[Fixed] New plugin files not listed anymore at https://api.curseforge.com/servermods/files

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by blablubbabc, Jan 14, 2018.

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    I am not sure if this is the correct way to contact curse staff about project related issues, or whether I should just report the project and ask the question there, but if it is:

    A plugin of mine (https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/paintball_pure_war) uses https://api.curseforge.com/servermods/files?projectIds=41489 to fetch the latest plugin version and then display an 'Update available'-message.
    Unfortunely, that list didn't seem to get updated since the last plugin update I uploaded ~10 days ago, resulting in false 'Update available'-messages for plugin users. The file lists of other plugins don't seem to get updated anymore as well.
    Is this API still supported?

    If it is, could you look into why this files list isn't automatically updating anymore, and add the latest file(s) to it?


    PS: Offtopic, but is there an official 'issue tracker' or similar for the curse platform (including dev.bukkit.org), where questions like this can be asked?
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    This has been reported before:

    Though I do not know if it is supported anymore, I would recommend you look at the github updater (which was posted in the link above) which syncs automatically and has no chance of losing support.
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    I've been having the same problem. I have opened multiple support requests but have received no reply.

    It makes me feel like Bukkit and Forge are dying little by little, which is very sad.

    I can probably change my updater to use Github, but I have hundreds of users who are used to auto-updating SignBoard and who will be forever stuck on version 1.4.4 unless it occurs to them to visit the plugin's page on Bukkit or Spigot...
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    For my plugin, It seems that I was able to get some users to use the version with the Github updater, and slowly more and more are using it. If you can manage to contact as many old users as you can (if anyone made a comment on your plugin page, made an issue, or PMed you about the project), you may be able to get a majority over to the new version quickly.
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    OK, they did get back to me. Turns out their emails weren't getting through to me, so they contacted me via PM.
    I still haven't figured out what the exact problem is, but there appears to be something going on with the API.
    As soon as I have something more definite, I'll come back here and post it.
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    How did you open 'support requests'? I haven't found a public issue tracker yet.. Why don't they have one, or why don't they simply answer here, so everyone having the same issue can read their answers?
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    Hey, got any update on this? Your link says the migration was finished a couple of days ago, and I'd really like to send my users an update notification.

    EDIT: Ah, that was only the first phase, nvm then, I'll just exercise a bit more patience :)
    EDIT2: It's been fixed! :D
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    For me, it hasn't been fixed, it's been broken. They've clearly made changes and although the files are now updating on the servermods api list, my plugin is now throwing errors and downloading (and installing) empty files. So they've made it *a lot worse*, because they've caused my plugin to uninstall itself.

    I will have to look at code that's been stable for 2 years and try to figure out WTH they broke and work around it.

    OK, my bad. Back when the 301/302 redirects came out, I had tweaked Gravity's updater to deal with them. When caseif updated Updater, I never bothered to get it, cause mine was working fine. Now I just replaced my whole updater class with theirs and everything seems to be working again.

    Sorry for getting so upset - it was my fault to begin with.
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    Seems everything is fixed then, thanks!
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