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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by maxikg, Aug 6, 2012.

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    Hey Bukkit-Community,

    when I try to fly on a Bukkit-Server (without any plugins and allow-fly=true) I'll be teleported to the ground. I'm get the following warning:
    21:32:24 [WARNUNG] maxikg moved too quickly! 0.0,12.10684985344811,0.0 (0.0, 12.10684985344811, 0.0)
    Is this a new feature or a bug? If this is a feature: How I can disable it (or block it with a plugin)? This error occured on Bukkit-Builds #2308, #2307. If you need more informations ask for it ;)

    Thanks for all support :) Sorry if the question already exists, but I could't find a similar thread.

    - maxikg
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    The vanilla minecraft has kicks for when players move to quickly no matter if flying is enabled or not, this has to do with how minecraft was coded.
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    Firstly thanks for your reply :).

    But why they doesn't remove the setting allow-flight if it's a "coded" feature (in particular you can't use any flymod)? If it's a Bug: Is there a ticket on leaky for it? If it's a feature: Is there a plugin to suppress it? If it's none of them: What can I do to fix this problem?

    I hope someone can help me :).
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    Are you OP on your server? I have never had problems if I am OP. If that does not work try installing nocheat, and see if that lets you bypass it.
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    that comes up in the server console if u get stuck in a block while flying (only time ever happens to me is when i fly into a block and get stuck)
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    Thanks for your support :)

    I'm trying OP - but it doesn't work. NoCheat does not work, but this seems to be a bug (errors in console and failures ingame | But NoCheat isn't important for me ;) ). By the way: I already try to install PermissionsEx and give wildcard-permissions to me - it doesn't work.

    It looks more and more like a bug. I now know 3 independent cases having the same problem (2 test-servers specialized for this problem and one copy of an live-server - before 1.3 the FlyMod works fine). About the test-servers:
    • Live-Server: An copy of an live MC-Server (many plugins | CraftBukkit #2312) - does not work
    • Testserver 1: CraftBukkit #2307, #2308 without any plugins (and in other test-run with PermissionsEx) - does not work
    • Testserver 2: CraftBukkit (unknown Build - but newer than #2308) without any plugins - does not work
    Sorry, but all testers (6) from the server have the same poblem. All of them on other locations. Of course: Thanks for your reply :)

    Ok. It's no problem of Zombe's Flymod. Other flymods does not working.

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    I went from an earlier dev build to the recommended build and had the same problem. Guess I'll stick with the build I was using till a new recommended one comes out.
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    which fly mod do u use?
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    I've got this problem with Zombes Mod and the flymod from Nodus (only for this flymod test). By the way: In the creative-mode I can fly without any problems.

    But I cannot use an server-side fly-plugin.
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    This is happening to me as well. allow-flight is set to true. Nobody gets kicked but it's doing the exact same thing where it will periodically ground the player and give a warning in the console about moving too quickly.

    I could care less about the console spam, but being tossed to the ground is a real pain :( This has never been an issue in the past.
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    i see what u mean now
    CLICK ME (open)
    2012-08-08 17:51:04 [WARNING] test moved too quickly! 0.0,18.18332345726256,0.0 (0.0, 18.18332345726256, 0.0)
    2012-08-08 17:51:12 [WARNING] test moved too quickly! -0.09596176445484161,17.6371341260961,0.019883088767528534 (0.09596176445484161, 17.6371341260961, 0.019883088767528534)
    2012-08-08 17:51:38 [WARNING] test moved too quickly! 0.0,39.19994602845753,0.0 (0.0, 39.19994602845753, 0.0)
    2012-08-08 17:51:39 [WARNING] test moved too quickly! 0.0,31.359987991803564,0.0 (0.0, 31.359987991803564, 0.0)
    2012-08-08 17:51:41 [WARNING] test moved too quickly! 0.0,15.680004379650853,0.0 (0.0, 15.680004379650853, 0.0)
    2012-08-08 17:51:46 [WARNING] test moved too quickly! 0.0,15.680013802795784,0.0 (0.0, 15.680013802795784, 0.0)
    2012-08-08 17:51:47 [WARNING] test moved too quickly! 0.0,27.44002468918484,0.0 (0.0, 27.44002468918484, 0.0)
    2012-08-08 17:51:48 [WARNING] test moved too quickly! 0.0,25.215779393642052,0.0 (0.0, 25.215779393642052, 0.0)
    2012-08-08 17:51:53 [WARNING] test moved too quickly! 0.0,14.546956101993942,0.0 (0.0, 14.546956101993942, 0.0)
    2012-08-08 17:51:53 [WARNING] test moved too quickly! 0.0,14.2530443271595,0.0 (0.0, 14.2530443271595, 0.0)
    2012-08-08 17:51:57 [INFO] Connection reset
    2012-08-08 17:51:57 [INFO] test lost connection: disconnect.quitting
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    Exact same problem on my server too, I'm not sure if it's a bukkit problem, minecraft problem or mod problem.
    All I know is that it's incredibly annoying!
    I've noticed the server doesn't mark your Y co-ordinate correctly when using fly mods, (noticed this when using worldedit and the /pos1 & 2 commands), which would explain why it thinks you've moved too quickly.
    Just waiting and hoping for a fix.
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    Good catch, I was just about to post almost the exact same thing. I had previously mentioned it "grounds me"... but as it turns out it merely returns me to the y-coord that it was report me at. Sometimes it is on the ground, other times it's not... but it's always below where I actually am.

    I use zombe for my flight (mostly because I also use the highlight and safe features of it when degriefing). Does anybody use another client side mod for flying? I'm wondering if this isn't just a problem with zombe reporting back to the server incorrectly.

    Im about to go try it out on a vanilla minecraft server. I'll let you know in a minute what I find out.

    EDIT: This DOES NOT happen when you use the exact same client on a vanilla minecraft server. Only with a bukkit server.
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    I would be ok with them not fixing it if it was at least a bug that happened on a vanilla server too :( I would be ok using the built-in /fly command... but it bugs out whenever i teleport between the normal / nether worlds. I wont be able to fly with double-space... and then i type /fly only to have it tell me it's disabled... and I have to type it a second time to make it work.

    It's like the gods have decided that flying MUST come with a bug of some sort.
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    I got killed while hovering in the air, because the server thought I was on the ground and spiders ate me. I also can't place anything while flying because it reverts back after I turn flying off (this all with Zombe).

    The built-in MC flight is slow and has that annoying drift. Also, you cannot noclip (with Zombes4Bukkit), making it by far inferior for a server admin.

    Fixxxxxxx :/
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    I have noticed when your in creative and you double click spacebar as if you were going to use the creative flight it wont do this. I do agree this needs to be fixed though it is really annoying when I try to build and get teleported to the ground.
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    I noticed the problem with nodus flying. It seems to be anything except creative fly it does it with.
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    Anyone know of any fixes/workarounds? I don't understand their reasoning for not wanting to fix this, I can't stand creative mode fly and my server has staff that require fly but cant give them OP or creative to use creative fly mode...
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    So bukkit does it again, they refuse to fix a bug or even try to find a bug that they have created, you can op your self, add flight clearance or any other mod to allow flight, have flight enabled, be in creative mode and bukkit decides you should be on the ground and whomever is doing the tickets will not even allow this issue to be assigned. It is just a "nope not going to even look at it, we just really dont care that you cant fly properly, it makes not difference to us". What an attitude.

    That is not how it used to be back in the good ole days of dinnerbone working on this project, i cannot wait till dinnerbone gets the minecraft api out so i will no longer have to deal with this kind of blatant arrogance.
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    looks like we need to wait for the next RB
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    I have gone back through the builds, the flight bug occurred with the changes at build 2303, build 2302 does not do do this.

    For those of you with a problem you can revert back to build 2302 and it will not happen.
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    Yeah :D It works fine :) No console-error and no problems with flymod. Thank you [cake]


    This is the code-commit of build #2303 (this build and newer have the problem):

    Commit-info: Fixed "move to quickly" detection

    I hope the bukkit-team fix this issue. Or is there a way to fix it over the API?
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    which version is build #2302 can someone link me plz
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    It's great theres an alternative that has a fix, but that won't really work. It's very laggy, not that the newer builds are any better though...And if we stay quiet about it, it won't get fixed.

    Now I'm not saying go riot/spam just let them know we arent happy with this change. I'm aware of whats allowed and what isnt allowed on my server, nocheat did just fine at preventing people from flying -- this change don't prevent anything, it just annoys the living day lights out of you.
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