FlyMod is not working correctly

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by maxikg, Aug 6, 2012.

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    The folks on my server and I have done some testing:

    Upon running a Vanilla server we have determined that this is a Bukkit issue, as it is absent in vanilla. Also adding to this is that a console message is spewed out when the y-axis adjustment occurs indicating a server-side problem, not to mention that this problem has never been present before.

    In Vanilla a person who is flying DOES seem to bounce around abnormally, and when flying too low to the ground or water, the sounds make it seem like one is actually lower than their actual altitude.

    Adding the Zombes4Bukkit plugin does help, though only nominally as y-axis adjustments do occur over time, and most particularly when a player stops moving and hovers.

    Hope this helps, and that this issue gets resolved.
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    For some reason they're closing all the tickets on Leaky about this issue and marking them as "won't fix" with no explanation whatsoever. Can someone on the Bukkit team shed some light on this?
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    Me and my server would also appreciate an explanation.
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    Their reason is they want bukkit to be "un-hackable" I think I saw someone say.
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    You can't really make a program completely unhackable though. People find workarounds. If Bukkit decides to not support flying anymore, I'm sure someone will find a way around it.
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    That's almost funny but not quite, Bukkit is a hack, every mod we use is a hack, bukkit will never be un-hackable. it is less vulnerable than vanilla minecraft for sure but come on, every coder out there can figure some way around something.

    We are talking about a normal everyday useful mod to the client that a large number of us have been using since zombe came out with his first sets of mod's in 2010. This is ridiculous to even have to be having this conversation. I do not use bukkit so that i can no longer use the hacks that they do not approve of while using the hack's that they do approve of.

    Remember, bukkit has no official standing, they have no license agreement with mojang, they take the minecraft server jar file tear it apart and rebuild it to work with the API they have designed so we can all hack our servers so they work the way we want them to.

    un-hackable I do not think there is a program out there that is un-hackable.
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    I would have to point out... none of us knows why they are flagged as "won't fix"... it's not fair to automatically assume they aren't working on this... it's entirely possible this issue could be fixed as a side-effect of another fix they are working on for something else. We simply don't know.

    I am all for voicing concern over a feature being broken or glitchy, but it really serves no purpose to make any assumption to their thoughts or plans on the matter. The bukkit team has given us a lot
    of their time and sweat over the years.

    EDIT : The best evidence you have is "I think i saw someone say"... so... foggy memory of hearsay? Yeah, take that to court and see how that goes for you...
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    That's true, and I appreciate it. Without them, I more than likely wouldn't be playing minecraft, they make MP possible.

    How ever, if we didn't voice our opinions on things that we don't like, they won't know what to fix. You can't really blame anyone for making the assumption they aren't going to fix the problem when its marked "resolved: Won't fix." Sounds pretty clear to me.. :\
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    bastion maybe u missed a few years but bukkit is now offically part of the mojang team
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    I do agree, up until the point where others are using it as a reason to be abusive towards the bukkit team. It's the difference between "Lets stop racism"... and "George Bush hates black people"... as a bit of an obscure example.

    If enough of us want things to work a certain way, telling them they suck is definitely not going to make them listen. I too view "wont fix" as meaning exactly what it says, and still cannot justify telling them off as a result. It just tells me we need more voices saying we want it to work a certain way.
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    I agree, I also went looking for where I saw that and it was posted as a comment on one of the leaky tracking pages. It wasnt posted by an official as far as I know, first time viewing the leaky page so it was rather confusing as I just skimmed over most of the stuff.
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    I have not missed anything, Mojang has hired the four guys that started bukkit to work for them to create a new minecraft API, Mojang and bukkit still have absolutely nothing to do with each other, Mojang did not buy bukkit, nor did they grant them a license. Also I would point out, that bukkit exists as an extension of curse, which is quite clear by the attachment of the curse toolbar across the top of this forum.

    Bukkit is not an official part of mojang nor will it ever be.
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    The curse bar doesn't mean this is an extension of curse by any means... it just means they host some things for them.
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    I was venting and I put quotes around some text to highlight that it was not me actually saying it, and the quotes were not attributed to any person. No one from leaky stated those words they were references i was making. I should not have done that.

    That said, it is quite clear from the ticket and subsequent tickets being marked as "resolved" and "won't fix" that the issue is considered by whom ever is assigning tickets as resolved and not going to be fixed. This issue is not resolved it is still present, if the team is going to fix it in an upcoming release then the ticket should not be marked as it is.

    I appreciate all that bukkit does for me as well as my server, I do not complain about the time it takes for them to get a build out or to fix a problem. I recognize they do this for free and do not have to do it at all. I do however have an issue when they will not recognize a problem/bug, even when we give them the exact point in time when the problem occurred.

    So I was venting a bit for that I apologize if anyone was offended. I will do my best to refrain from doing so in the future.

    Ok, they host some things for them, actually I think they host nearly every public part of bukkit, I could be wrong but I don't think I am. I do believe there was a post by Evilseph a while back about the relationship with curse, it kinda said they were in some kind of loose partnership if my memory serves me correctly but it makes no difference.

    My point was bukkit is not any part of, nor does it have any kind of official relationship with Mojang. If this statement is untrue please point me to a link that shows a license for bukkit or any kind of statement that bukkit is part of Mojang or even has the right to redistribute the minecraft server jar.

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    Remember this?...

    I am extremely pleased and proud to announce that, as of today, the Bukkit team has joined Mojang. When discussing the possibility of a modding API publicly, Mojang was concerned that they would be unable to provide the community with a suitable and powerful enough solution and we honestly feel that our experience building Bukkit will help them do so. Thanks to our work with Bukkit, we have a years worth of experience, failures and lessons to help us develop a proper modding API and intend to do whatever it takes to produce one that satisfies the needs of the community. Now that we have an opportunity to design the official Minecraft API, we intend to make it a suitable replacement for Bukkit, if not a significantly better one, while will remain a community for modders for the foreseeable future.
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    while i saw this, it still seems bukkit isnt any closer to mojang. all the old updating ways are still there. (prerelease 1 week before release, bukkit updates ontop of prerelease) after viewing and talking with a few former bukkit developers in IRC, i got the feeling that mojang "hired" bukkit developers to code minecraft, while mojang does something else.
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    Yes, Yes I do, and I am quite thankful that Dinnerbone is now working for Mojang. He has done some awesome work in just the short time he has been with them. I have a lot of faith in his ability to deliver a quality API that modders will be able to use moving forward. And in fact I hope that he eventually will take over the Minecraft Project at Mojang as the lead developer. Nothing against Jeb.

    To your Point, the Bukkit team, I suppose could be construed to mean many things so this is a discussion which will never be solved so therefore becomes pointless. I view the announcement of the bukkit team as the four coders who started bukkit and who now work for Mojang. I do not view the bukkit team as bukkit in this context. There are new coders who are doing the same things at bukkit that were done before the announcement just as necrodoom stated in the above comment. bukkit's situation has not changed other than the four founding members are now employed by mojang which i think is terrific. Whats more is they deserve it.

    Now back to the thread's actual point. We have a coding change that was made to bukkit at build 2303. That code changed how flying was handled by bukkit. This is considered a bug by a number of people in the bukkit community. The tickets on this bug that have been submitted by the community have been marked as resolved and won't fix. The bug is still there and is not resolved and based on those tickets the bug will not be fixed.

    So now what do we do about it?
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    What do we do about it? That much has been covered. Just keep our voices heard! They do this work for us... all of us. We appreciate them, and I would hope they appreciate us. We're all part of this community.

    Hopefully we can make our voices loud without making them abusive... that's about all I can say.

    And lets hope that their choice to make THIS feature work differently than a real server is not the start of a new trend.

    Also, it wasn't the first line i was drawing attention to... it was the last. The fact that they are working on the official API in order to make a replacement for bukkit... I wonder if perhaps there are things we can expect from the OFFICIAL server soon that we just haven't been told about. Are we reaching the end of that "foreseeable future"?
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    Im hear t0 be heard and express my thoughts... FIX THIS...
    and for all that say people don't get paid for projects like this your funny nothing is free.. there is a big fat DONATE button on the first page projects like this rake in and normally share donations or pay each other under the table. I my self dont get paid to run my gaming clan of about 300 people however I make enough in donations to pay my rent, 50up and 50down internet,and more.If i was to say I do it for nothing would be an insult to your intelligence. whether they do it for fame or money there getting some thing out of it so its not wrong to voice what you the people want out of this project.
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    Unlike minecraft servers, which people are happy to donate any crazy amount... Very few seem to care about donating to the project that makes the servers that much more enjoyable.

    I have not received a penny from Bukkit. Bukkit makes no money.
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    I am really sorry to hear that bukkit makes no money, I don't make any money on my server either but I enjoy running it most days. Today has been a bit hard, perhaps you could shed some light on this issue we have been talking about in the thread? You are after all one of the main coders now and could maybe help us all out with some information?
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    ok well your staff idk what kind of staff but I would assume staff that manage forums dont get anything but I would love to see a dev have the balls to stand up and say I haven't made money or benefited from this project. btw didnt 4 bucket devs get on the mojong payroll because of this project?

    edit: very few people donate to my nonprofit but it still pays my living expenses and thats out of 300 people this forum has tens of thousands of people if not hundreds use bukkit. Im going to assume you do not have access to the paypal or the Section 6041(a) tax forms.
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    I would also like to know why this issue has been shelfed. I dont own a server but I am an admin on one, and this bug has greatly effected our ability to build and play. Lots of servers depend on the players using Zombe or other fly mods, and 90% of them will opt for Zombe, since its easy to install and easy to use. The fact is, there are several settings that any server owner can use to make sure people dont fly, but as it is, there is no setting for server owners to make sure they can fly.

    As people have said, you all do this for free, but that doesnt make me any less inclined to say that if what people say here are true, and the team have decided not to fix it for selfish reasons (i.e they dont like people using mods) im shocked and rather let down...this is really ruining a lot of servers.
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    Please fix this bug. It is REALLY annoying..
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    I'll run the idea past my servers staff about donating, I don't handle our donation money/it all goes 100% towards keeping the server running/replacing faulty hardware. I'm sure they wont mind donating some, but I cant make any promises.

    I'd like to see this fixed, I understand your reasonings -- but we have ways to prevent people from flying, our staff still needs flymod to do their job (protecting buildings for people) or flying around the map looking for abandoned houses and regenerating them so new players can still play.

    Edit: We've apparently donated to bukkit a few times.
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    I think I can safely say you are pissing off more people than you are helping preventing flying on smp.
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    I'm unsure how it's even helping anybody. People who wanted to prevent flying have had several options for a very long time.

    Does anybody know if any kind of official response to this exists? I'm still thinking this is a bug until we get some kind of word.

    EDIT : I've just been assigning rights to the /fly command for people who should have been able to fly. It's a bandaid solution, as they all have to type it twice to fly again after they use a nether portal.
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    But there is an API an plugins like NoCheat to prevent it. Here you can decide who can fly and who not. Moreover there exists server who allow flymod and these have now pitch... Everyone should being able to choose to allow fly. But now there is an hardcoded function who is disliked by 90%. Should it really be a bug, I say "sorry" to Bukkit.

    I would also like to know.
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    i do wonder why they changed the coding for flying. was there a need to change it??
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    I understand that having some sort of anti fly in default Minecraft is probably needed....

    but why is this not optional and simply being marked as "won't fix"?
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