Flans Plane and Vehicles Mod for Bukkit(with ItemCraft)

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    Hello Community,
    I have found the Plane-Mod by Flan(http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic...vehicles-v4-panzer-iv-moods-teams-mputils-v2/) and its so awesome!!! Yes, this Mod is for SMP, too! BUT NOT FOR BUKKIT!!!! So i search for a Plugin-Delevoper who can help me with this problem. But note that i am not one of them who make Plugins and Mods. I search in Google for a Bukkit Plugin but i didn`t found anyone, so i hope one of the Plugin Delevoper can help my. I found ItemCraft but i don`t think that is possibility to do that without any Plugin.

    I hope you can help!!!!

    Thanks for watching this Thread...

    MFG Boxy

    P.s. Im from Germany so i will excuse me for mistakes!!!
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    I totaly agree somone must port this to bukkit :D
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