FlyMod is not working correctly

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by maxikg, Aug 6, 2012.

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    Any word on this one yet?

    Are we still being treated like we don't know what we want to have on our servers?
  2. Build 2303 did not fixed that... (on my server)

    Oh yeay, build 2302 is working.... thx <3
    But 2302 is kicking me...
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    Google IBelieveIcanFly Plugin, Fixed Fly for Zombe and CJB (Tested it myself)

    Im also using CraftBukkit++ Which has FAR LESS lag

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    OMG. I LOVE YOU!!!!!
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    Anyway to fix the bouncing? From another players point of view, anyone flying looks like they are bouncing from ground to where they really are, over and over.
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    Thank you so much for that. I can finally enable flying on my 1.3.1 server!!
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    No. This does not solve the problem. Still need a solution for zombe fly hover. If I fly for a second without moving I get teleported to the ground. That problem is still there with IBelieveICanFly plugin.

    And IBelieveICanFly plugin set fly 100% on server for all players that are playing! They can all fly! At our server, fly need to be only enabled for the admin and the moderators. So we don't need that IBelieveICanFly plugin.
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    Don't want to sound like one of the endless masses, but is there any word on a fix for this. I understand that it is possible to get Zombe's fly mod working with the IBelieveICanFly plugin, but as you say, it's not exactly ideal.

    It's entirely possible that I have missed a fix for this, if so please could someone direct me to it. Thanks.
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    OMFG DIS WORKID111111111
    Thank you ! I'm not teleported to the floor anymore, so I can build and make WE selections. Here's a sponge for you [sponge]
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    This is a change bukkit made. This does not happen on a vanilla server. It is in several threads where the bukkit crew has stood behind this change because they believe we aren't capable of deciding who can use a fly mod on our server or not.

    Many tickets have been opened to fix this issue, and all of them get flagged as "wont fix" because they dont see it as broken.

    Ibelieveicanfly is a bandaid, but it works... just be careful when you use /copy and /paste from your locations in the air, as the server will still not know your exact location.
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    You're incorrect. Instead of the client lying to the server and saying its on the ground, instead of flying, there was a fix made to stop this behavior. If the client says its on the ground, it will be on the ground. Period.

    There is also an API now to allow a client to tell the server it is flying, at which point the server lets it do its thing.

    You need to get your flymod clients updated to something that actually works, not fight with CraftBukkit to change back to a poor design.
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    So the "bouncing" mentioned in this thread is solved by this? That "bouncing" is what makes relative /copy and /paste actions sometimes not show up in the correct spot.

    I always thought bukkit was about customizing your server and having it run the way YOU want it to run. Why is this case different from that? Why can there not be a setting in the config file to maybe bypass this check?
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    So I updated to the most recent (unofficial) version of zombe's flymod which was released and the server I play on also updated to the latest craftbukkit beta build.

    I now have zero problems with flight, everything works as it should, no bouncing or sling-shotting. Works exactly as it did in 1.2.5.

    It just takes a little bit of looking around in the Zombe thread to find the unofficial 1.3.2 release and you'll be sorted :)
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