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    Plugin category: [FUN/ADMN/CHAT]

    Suggested name: PollSigns

    What I want: I want a plugin that lets people create poll signs. To create a poll sign you would type on the first line [Poll], on the second line, you would have to give the choice(s) that people could choose from, under line one type [read] for the poll information. In the chat, it will show the name of the poll, the poll choices, poll results, and who started the poll.

    Other: You are suppose to right click on the signs to view their information. The color of the poll sign should be light green, example: [Poll]
    Ideas for commands:
    • /exit poll - exits the poll you have selected
    • /vn (1-3) lets you choose between vote options
    • /list polls - lists all the polls you have created
    • /close poll (poll name) - closes the poll of your choosing
    Ideas for permissions:
    • poll.create
    • end.poll
    • close.poll
    When I'd like it by: Sooner that later.
  2. Hmmm this sounds interesting, I will look into this and possibly start developing.
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    thank you, good luck!
  4. Is there a specific date you would like this by?

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    well im hoping this could be done by sometime this week
  6. Ok well do our best... Small setback with a broken computer.... Hope to be done by the end of the week...
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    ok thank you!
  8. No problem.... My idea was connecting 3 signs (or however many options there are) together with a command.... Then click on a sign to vote
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    This is actually a very good idea, and it'd be fun to make. If, in a few days, no one else has done this, tag me in this post and ask me again, and I'll give it a shot for you.
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    Terranova is doing this already, thank you for your appreciation!
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    good, that took a long time!!
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    ahotes09 If Terranova doesn't get it done or you don't like his product, tag me. This seems interesting, and I'm on a plugin request-answering binge right now.
  15. Sorry about the wait.... Unexpected holdups....
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    When this plugin is done, can someone message me the code? I'm interested in starting to make plugins, but I don't have any code to look at to get any ideas right now. Thanks!
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    Its cool, but is it done yet?
  18. I sincerely apologize, the developer we had working on it had to quit due to lack of time and sudden change in events, we ARE SO SORRY....

    Once again sorry,
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    Hey, can you get this plugin done quickly? Terranova couldn't do it
  20. Once again sorry, although we do have a plane Plugin now :)
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    can i test it out?
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    When I get some free time I'll look into this. Bookmarking this thread.
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    ok thank you
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    Since no1 has done this, I will :D.
    There are some changes tho.
    1- The [Poll] sign will be used for the question... Not the choices.
    2- Choices will be added by command (ex /poll addchoice <choice>)

    I'll tell you when it's out.
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    ...what if the choice is long? I just want it nice and simple, not having to use more signs then necessary!
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    Imminent Fire

    I was looking for a plugin like this for a long time. Thank you!
    Can't wait 'till it's done :)
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    thanks for the support!
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    I actually have some time today, and I found this bookmark. Sorry for forgetting, I'll start working on this right away.
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    Lol I wondered why this has taken a long ass time to be made:D it's a nice plugin!

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