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    I was roaming the internet for an actual util to open a book that's non-version dependent, clear to read, and would run the best. I couldn't find one that fit all three, so I made a one. Here's the code, the usable part is one method that accepts a player and itemstack and opens the book. (If you're wondering why I use the depreciated methods it's for backwards compatibility. If you would like to remove them, just add Main when you get and set the main hand.)
    Code (open)

    import java.lang.reflect.Method;
    import org.bukkit.Bukkit;
    import org.bukkit.entity.Player;
    import org.bukkit.inventory.ItemStack;
    public class OpenBook {
        private static Class<?> _CRAFTPLAYER_CLASS;
        private static Method _GETHANDLE_METHOD, _A_METHOD;
        private static Object _ITEMSTACK, _MAIN_HAND;
        static {
            String name = Bukkit.getServer().getClass().getName();
            name = name.substring(name.indexOf("craftbukkit.") + "craftbukkit.".length());
            final String _VERSION = name.substring(0, name.indexOf("."));
            try {
                _CRAFTPLAYER_CLASS = Class.forName("org.bukkit.craftbukkit." + _VERSION + ".entity.CraftPlayer");
                Class<?> _ITEMSTACK_CLASS = Class.forName("net.minecraft.server." + _VERSION + ".ItemStack");
                Class<?> _ENUMHAND_ENUM = Class.forName("net.minecraft.server." + _VERSION + ".EnumHand");
                _GETHANDLE_METHOD = _CRAFTPLAYER_CLASS.getMethod("getHandle");
                _A_METHOD = Class.forName("net.minecraft.server." + _VERSION + ".EntityPlayer").getMethod("a",
                        _ITEMSTACK_CLASS, _ENUMHAND_ENUM);
                for (Object obj : _ENUMHAND_ENUM.getEnumConstants()) {
                    if (obj.toString().equals("MAIN_HAND")) {
                        _MAIN_HAND = obj;
                _ITEMSTACK = _ITEMSTACK_CLASS.getConstructor(Class.forName("net.minecraft.server." + _VERSION + ".Item"))
                        .newInstance(Class.forName("net.minecraft.server." + _VERSION + ".Items").getField("WRITTEN_BOOK")
            } catch (Exception ex) {
        public static void openBook(Player player, ItemStack book) {
            ItemStack itemInHand = player.getInventory().getItemInHand();
            try {
                Object craftPlayer = _CRAFTPLAYER_CLASS.cast(player);
                Object entityPlayer = _GETHANDLE_METHOD.invoke(craftPlayer);
                _A_METHOD.invoke(entityPlayer, _ITEMSTACK, _MAIN_HAND);
            } catch (Exception ex) {

    Any questions or suggestions would be appreciated.

    UPDATE: I changed the some of the fields in the class so it doesn't waste as much ram.
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