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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by maxikg, Aug 6, 2012.

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    I understand your opinion, but Bukkit has simply not necessary - the API provides a great way to prevent a flymod. And we have the allow-flight flag from the vanilla-server in the settings-file to kick every user with flymod. But why it has to be hardcoded and without the feature to disabled it? And why the server only teleport to the ground?

    I personally think/hope it is a bug. But without a statement it could really be anything: a bug, a new feature or an failure - we don't know it.
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    hope they can fix it by the next RB
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    The problem with this... THIS is not a "feature" in a regular minecraft server. You can use fly mods all day every day in a vanilla server, and it won't keep grounding you like a Bukkit server does.
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    This whole thing actually starts with a bug in the vanilla server. If you look at the change you're all pointing at (which I made) I fixed a logic error that had completely disabled the "moved too quickly" check. The 1.3.1 release includes a tweak to this check which has otherwise existed for something like 18 months now. Unfortunately their tweak (which appears to have been done to make TNT push you correctly) has the side effect of making flymods no longer work.

    Without this logic people are literally able to go where ever they want with the equivalent of a client side version of the /tp command. They can easily crash or cripple servers by teleporting around rapidly and causing excessive chunk generation/loading. People found this immediately when the 1.3 prerelease came out and were (and still are, on vanilla) actively exploiting it so to suggest we should undo the change is unconscionable.

    On the other hand, 1.3.1 also added modifiers for fly speed and walk speed to go along with the player abilities (flying, creative inventory, etc) that make up Creative mode. These modifiers are controlled by the server but there is no reason you couldn't have a plugin that communicates with zombe's mod to decide what these should be set to. We'll have an API to adjust these modifiers shortly so someone can make such a plugin, if they desire.

    I believe md_5 is the one that updated zombe's mods to 1.3.1 and also maintains the Zombes4Bukkit plugin so I suspect he would be the one to add this plugin channel communication between them. If he or someone else does so this actually allows you as a server owner to have more control over what people are able to to do with the mod. You could have normal players able to fly at 5x speed and staff at 10x speed so you can easily keep up with people you're trying to watch. Or you could not allow it for guest but allow it for established players, etc. It causes a little extra work to get setup but it should give much more flexibility in the end.
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    If this is a bug in a vanilla server, then why do I not have this problem AT ALL when I run a vanilla server. Others have noticed the same thing. This is a feature that works differently in bukkit.

    I feel a need to repeat this... THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN IN A VANILLA SERVER.
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    thats awesome hope md_5 could do it soon
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    If you actually read what I wrote you'd see that I pointed out that it was a change in the vanilla server that triggers this behavior but the vanilla server also has a bug that makes this entire check be completely disabled. You don't need to yell to try to tell me things I already know.
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    You obviously don't get it. Mojang made an update to vanilla which improves the speed protection. This would cripple fly mods if it worked correctly. Due to a bug in vanilla, the speed protection does not work AT ALL. And in fact can sometimes give false positives for excessive speed (random moved too quickly errors). Bukkit just fixed vanilla's bug. If vanilla worked as intended it would have the same effect on fly mods.

    Yes, exactly.

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    I did read, and I'm unsure why somebody who runs a server for people who all know each other is suddenly being forced to do things differently.

    If people are worried about it being exploited, there are addons that would help them. However, many of us dont have to worry about people "exploiting the issue" because we trust and know our players. For people like us, this is nothing but a problem.

    I'm willing to risk someone lagging my server if it means ALL of my players are able to do things the way they all want to do it.

    Why can't this be our choice to enable / disable this feature at least?
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    ^ that is a good idea
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    Interestingly... using a client side TP like you suggest still works... only they are warped to a place on the ground and not the air. Still leads to the chunk loading lag...

    So, again, why can this not be a "feature" that we can enable or disable?

    EDIT : maybe add an "enable-move-checks" option in and do a check against it.
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    I agree with this last bit whole heartedly. Whether or not this side-effect was intentional, I don't particularly care; whether or not it was meant with the intentions of protecting server admins from lag issues is inconsequential (as well as apparently completely ineffective); a change of this magnitude should have come with a new option in the server config to toggle it on and off. Flying is a HUGE part of my server. We run a build server which makes things on a scale many minecrafters don't even think possible, and these builds would be incredibly more difficult to do without flying. Moving forward, if this change is really necessary, please at least make it toggleable in the config file. Personally I've never had a problem with a person trying to crash the server by these means, and I would simply be able to look at the log file, see who did it, and ban them and their IP if necessary.
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    I would like to thank you for giving us this information so we are not just hanging out there wondering why. It is very much appreciated that you guys continue to try to look out for server owners best interests. The API addition will obviously allow those plugins that work with flying to interact with this portion of bukkit and fix this situation. Nearly any plugin that does move checks will be able to add this in and allow us as owners to have more control over speeds, which has been a problem for me with some players in the past, doing 30x creative speed can really mess with the server. So again I really appreciate this addition.

    I would also like to add that it would have been nice when the first ticket was created on leaky bukkit about this issue had included this explanation as opposed to the "resolved" "wont fix" ticket closing, with no explanation. The lack of an explanation just left all of us hanging wondering why this issue was not going to be resolved. So now we know it is being worked on and is going to be resolved we as owners and operators can figure out short term ways of dealing with the problem and can look forward to the API fix that as you said should be forthcoming.

    Thanks again for the communication and thanks for all the work you do for us.
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    I'll have to read this thread to see why I need plugin comms. If its just for speed limiting, then the word is NoCheat.
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    Long story short. People always had options to prevent "cheating"... but now people who would like to allow client-side fly mods have no option to do so.
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    Zombes has blockcodes you can put in your motd is thats what you mean.
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    He means we can block zombie easy If we wanted to but now we can't even use it
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    No I mean they have actually made it so you CANT use zombe with your server. They have removed the option of allowing it on your server.

    They claim it's to prevent hacking, but there are already several addons that do this... however, now those of us who DO want to allow client flying... and DO understand the "risk"... and DO accept that risk... we have no option to allow our players to use them.

    I want zombe to work on my server, and I'm not alone in this.
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    thats wad i just said
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    Trust me, I was the one that updated zombes to 1.3 I know what I am talking about (I use zombes on my server all the time)
    You have a plugin blocking zombes, post a list of plugins and maybe I can help.
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    I tested this with a clean install of bukkit... no addons at all on the server. Only addon on the client side is zombe.

    The flying "works", but keeps slamming to the ground. It's not something I'm making up, as the person who made the change to the server has even confirmed that this is BY DESIGN now of the bukkit server. Read previous posts, it's all documented here.
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    /me updates Bukkit and checks.
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    It happens with every build after 2302... and if you read the change logs for them you will see what we mean.

    I really don't want to sound rude, but it gets old hearing "it's an addon interfering", even in a situation where the person who coded the change to the server has confirmed it, and clearly stated it was by design.
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    Alright, its an issue due to a fix in CraftBukkit.
    I am hoping we can do something about it as requiring a server mod to fly is stupid.
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    Well... Amaranth made the change, and as you can see in the previous posts in this thread he stands behind it fully...

    I love the zombe package... it literally makes life awesome both in multiplayer and single player.

    If you can make it work again with bukkit I will seriously open a church in your name or something!

    I think this might double post... having a wierd lag issue... meant to edit...

    BUT, you should note that the issue has been raised in several tickets, by several people... and keeps being flagged as "won't fix"... and there reasoning for this is also stated in a post by Amaranth within this thread.

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    Either way, people can still use client side .tp, and still attempt to crash the server.

    Solution? World Borders, so people can't fly out of bounds.
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    based on my experiences with World border it does not prevent people from tping to a location outside the border so far as i know, it will only prevent moving past the border location. you are right people can't fly through the border once set but if they get outside the border i think they can do what they like.
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    Its more theyll be moved to the TP location, and then on next tick moved back to the border.
    (From personal experience)
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    i think u need add some command to turn it off, i can't record now normal, always punching to ground and automaticly return, look terible.
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    so now we just wait?
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