FlyMod is not working correctly

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by maxikg, Aug 6, 2012.

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    twiddle thumbs..
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    This thread isn't about preventing TP and flying... it's about wanting to allow it.

    We don't now if they will change it. We did our part, they are aware of it.

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    I wonder if this is for us?:

    "Implement player speed API"

    I would also be surprised if this is to make Bukkit "unhackable." When they did the big announcement, a few of us were asking for more security, especially regarding X-Ray, and I'm pretty sure they said that wasn't going to be on the list (trying to stop X-Ray). I can't imagine preventing flying is more important than that.

    I would consider using built-in flight, but you need to be in creative mode (AFAIK), the drift is mega-annoying, and you are stuck at one speed. Bleh.
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    The change is not effecting this issue.

    They have also already clearly stated here that this IS an attempt to make it "unhackable". All of this is contained in this thread.
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    Nothing is 100% unhackable, though.
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    Then, just kick the player if they try to move past more than twice, and reset their location to spawn.

    Problem solved.
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    SSPX not until they allow fly mods to work properly again
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    What a load of rubbish. =(
    *cries in corner*

    You've made a grown cat cry, [whoever is responsible goes here]! :'(
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    It was a reply to bastion's post. :p (the one literally above mine, just got a habit of not correctly replying to posts... :()
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    its a bug with zombie flymod for 1.3
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    Hehe yeah I realized that about 10 seconds after I replied. I can't say much, I am the champ of messing up while replying. I think I delete / edit / repost most things at least once.

    It's not a bug with the flymod. It happens with all mods that allow flight from client side.

    It has been confirmed that this is an intended change to the servers, as stated previously in this thread.

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    in page 1,2
  13. Wow, disappointing to see such an inflexible attitude.

    The reasons for implementing this change seem reasonable once explained, but why it needs to be enforced ruthlessly in a one-size-fits-all manner is mystifying. Also given it was such a fundamental change surely you’d expect you’d need to give a little explanation?

    I think the single greatest thing about Minecraft is its diversity. People play it in their own, many and varied, ways. Craftbukkit should be supporting that diversity. Please give people like me, who run private servers with a few friends, the option to turn this off.

    Surely that's not unreasonable?
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    Naw, we only saw that inflexible attitude from one person so far... even the other staff member (the author of many addons too) has voiced his opinion on our side.

    We don't know where this will go, all we can do is make the problem known!
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    No, it's not.
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    Indeed it really isn't. Zombe's works just fine in a vanilla 1.3.1 server.
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    I tested it in vanilla 1.3.1, to do a proper test you need 2 accounts or a friend. Have them look at you while you fly, you will look like you are teleporting up and down rapidly to the other person while you fly.
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    Yes, but on a Bukkit server while flying with zombe's, you get pushed slammed down to the ground, while the server kicks out a "moved too fast" message.
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    Okay, so I have done this in my code in the Join event:

    if(PlayerGroup.equalsIgnoreCase("ultimate") || PlayerGroup.equalsIgnoreCase("ultimateplus") || PlayerGroup.equalsIgnoreCase("bod") || PlayerGroup.equalsIgnoreCase("admin") || PlayerGroup.equalsIgnoreCase("owner") || PlayerGroup.equalsIgnoreCase("mod"))
            p.sendMessage(ChatColor.GREEN + "Flying is now allowed!");
            p.sendMessage(ChatColor.RED + "Flying/Run Fast is NOT allowed for you!");
    This allows fly mods to activate and work, however the flying player is still moved to the ground from time to time.
    Is there something I am missing to stop the "move" to ground behavior?
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    Is this fixable with a plugin or is that your version of CB?

    I agree this should be left to server ops as to whether they want to allow it. Default flight is horrific and I already have ways to stop other people from flying via plugins.
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    This is out of my plugins out of my server(s), as an owner this is what Id like to use to control flying. Although I have distance checking in my player move events to ensure there is no more than a jumps distance between the players feet and the next solid block below them (with exceptions for water vines etc).
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    Revert to build 2302, the bug was introduced when they tried to fix the kicking issue in 2303.
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    link to build plz
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    Well yeah duh, If you read the context of the reply, it was meant for the user I replied to.
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    I think Im just gonna go into the appropriate class , find that check and simply remove it.
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    Is this possible? If it works for you, can you post the steps on how you did it? I'm running a localhost server for my own personal use, so I have zero conscern for security or the physics of TNT.

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    Anything is p0ssible if you believe in the all-powerful ceiling cat.
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    :) maybe that was a little overlly dramatic way to pose the question. It was 5:30 in the morning, and I'm suffering from the "No Zombe Fly" syndrom. And Creative Fly is making the withdraw's worse.
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