update on this?
  27. This thread hasn't been replied back to for like 1 year ;/
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