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    Plugin category: Economy

    Suggested name: Emerald Trade, Emerald Economy, Emerald Shop, or anything that suits better

    What I want: Well, I never liked too much the virtual coin idea, like iConomy money, I always prefered to use itens as economy. For many time I used trade craft, that works very good, but lacks simplification. When emerald came, and NPC trade came, that was the perfect idea for how trade and shops between players should be.
    So, if we could use emeralds, and use the NPC trade gui as the shops gui, the plugin would be perfect.
    Here is my idea:

    • The shop:
    The player would set up a shop like this, a bookshelf with a pressure plate on the top. To activate the shop, he would place a sign on front of it, written [SHOP], the sign would atach to the bookshelf, that would be protected from other players / mobs / fire / explosion breaking. After he puts the sign, a GUI would pop up
    • The trade GUI:
    After the shop creation, a GUI would pop up for the owner, where he would set up the prices. For this, he would need the iten he would like to sell, and the quantity of emeralds he would like to sell for.
    Using the 2 slots of the NPC trade gui, he would put the product to sell on the first one, and the price of emeralds on the second one. If he would like to buy itens instead, he would put the iten on the second one, and the emerald price on the first one. When exiting the GUi the shop would be created.
    For the final user, he would just rightclick the bookshelf, and everything would work as a simple NPC trade.
    • Refilling the shop:
    To refill the shop, the player would right click the bookshelf, and it would open as a chest, where inside the itens of the shop and the emeralds would be stored. If a player wants to edit the shop, he would only break the [shop] sign, the the shop would be deleted, and create another one.
    • Extras
    Command to withdraw all emeralds to your inventory
    Your personal trade gui, you would be like an NPC
    Change emerald to another iten on the plugins config file

    Ideas for commands: The only command would be /withdraw, the rest is pretty intuitive

    Ideas for permissions: emshop.create.buy, emshop.create.sell, emshop.use, emshop.withdraw, emshop.personal

    Hope someone likes my idea. :3
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    Sounds Awesome !
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    This is the perfect iten economy idea, but I am not sure if bukkit API already supports manipulation on the trade gui. Does anybody knows if it already is possible?
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    yup, its possible. i feel like youre aiming for something like shopkeepers. google it its cool :) But i think shopkeepers lacks player trades. And i also would like to have a Player-to-Player trade menu :) so if anyone gets intrested in this i would reccommand to have a look at shopkeepers Greetz Virtuu
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    I also think this sounds good! The biggest barrier to economy participation by players is the complexity to figure out how it works. Having something intuitive like this would go a long way.
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    I took a look at shopkeeper, its almost what I wanted, but the fact that a shop is an actual NPC makes it incompatible with my server.

    I made a ticket on his thread, hope nisovin can implement. Still, if someone is willing to make my idea...
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    Unfortunatelly, the shopkeepers doesnt seems to going to where I wanted, the "block" shop.
    So, if anyone still wants to create this, I would be extremelly gratefull.
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    There's not an api for npc "inventory" type thing yet, unfortunately.
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    Oh, that is sad.
    Still, shopkeepers plugin does manipulate it. Nisovin, the plugin creator, works with the obfuscated code then? Im not sure I understand the diference when working with the API and with the code.

    Would it be possible working with the obfuscated code, or not even with that?
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    there are signshop plugins (essentials, for example) that support using emerald as currency, though theres no GUI.
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    Can also be easy done with spout. :)
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    I see no point on making this with spout, if it can already be done to work correctly for people using unmoded minecraft clients. You mean spoutcraft right? Or spoutplugin where the shop would show correctly to people using vanilla minecraft?
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    cool, want this too :)[diamond][diamond][diamond]
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    Wait, so it has infinite emerals and items or putting them in a chest?
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    The idea is to create a virtual chest, when the owner rightclick the bookshelf. Opening this chest, he could manage the stock of emeralds and itens.

    The normal user thou, when rightclicking a bookshelf that does not belong to him, would open the trade screen. :)
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    Ok, now I knowu want to do :p
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    I have looked at the shopkeepers code and yes, it does use reflection to work with the obfuscated code. I suppose it would be possible to build off that and make trade screens pop up on clicking a block.

    If you'd just like an economy plugin that supports using emeralds (or anything else) as currency, have a look at my plugin Gringotts. That way you can use any existing kind of chestshop, and anything else supporting Vault, albeit without the pretty trade screen.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    You know what, I'll look into this. I learned enough about how trading works from work on the (still very far from completion) trading API that I might be able to write something for before the API's out.

    Trading based on a command. That was easy. :3


    Well tonight I got some stuff established.

    Trying out this approach for a "define the trade" interface. It's not the prettiest but I'll play around with things and see how it goes. Consider it a work in progress. You define the items for trade in the slots that start empty, between the diamond swords.


    And here's the result, enchantments preserved as well! Unfortunately maps and books won't be copied properly, so you'd end up with the unwritten/unsigned variety of those.



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    Cool! How about doing the trade setup interface like Shopkeepers? Where each column in the inventory defines a trade.

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