FlatFile or MySql?

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MySql or FlatFile?

  1. MySql

  2. FlatFile

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    mySQL might be better for you then.
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    This utterly baffles me. Do you really think that the OS has to go through each file, one by one, to find the one it wants every time it needs to read it?

    Your OS knows exactly where the file is when you provide it with a path. The "search function" has to look through every file because it does not know what the path of the file you're looking for is (or if it even exists).
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    (didn't I mention file systems?), yes I was talking about search functions, if you know the path, no problem, however, MySQL is faster, explain?

    However, pure OS based, you're 100% right, but we're talking about plugins. Depending on how you implement it, maybe you'll have to check if the file exists already. How will you do that? Don't you have to search the folder than?

    Another thing about MySQL: code-based, it is MUCH easier to look things up, compared to flat files.
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    It really depends on the plugin, if logblock supported flatfile, I would still use MuSQL. For WorldGaurd, I use flatfile. One plugin that could use MySQL support is residence. IThe onlt=y other plugin I have that really uses a DB is SecureChest, that doesn't seem to have a choice.

    I could see using MySQL for something like LWC
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    Oh and another thing: once you got the file, you'll have to search in it anyways.
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