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    Plugin category: Teleportation (for item), Fun, General, Misc.

    Suggested name: HandTrade

    A bit about me: I'm starting me a Hunger Games server. I need this plugin so sponsors can sponsor what they have in their hand to the people in the Arena.

    What I want: A plugin that sends off the item/block on your hand to a designated player, using a command. Now that I think about it... You aren't really trading. You're just giving your item to a friend.

    Ideas for commands: /handtrade (name) - This would take the item/block away from your hand and transfer it to your friend's inv. If the friend's inventory is full, then a message would deny the transfer, saying "(name)'s inventory is full! Try again later"

    Ideas for permissions: None necessary. You can default permissions to OP.
    When I'd like it by: ASAP (As soon as possible)

    Similar plugin requests: Not sure :(

    Devs who might be interested in this: @[insert your name here]
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    Might I suggest my plugin? =)

    Currently I am waiting for the latest version to get approval, But this version does exactly what you have asked for! =)

    I'll be regularly updating and maintaining this for the foreseeable future. It has Permissions support, and Defaults to OP like you have asked too. It also allows players to trade or gift any item in their Inventory.

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    That looks great! Works into iconomy too :D I love it [sponge]!
    There is one problem though. In the arena, players are not allowed to use commands :( So players cannot type /gift accept.
    Could you possible create a private plugin or alter the plugin so that it's:
    • /gift help - Displays commands and Usages for each Gift command.
    • /gift <Player> <Item> <Amount> - Sends a Gift request to a Player for free.
    • /gift accept - Accepts a pending Gift Request. Auto Accept!
    • /gift deny - Deny a pending Gift Request.
    • /gift cancel - Cancels an outgoing Gift.
    • /gift stop - Halts all Gifts.
    And I'm not sure what: /trade stop does.
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    Sorry for the late reply! Been very busy recently

    I could add this to the next version, That will include a permission node that makes players auto-accept gifts and trades. You should be able to see this updated later tonight(GMT). Modifying this for only one person would be rather awkard, As I would have to update two version instead of one, So hopefully the above feature will do? =)

    /trade stop Just cancels every outgoing trade in the server, and returns the items to players sending the items. Same for /gift stop, except with gifts instead of trades.

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