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    Plugin category: Mech

    Suggested name: Nametory, NamedInventory

    What I want: I want a plugin that will let you have multiple inventories, which you can switch between. There is a plugin like this out there but it lacks the key feature which I'm about to get to.
    What I need is for the inventories to be named.
    So something like /inv new {Name} will create an inventory with that name which you then switch to using /inv {Name}.
    The reason I need this is because I run a roleplaying server, and I want inventories to be linked to characters which I would get by using CommandHelper and a nick handling plugin. If you however want to make it an inventory and nick handling plugin, that would be really awesome, but what I really need is the named inventory plugin.

    If it could be done I would be a very happy person.

    Ideas for commands:
    /inv <- Just general help command
    /inv new {Name} <- Creates a new inventory with the specified name
    /inv {Name} <- Switches to the inventory with that name
    /inv remove {Name} <- Deletes the inventory with that name
    /inv temp <- Opens an inventory which will be deleted upon logout or inventory switch
    /inv {PlayerName} <- Let's you see which inventories a player has
    /inv see {PlayerName} {InventoryName} <- Let's you look into a players specific inventory

    Ideas for permissions: inv.use <-- Allows you to use /inv new, /inv and /inv remove
    inv.limit.X <-- Allows you to set the maximum amount of inventories
    inv.see <-- Allows you to look into others inventories
    inv.temp <-- Allows you to create temp inventories

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible but don't stress it.

    While I cannot offer you any money I can point you to this thread http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/free-stuff-and-stuff.75790/ just in case you missed it.
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    I can probably do this if I'm not busy next weekend
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    If Fletch doesn't do it I can too, seems pretty simple to do. Let me know.

    Skype: mikem724 (easiest way to contact me)

    OP, I think this is what you want: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/toggleinventory/

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    Sweet! Looking forward to it.

    Let's see how it goes eh?

    That's the similar plugin I was talking about but it uses numbered inventories which is not what I need. As you can see I have commented on it but the dev hasn't been on for a week and there's no telling when they will be back.

    Thank you all for your interest!
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    I might just fork it on github, and make the changes.
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    Seems like a very quick solution, sounds great!
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    I'm still confused on what you want though... Do you have skype?
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    What I want is pretty much what is in that plugin, but with the ability to give inventories a name instead of them having a number.

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