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    Plugin Category: Misc

    Suggested Name:Texture Pack Change

    What I Would like: A plugin that will allow you to set different texture packs in different places.
    This would be great for setting moods in different places like a simple forest to insie a giant castle!

    Commands: /areaselect: allows you to select two block to create a virtual cube far an editable area.
    /TexturePackSet: allows you to set the texture pack for that area you previously selected(from your minecraft .jar).

    Permissions: Sorry dont know these yet could someone tell me please?
    I just want it for ops.

    When I'd like it by: Whenever


    I would like this but dont need it extremely bad
    I would still like to use this though if possible
    If this is not possible just tell me and that will be good enough.
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    Noticed theres no replies yet...... If it not able to be done just tell me if you are actually for sure about it.......
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    It might not be possible, if it is it requires a lot of coding
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    Not possible, with out a client mod.
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    Possible, but difficult if you don't know what to do.
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    Okay... Im not ready to go client side....... whatever that means?..........
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    There is no need to go client side.

    I would make this if I had time (or if I get time later, I'll do it).

    For future developers looking at this:

    There is a MC texture pack client channel you can force a client to download and use a texture pack from a URL. No need for client mods or special weird code (besides hooking into CB)
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    Okay What is client side?
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    The server is what a plugin can do, which is (basically) anything non-visual (like where a block is, who a player is, etc).

    The client is all the pretty stuff, like what a grass block looks like.
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    Client Side is the Computer that the Minecraft Instance runs on (you can also play Singleplayer here)
    Server Side is the Computer with the Minecraft Server

    Edit: turt was quicker :D
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    OKAY!!! Thanks!:D

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