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    Suggested name: xScores

    What I want: I want a plugin that uses the ScoreboardAPI and shows the player his kills and deaths. I need all of the stats to save into a flatfile, not MySQL, because the stats in the flatfile will be reset making MySQL unnecessary. Here's what the flatfile should look like when it has stats recorded:
    kills: 10
    deaths: 2
    kills: 3
    deaths: 7
    kills: 1
    deaths: 5
    For the on-screen scoreboard display, it should look like this:
    Stats <--- Should be BOLD and colored LIGHT RED.
    Kills: 10
    Deaths: 2
    Ideas for commands:

    • /scoreclear - Clears the flatfile of all stats.
    Ideas for permissions:

    • None, as the command will only be execute by the console.
    When I'd like it by: Some time this week. Maybe in two days?
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    I really need this! No other plugins do what I need.
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    Still waiting.
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    I really like this idea. i will have to check first if this is possible with the current version of Bukkit since the scoreboard system hasn't been out for very long. I'll look into this once I have access to my main PC.
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    I do believe this is possible.
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    So someone should make this. :D
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    Still waiting for someone to try making this.
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    Stilllllll waiting.
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    I really want to see this made for my KitPvP Server.
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    I want too
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    Since everyone wants this, someone should totally make it!
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    I am guessing no programmer wants to do this bc they see no point in saving this information in the scoreboard and a flatfile.
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    Doesn't the scoreboard receive the information from the flatfile?
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    You know that the Scoreboard doesn't work on Craftbukkit, but it's coming later...
    Or if anyone got a Craftbukkit that work with /scoreboard please send me!
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    ScoreBoard API is implemented in the latest Dev Build(s)
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    Yeah, I think it is implemented. I have several other projects I am working on ATM though. :( If nobody else does this I might eventually.
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    I could take it too ;)
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    I Would love to see this created and possibly open source. Something like this would be cool:

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    I likes it a lot so I wants to makes it. I kinda prefer not to make my plugins open source but ill make an exception for this.
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    Thanks so much! And it doesn't have to open source.
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    Yes. Yes it has to.

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    Ok xP
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    I've only just started programming for bukkit and currently I have no plugins available. However I think I can make this with some small modifications. Give me about a week to attempt to build it. If I am able to get something out that does this, then expect it to be kinda clunky and slow at first.
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    I have started on this plugin. It requires me to learn some techniques that I am not familiar with. That is partially why I want to give this a go. For fun and for practice!

    Give me a few days to get everything figured out code wise. I will be making a few modifications to the original request to improve performance of the plugin. One example is, instead of storing each user's data in one big yml file, I will make a seperate yml file for each user. This will increase the speed that the plugin will run and will keep the server from having to go through many many lines of usernames and data.

    Current File Path Idea:
    Plugins>pluginFolderName>data>username.yml (replace username with the actual username of the player, each player has a separate yml file for performance reasons)

    username.yml contains:

    Doing it this way, I can extend on the plugin to include many more user stats. I'll update this as I figure more out.
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    I can do this, but not the Scoreboard.. I can make a /stats command to show your stats. ( Kills, deaths, KDR, Streak(if necessary))
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    I am helping Kreashenz make it w/ scoreboard!


    Plugin completed.

    description: Reset the scoreboards.
    permission: xscore.clearscores

    Source | Download | BukkitDev

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