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    Plugin category: Mechanics

    Suggested name: FortuneBlocks

    What I want: I want a plugin where fortune will work on blocks like fortune works on ores say Fortune 10 will give 3-6 blocks when i mine a solid block example(diamondblock) If i were to mine a diamondblock with fortune 10 it would give me 3-6 blocks is what i want. Could you make a editable easy config. Heres an example which would look good and easy too me. Also if you could add autosmelt to the plugin I have been searching for days and days plugins with fortune working on blocks im really desperate for a plugin like this to be honest lol. The auto smelt could be at the top of the config? This would be so awesome if someone made it for me! Alot of people ask for this type of plugin. Also where it says 3-6 blocks in the amount it doesnt start from 1 because it starts at 3 (3-6) so if i wanted 12-20 it would start at 20 and tower up. That is all! Well Thanks for viewing this And hopefully someone will make it for me!

    #Enable true if you want autosmelt, type false if you dont want auto smelt enabled
    Autosmelt: true


    Fortune: 10
    Ammount: 3-6
    #This Is the amount of blocks either 3,4,5, or 6 blocks will be recieved.

    Also, skim-reading is much easier with paragraphs!

    Ideas for commands: /fb reload(reloads config)

    Ideas for permissions: Don't really need any permissions, if someone makes this for me, if you have a good idea for a perm go ahead. maybe fortuneblocks.fb.reload

    When I'd like it by: Whenever, Would be cool to get it done in 3-5 days. No Stress Though When ever the coder(if someone makes it for me)has time. Estimate a time if you would like in the comments.

    Anyone who will code this for me?

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    This sounds like a good plugin to me. I have already started coding it. I should be done reasonable quickly, but I am quite busy so it may be a couple of weeks. I will have the project on github soon.

    I do have a couple of questions.
    1) Does the autosmelt work for all blocks? Just ores? Do you want it to be configurable?
    2) what blocks does the fortune work on? Do you want that configurable?
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    I already did this plugin for someone else, it's called ImmortalCustom.
    Download :

    only one problem, autosmelt is always on but only for the pickaxes fortune 4 or higher.
    if you want me to change that, just tell me and it will be done in 5 minutes.

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    I have already made this plugin the other day for a server. I will make a page on BukkitDev for you today or tomorrow and then post a link below. If I don't do so in the next day or so, tag me again to remind me
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    EnderTroll68 You never posted it, I would like to see this plugin because I myself need this plugin. I am just afraid it will mess with the unbreaking on the pickaxe because thats what the last plugin did. But please post it so I may test it out :D
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    can you make it so doesn't auto smelt plz
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    The problem with your one is that people can mine in protected areas. sorry but unusable.

    ahh*crying* Ive Tryed everyones plugin and all people can mine random blocks in every protected region.. grrrr none of these plugins r workin !!!!

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    Did you try the one I just uploaded ?
    I works with WorldGuard but it apparently has a bug with smelting ores...
    I'm trying to fix it.

    Mine works with world guard, I tested it on several servers with completely different anti-grief plugins...

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    Thanksyou so much, it works now. turns out your plugin did work :D thx mate. u da best. my server manager messed up the regions xD.
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    I'll upload a new one with auto-smelting as soon as I get it working
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    Click on the [x] in my signature... FortuneBlocks is there... It hooks into PrisonMine. If there are any bugs tell me

    EDIT: If you need it to work passively, I can make another version if you want
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  13. Never mind :p works fine

    Could you please make a config to disable it in worlds?

    I need this done today or by tomorrow its a pretty urgent fix for my server.
  14. Reporting another problem, could you make it only work with blocks that come from ores?
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  16. For example Emeraldblocks Edit: Could you also make a feature to make it so they cant place the blocks anywhere in the world that is selected, make it a off and on feature please? (It could be exploitable on my server if they are able to place them in the world on my server)
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    That's not the point of my plugin and you could use another plugin to do that, I won't add that...
    And i'll make a list of blocks fortune works on with an on and off feature for this list
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    I am using your ImmortalCustom plugin for fortune blocks on my server. I have several problems which I would be more the grateful for you to fix!
    Firstly please could you remove the durability thing where players picks last forever. For some reason players right click their pick and it instantly repairs!
    Also please could you remove some blocks for me? I don't want it to work with every single block on the server because people are duplicating rare items on my server!
    The blocks I need to work are listed below:
    Emerald Block
    Diamond Block
    Emerald Ore
    Diamond Ore
    Coal Ore
    Coal Block
    Iron Ore
    Iron Block
    Lapis Ore
    Lapis Block
    Gold Ore
    Gold Block
    All types of Wood.

    If you could get a new fixed up version of this for my server I would be very grateful!
    Kind regards,

    Or a config with a block whitelist would be better!

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    au2001 theres a issue with that, when u break a block with a block in ur hand it removes block in ur hand, it acts like the block in ur hand has unbreaking

    oh and can u make it per world so people cant dupe in dif worlds

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    zLemonProz supernina99 I made it per-world and I am working on the whitelist. The other bugs have been fixed and I think (I'm not sure) I re-uploaded it, try to re-download the plugin. For the repair bug, it's one of my other plugins feature... It isn't in that plugin. But it was a bug of a really old version.

    EDIT: I finished the whitelist, the latest version will be uploaded tomorrow (around 10 am UTC+2)
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    thxs dude :D
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    au2001 this plugin work only with fortune 4? i try fortune 3 and dont smelt iron gold ore? can u change that?
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    ReeferX7 Almost done ;)

    EDIT: Uploading :)
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    Hey @au2001 i download again the plugin and still need fortune 4 for smelt gold iron ore.
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    ReeferX7 Look into the config, I made it configurable :p
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    I love the plugin au2001, but could you make it so when you have a full inventory, the blocks don't drop to the ground?
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