[Formatted] Add-on to MagicSpells. Sets and Staffs

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    Plugin category: Add-on for Magic spells

    Suggested name: Sets and Staffs

    A bit about me: Owner of server Called our-craft recently switched to Bukkit.

    What I want: A plug in to add-on to magicspells that add setbooks. instead of having random spells users can buy or earn a set book and can only have 1 at a time and must go to a certain shrine or area to switch between these setbooks. for example Player one bought the Healer setbook and now has access to only spells like heal or prayer or anything that has to do with increasing or decreasing his or another players stats. then also have an aggressive setbook, and conjuration setbook. making players actually have to work as a team or group like in factions for pvp.
    I would also like in a plugin could be seperate from this one. Staffs for example a redstone staff seeing that many spells use redstone, holding a redstone staff would be like having infinite redstone but after so many uses would have to be recharged.

    Ideas for commands: /Switch Setbook,

    Ideas for permissions: player.usesetbook
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    First:Bump/Second: Nice, but i like more the option to create your own setbook via config. The idea with the altar or the switch-zone is good, but i dislike the method with a command. For the permissions i thought about "ams.use.<name of the setbook>" (Ams mean 'Addon - MagicSpells')

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    Thank you and after I posted and came back to it to read it I thought about the setting up your own book in config, those could just be preset in the config. the method for the command would be for server administration.
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