(Formated) Transmute items with enchant table/ Enchat egg with exp, get a mob spawn egg.

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    Plugin category: Crafting/fun

    Suggested name: Transmutation enchanting, Enchant eggs, Transmute eggs, arcane eggs, Eggchanting

    What I want: I will state from the start, the idea i had this for was just for mob spawn eggs, but later thought this could be used for all sorts of possibilities, but if it would be simpler I want to just focus on getting mob spawn eggs using the enchant table.

    ► The core concept is, you put a base item in the enchant table that will define the possible "eggchant" (example: use chicken eggs to get passive mobs eggs, use diamonds to get hostile mob eggs) then spend an amount of exp points to get a random mob spawn egg, the more exp you spend, the higher the chance you will get a better/rarer mob egg (example: 1-10points = squid, bat, sheep. 10-20 points adds a chance of cow, pig, ocelot. 20-30 adds a chance of mooshroom, wolf, villager. to get hostile mob spawn eggs, use the same leveling style formula concept, but using a rarer base item(say diamond instead of chicken eggs))
    ◘ A configuration file would be wanted to define what amount of experience would yield what, to be able to define what base item(s) would be used, and to limit what mob eggs were allowed to apear (like in my server I wouldn't want dragon or ghast eggs in the hands of any one)
    Edit update: I was thinking to keep this as simple as possible and to get things moving faster, this plug in concept could be done with commands only, requiring no enchant table at all, just defined corrisponding items in invitory and exp points.

    Why I want this/why i think this is a good idea:
    ◘ I want the users of my server the ability to obtain mob spawn eggs, however, there is very few plug-ins that are balanced or up to date to support this.
    ◘ I feel as tho there is no better way to keep the distribution of mob eggs balanced then by using exp points as "curacy" and by keeping it semi random makes it even better for keeping it balanced.

    Future concepts:
    Could be used for all items, essentially, define any item for the enchanter, define its possible "transmutations" and levels of required exp. Random example: put a block of iron in, spend some exp points, get a chance of a gold block, melon block, lapis block, or gravel.

    Ideas for commands: /transmute (defined item) (exp points spent)
    ◘ Example: /transmute egg 17 would mean if i have a normal chicken egg in my inventory it would consume the egg and 17 of my total exp points and would add a random mob spawn egg to my inventory with in the defined parameters of what kind of mob spawn egg could be had with in the 17 exp range of possibilities.

    Ideas for permissions: n/a?

    When I'd like it by: soon please
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    I don't think you could actually do this. The enchantment table is only going to accept what it is programmed to accept, one would likely have to override parts of the regular enchantment system
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    It's something to consider I suppose, I have no idea how hard or easy it would be to attempt this.
    Alternatively an enchant table doesn't have to be use exclusively, just some way of spending exp points to cause the transmutation of eggs/items.
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    I was actually thinking you could just create recipes for the crafting table, and randomise it a bit somehow.

    Such as, place an egg into the crafting table, put 8 items around it (eg. 8 bones) and get a wolf egg, it would then randomly subtract an amount of xp levels from the player (20-30).

    If the player doesn't have between 20 and 30 levels, then the recipe flat out refuses to work, or something like that.
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    That's close to what it should do, the key difference is the end resulting mob egg you get should be random, the only way to influence what egg you get is by how much exp is consumed.

    Perhaps the mod for now could be done with out any table at all, all you would need is an egg or diamond in your invintory, type a command like "transmute egg level 13" and the command would consume the diamond(or what ever defined item) and give you a random spawn egg
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    That would be the best way to do it right now i think, yeah.
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    Yeah, i could definitely do this. i am starting on it now.

    I've been working on it, and I'm 1/3 of the way there. I just wanted to ask, is it OK if the player needs to be holding the egg, and the command is /transmute (exp levels to use)?
    It hopefully will be done by Monday aedst.

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    Oh wow thanks! Egg/item in inventory vs hand should matter which ever works for you. But please put it so that in a config one can define what items are to be used for transmuting, I feel like rare mobs should use rare items and exp not just eggs, like trying to make a creeper egg i would like to use diamonds, but bats could be eggs.

    And thanks a million.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    As I recall... placing a non-enchantable item on an enchantment table is not an issue; what is an issue is getting the enchant buttons to light up. I'm not sure whether that would be possible.
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    I can take a crack at it! Very interesting idea!
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    I thought so too, and I thank you for your offer to help. You may want to contactParadime as he said he is going to try working on it, maybe you can work together or something? Unless you want to try your own version to compare?
    I really want this plugin but I don't want to waste any one's time ether.

    Thanks again.
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    Bump for an update?
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    Yeah, I'm done, I'm just squashing a bug which is being annoying.
    Edit: so far, that's been three bugs. I'll be done tonight, hopefully. If not I'm afk tomorrow so it will be done Wednesday.
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    Thank you for all your efforts, I cant wait to see how it turns out.
    I've been thinking up a new name for it, How does Eggchemy sound?
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    Cool, I will change it, but I'm interstate tommorow, but I will murder those bugs Wednesday. I'm sorry for the wait. And I might just add some better features, like
    /transmute (exp) (NEW:amount)
    and I'll redo the config details.
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    The transmute command I had in mind was /transmute (defined item) (exp level) if possible that is.
    example: /transmute diamond 23 = consumes 1 diamond and 23 exp points generates a random spawn egg but because 23 points were spent it has a higher chance of being a "rarer" spawn egg then it would be if only 15points were spent.

    I feel as tho the best way to set it up is to mimic the enchant table, being able to get almost any spawn egg(defined) even if only using a small amount of points but at a very low chance of it happening.

    If for example I was to configure it for my server, I might set it so that the minimum level transmutation would be like 20exp and define things on a scale such as:
    bats, squid, oscolot
    zombie, spider, cave spider
    villager, creeper, slime, wolf
    "ultra rare"
    witch, mooshroom, magma cube, blaze

    Spending only 20 exp give a chance of any mob egg, but the chance of getting a "common" egg would be 80% and getting a "rare" egg would be like 5% (percentage values could be adjusted).
    As you increase the level of exp consumed not only would the percentage of a "rare" go up, but the percentage of a common would go down, example: If one was to spend 30 exp(instead of 20) the percentage of getting a common would lower to say 50% and the chance of getting a rare would increase to 15%

    This is the way I was hoping it would turn out, please let me know when you can, what you think and if this works with what you have done so far.
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    Keep in mind, exp and exp levels are different :)
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    *watches thread in interest*
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    What i have, currently, is different, as firstly, the /transmute (item) is not required. what happens instead is that the item in the person's hand is checked, and if it is (item) then it is changed to a mob egg. Currently, there is no maths that dictates which item is more likely. What i have done is so that you define a range of exp levels, and one egg is randomly chosen from that. if you give me a few more days (i'm sorry its taken so long) i will modify the program slightly to do exactly this. I think that the new config file would look like this:

    lowestTransmutation: 20
    highestTransmutation: 30
    startItem: egg

    In other words, it will allow you to define the lower transmutation level and the higher transmutation level, the item you start with, and eggs it will go to.
    (ignore the 1, that's just a numbering system for the code's benifit :) )

    the rarity, is a number from 1 - 10 (10 being super common and one being super rare).

    The reason this will take longer is because of A) the maths, and B) i need to add in a whole heap of error handling and finally C) because this means that transmutation will no longer JUST apply to eggs, but could, if configured correctly, become an almost Alchemical plugin (like in Tekkit).
    I will strive to have it done by Saturday.

    I do sincerely apologize for the wait, i have been dealing with new things, which i have never dealt with before. This has been a great learning experience for me, and i hope you will enjoy the finished product.

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    Take your time, anything worth doing is worth taking the time for it. I really appreciate you making this.

    I had the feeling by starting this project it might turn into something like unlimited Alchemy, not just eggs.

    From the sounds of things we are close to being on the same page as to what we were aiming to accomplish.

    If i understand it right, it creates a exp level scale, and then allows one to define the level of rarity per item yes?
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    If you could please do me a favor, Edwii

    Attached is the provisional config.yml: could you please fill it out with your preferences, and re-upload it. i don't want to waste time making a config.yml that you will almost certainly change

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    (no viruses, pinkie swear) (Beware of the ads tho)
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    I think you may have gotten it wrong... the item format should be (itemID)/(EntityID)/(Rarity)
    i think you may be putting in (entityId)/(entityIDinHEX)/(Rarity)
    If those are all just eggs, then the correct format is 383/(entityID)/(rarity).
    would you please just fix that :)

    Thanks for your patience


    EDIT: everything should basically be in decimal (BASE 10)
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    update: I just got back from the hospital. Sorry, I had an infection :(. Hopefully it will be a Christmas present :)
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    I'm not so sure an infection would be something i would want for a present...
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    Lol, no.. I mean the plugin!

    Edit 1: I've just delved into the world of Gaussian functions :). I've figured out the formula, you will even be able to define how rare you want "rare" to be (hopefully)...
    Sadly, my brain is experiencing confuzzlifiification, and needs to be repaired before I can work on implementation. I hope I will have implemented it by Monday, then off to do craploads of testing :)
    Edit 2: Implementation Complete :)
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