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    au2001 Ok I have tested it and it works although when your inventory is full and drop downs is enabled, the blocks drop but fortune does not work, so it only drops 1 per block. If you could fix this I would appreciate it!
    EDIT: I reset my config and now it only works every 10 blocks or so. So my autopickup is on, and dropdowns is on. When your inventory is full, it says the fullmessage which in my case is '&c&lYour inventory is full. Dropping items on floor!' although the items dont actually drop all the time, its only every 10 blocks or so they actually drop.
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    zLemonProz I just fixed that, making other changes and then I'll upload the new version.
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    WHere ist aht list with fortune? cause you didnt made that i really needed that :/
  4. au2001 Not uploaded yet?

    The shift right click still not fixed :(
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    Can you add like i can custom the message to [MyServer] Your Inventory is full. Or is it already added ?
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    Jaro9910 It is already added, check the config file :p
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    I tried changing the "ImortalCustom" Inventory is full.
    It does not work though. Can you tell me why? Also can u just post the itemid i.e 41 or do you have to do GOLD_BLOCK
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    au2001 Hey, when will it be uploaded? I have also figured that the blocks only drop when your inventory is full, when the full message is sent. So if your inventory is full, and drop downs is on, the blocks only drop when the fullmessage plays.
  10. au2001 could you please add a feature for when the inventory is full a hologram pops up that there inventory is full? and also has a ping noise?
  11. CatzFuriousSpeed I think he's more busy on his server. He stopped making plugins for me and hes not replying here :(
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    TheGamesHawk2001 No, I'm not :/
    I just have a lot of work since a **friend** named candyfloss20 hacked my server...
    And, CatzFuriousSpeed holograms are really unstable, so if the server reload, the hologram will stay infinitely, and you won't be able to remove it (even by removing the plugin etc.)...
    zLemonProz Fixed that, but I am still working on this part of code, I am trying to figure out how to give half the items e.g. Your inv is full you have 2 spaces left for dirt, you mine 6 dirt, I want 2 to go in your inv and 4 to drop if drop down is on...
  13. au2001 What about having the hologram go in the config and remove its self when ur inv isn't dull idk and would it stay there if u stopped the server and started it again?

    Its not ten blocks lol, well it might be, its the blocks only drop when the mag is played cus its under the same peice of code in the project class.

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    TheGamesHawk2001 Holograms are entities, they cant be stored in the config, and even if you store their UUID, you can't kill them or anything so it's useless...
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    They generally do have a remove method though.
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    Well you can call .remove() on the Entity.
    And if you store their World and chunk coordinates, you can easily loop through the Entities in that Chunk and compare their UUID to the saved one.

    EDIT: /setninjamode timtower false
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    mrCookieSlime lol
    timtower Yes but the HolographicDisplay entities can't be removed, every tick they respawn I think...
    Well I had tried to do that in another plugin where when you place a block it creates one and when you break the block it deletes the hologram.
    But the entity stayed, for ever, until I deleted the map.
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    Is There A Permission to enable fortune block for donators if so what is it?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    au2001 Tried calling the delete method in barapi? ( if there is one )
    Or try using a hologram api
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    TomPoTheGamer No, just ic.autosmelt, ic.autopickup and ic.dropdown
    timtower Sorry, I didn't mean BarAPI but HolographicDisplay... :x
    And yes, but it stores it in a HashMap or something so if you reload, they stay forever...
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    au2001 Is there no remove method then?
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    timtower "Yes, but it stores it in a HashMap or something so if you reload, they stay forever..."
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    au2001 Then tell the developer about that hashmap, say that it isn't getting removed.
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    @au2001 Any chance in adding a permission for the fortune block feature?
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    au2001 Don't you think you should change the name of this plugin? And maybe even make a bukkit dev page for this?
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    zLemonProz Well, this plugin was originally made for someone else, who wanted this name... But I can change it
    And I will probably create a page, later today.
    TomPoTheGamer I might yes, probably this afternoon
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    @au2001 ok can you tell me when you've done it, thanks :)
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    Hey au2001, any update? i have find some bugs:

    1. Inventory dont fill all.

    2. Silk touch enchant dont work.

    3. When I look at other players to do mining the blocks dosent have the break effect, just disapear.
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    1. I am trying to fix it
    2. That's already fixed in latest beta
    3. That's normal but I'll try to add it back

    And sorry guys, I don't have my computer, just my iPad so I can't work on the plugin or upload it :(
    I will fix it and upload it as soon as I get my computer back.

    EDIT: For everyone, I've made some changes, probably fixed all the bugs and uploaded it here.
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    au2001 hey i love the plugin! The one issue is that the foruneblocks part doesn't work. If people mine iron ore or an iron block, they get 1 all of the time. Could you please fix?
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