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    Plugin category: FUN

    Suggested name: Hide'n'Seek

    What I want: A functional game of hide and seek in Minecraft. I'll list the features below, for easier reading and no paragraphs of boring information.

    ● Lobby - spawn area on join, and place where a randomizer chooses someone to be "it"
    ● Randomizer to choose what map to play on
    ● Countdown for people to hide, while "it" cant move. (with a blindness potion effect maybe?)
    ● When "it" punches someone, "it" get's 1 point added to their overall score (economy money, or something along those lines, which can be used to spend), and the person who is hit is teleported to a "death lobby" where they can choose to spectate or go back to the waiting area (main lobby)
    ● Spectator mode
    ● Kits (maybe) such as.. When the game starts someone starts with a 1 minute long invisibility potion that they can use to hide.

    Ideas for commands:

    ● /hs define map <id> (to define the arena/map)
    ● /hs define lobby (to define the lobby area)
    ● /hs define deathlobby (to define the deathlobby area)

    Ideas for permissions: Up to you.

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible, not needed VERY soon though.

    Need more information? By the way, feel free to leave any features out if they seem to hard or un-needed to you, I realise that this plugin wont be private for my server, so it's up to you.

    Any additions? Let me know! Anything else you want? Add me on Skype KylexDavisMC

    Quick Bump: Is anyone interested at all? :D

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    This sounds like a good idea, hopefully someone will make it soon
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    KylexDavis People can easily cheat unless you have something like the players becomes invisible if there is block between "it" and the ones hiding...
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    Cheat as in x-ray? Sure thing, I could get an x-ray protection and have a function to not show names through blocks. Besides, they have to catch them too, so x-ray will only help you FIND people.. They can still run. Thanks for the input though! Hope someone can make it :)
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    I must say I am interested in this idea. I might have a look at coding it.
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    Sounds awesome, I'd be really happy if you did. :)
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    I'd be rather interested in coding this plugin. Is there any sort of compensation, if I may openly ask? To contact me more quickly, feel free to add me on Skype @ fellwolfpaw, or PM me.
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    I have all the commands and such ready. I have added some stuff that I feel is necessary.
    So you can create a game with /hs create
    Then you join with /hs join. There can only be 20 players in a game and when there is, the game will start.
    leave with /hs leave
    set the lobby with /hs define lobby
    set the 'death lobby' with /hs define deathlobby.
    set the start location with /hs set startlocation. The start location is where the game will begin.
    All that sound good?
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    Im working on this already for my server :p Contact me on skype Kylex: bayleyfoster

    Maybe we can come to an agreement?
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    Seems like a very good idea. But people will just run around, it will all end in a catch.

    I wouldn't use that plugin, as it was for 1.7.3 and there are many more possibilities for this now.
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    People will run around, yes, but the maps will be limited so they cannot go on forever.
    Maybe we can give "it" a speed boost? I'm not sure.

    That sounds freaking awesome!
    I really appreciate what you have done so far dude, if you have anything else you need to ask me, go ahead, and I like the additions you have made, as I said, I knew I'd probably leave some stuff out.

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    i would love to have this! [diamond][diamond][diamond]
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    Have written everything, should work but it is untested. I;m putting up a bukkit-dev page now :)
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    Not sure why, but this seems like a boring game O_O

    You have players go into an arena type place, and never move wile grasping the shift key. Seems like the only fun would be the player who is "it"?

    Maybe make some kind of AI mode where players are finding NPC's, rather than players, that way more people get to be "it"

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