[FIX/SEC/MECH] MonsterFix - Antifarm, Anti-Glitch, Explosions, Headshots, etc..[BukkitDev]

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    Highly customizable anti-farm, gameplay and explosion control, bug-fix and anti-cheat plugin. It was create special for server MCCity Project (game.minecraft-mccity.ru)

    • Antifarm (preventing drop (item and xp) from mob that was not killed by a player, drop from mobs that was spawned from the mobspawners, detecting traps (butcheries) and preventing drop from mob killed in the butchery area, preventing cactus farms, snowfarm, obsidian generators, etc...)
    • Anticheat (fixing some glitches, that allows players to access to the protected areas, allows boat placing only on water... etc.)
    • Gameplay (headshots, sprinting in armour limiter, long time sneak preventer, health regeneration limiter, ender pearl preventer, etc...)
    • Explosions (total explosions control, detonating TNT in player inventory)
    • System (save-all, use colors and font modifiers in chat, etc..)
    • World (unsnowable block list, remove trash blocks in nature, etc...
    It is not possible to create videos to show all features of MonsterFix. Here you can see small video demonstrating the wool coloring feature:

    And explosions control video demonstration:

    Additional videos

    More information provided at BukkitDev page

    Like this plugin?

    You can buy me a chocolate :)

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    Awesome plugin. Thanks!
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  4. fromgate Needs a changelog at the bottom of the original post :)
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    It's a first release, so change log could be only like this :)

    Change log
    • Releasing my awesome plugin
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    • Added message to warn player about active MonsterFix permissions
    • Permissions for CJB and Zombe blocker was changed
    • Implemented trash remover
    • Some changes in headshots
    • Added fix to center player relative to block location after join
    • Added player freezer to prevent using glitches in protected area to stole through the walls, walk through closed doors, etc...
    • New commands: /mfix cfg, /mfix rst
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    Update to 1.2 ? :D
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    New version.
    Supported: CB 1.1-R7, CB 1.2.3-R0.1, CB 1.1-R4

    v0.1.6 Changes:
    • Added new permission to ignore freezing.
    • Added option to disable hurt effect after long-time sneaking.
    • Colored chat. If player has defined permissions he can use color in chat. If not - all "§" characters will be replaces with "&"

    • Fixed bug (sprinting with no armour, or headshots without helmet raised exception)

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    • New configuration file format. Sorry you need to delete old config.yml if upgrading.
    • All variables are separated and united in parameters groups. Every group could be disabled and enabled. If group is disabled it will disable all parameters included in the group.
    • Command /mfix cfg shows only current configuration.
    • Bug fixed - /kill command was blocked everytime
    • [antifarm] Added butcheries (trap) prevention
    • [antifarm] Due to snowform cancel bug in Minecraft, created a new mode to prevent snowfarming. Snowball will drop only after period of time passed
    • [antifarm] Added drop prevention if mob was killed not by a player
    • [antifarm] Changed cactus drop: if break any block whole cactus will dropped
    • [antifarm] Added unlimited obsidian generator prevention
    • [gameplay] Added feature to disable ender pearl teleport
    • [gameplay] Highlands: you can setup height limit, above which player will gain damage and cannot built/break anything. Permissions, "space-suits" supported.
    • [gameplay] Allow to limit maximum regenerated health (Player need to use only potions or golden apples to reach 20 HP)
    • [system] Support control symbols &0...&f, &k, &l, &m, &n, &o, &p, &r in chat. Permissions required.
    • [system] Ability to "decolorize" chat message (if player use hacked client which allow to type symbols § in chat)
    • Use /mfix help to check chat controls symbols (colors, fonts). Players with permissions will see same message too.
    • [system] Autoclose players inventory when executing save-all (only save-all by MonsterFix) to prevent items duping
    • [anticheat] Permissions for anticheat mods changed
    • [anticheat] Added a new block code for Minecraft Automap
    • [explosion] EXPLOSIONS!!!! Total explosion control: radius (including random radius, defined by minimal and maximal radius values), fire (enabled/disabled), source (TNT, creepers (including powered creepers), fireballs).
    • [explosion] DETONATIONS!!! If player have some TNT in inventory it could be detonated if player gain explosive, fire or lightning damage.
    • /mfix fly - Enable/disable player fly. Permissions required.
  10. can i somehow remove all the other stuff and use only the auto save? :D coz id want autosave plugin xD
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    MonsterFix is HIGHLY customizable. You can disable everything and leave only saving all feature :)
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    can i only enable the anti farm feature ? i don't need the other features because it has been done with another plugins
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    Yes you can!

    Install MonsterFix.
    /mfix anticheat=off
    /mfix explosion=off
    /mfix gameplay=off
    /mfix system=off
    /mfix world=off

    And then restart MonsterFix with command:
    /mfix rst

    Type /mfix cfg to check - all groups except antifarm must be red, antifarm must be green.
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    Here is video demonstrating how the anti-butchery feature works:

    And description is here: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/monsterfix/pages/main/antifarm/butcheries/


    • [antifarm] Additional parameter for butcheries - limit exceed penalty.
    • [world] Ability to place Redstone lamps (on) and prevent it to switch off (permissions required)
    • Bug fixed: now blockcodes will send on player join (again :))
    • monsterfix.lamp.place - Allows to place lamps
    • monsterfix.lamp.break - Allows to break blocks near the lamps

    You can place lamps!

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    Hey could you separate the explosion features? :O
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    May be in future... But now you can disable all other groups, and you will gain only explosion modifications :)
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    Polish MCCity MonsterFix tutorial. Thank you very much Treekt :)
    Video created by Treekt
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    • [anticheat] Removed Block codes feature. This feature was moved to the SBC pugin.
    • [anticheat] Fixed enderpearl teleporting bug, that allow players pass through the walls
    • [world] Nether portal blocker (permissions supported)
    • [world] Ender portal blocker (permissions supported)
    • [antifarm] Mobspawners, mobfalls and butcheries are now supporting exceptions lists. So you can define mob that will ignore antifarm settings.
    • [antichet] Some "freezer" optimization. It will be more efficient (I hope... )
    • [world] Now you can defined unsnowable biomes (prevent snow form in specified biomes). New parameter: unsnowbiome (biome list, default - empty). Parameter unsnowblist was changed to unsnowblock (block list, default=43,20)
    • [system] Added "lampdebug" mode (default - off). This mode will prevent all redstone lamp toggle and will be usefull when you using Worldedit to copy/paste redstone lamps. Don't forget to disable this mode, else it will break all redstone power actions in the server.
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    • Bug fix: Information about damaged mobs sometimes was not removed properly.
    • Removed unused variables (sbc, eptpfreeze - was reserved for a future features)
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    • File renamed - now it MonsterFix.jar, please remove MCCMonsterFix.jar before upgrade. Plugin's directory is now MonsterFix - please rename MCCMonsterFix folder to MonsterFix (or new one with default config.yml will be created)
    • Bug fixed: players did not drop items and xp orbs in butcheries. Thanks to Diemex for bug report.
    • [System] Block command "kill" feature removed.
    • [System] Added new feature to block list of commands. (Type /mfix blcokcmd=on/off to enable/disable (Defautl - on), to set list of commands: /mfix blockcmdlist=<cmd1,cmd2,...cmdN> (Default list: kill,plugins,pl,pluginlist).
    • [System] Added ability to use colors in commands. (Type /mfix cmdcolor=on/off to enable/disable (Defautl - on), to set list of supported commands use /mfix cmdcolorlist=<cmd1,cmd2,..,cmdN> (Default list: say,msg,tell,r).
    • [System] Added ability to remove repeating spaces from typed commands. (Type /mfix singlespace=on/off to enable/disable (Defautl - on)).
    • [World] Ability to color wool blocks with dyes (Type /mfix colorwool=on/off to enable/disable (Defautl - on); /mfix colorwoolwhite=on/off - if is set to on, then only white wool will change it's color with dye (Default - on))
    • Added version update warning and Metrics support.

    Small video demonstrating the wool block coloring feature:

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    New version uploaded!

    • [world] Private area support added for snowballs and wool coloring.
    • [world] "tree128" fix was removed (fixed at bukkit)
    • [gameplay] Headshot system was totally recoded. You can separately configure headshots for arrows, snowballs, eggs and... fishing rod.
    • [anticheat] Ability to control player invulnerability time after join the server (Permission monsterfix.joininvulnerability allows to override this settings)
    • [antifarm] Permissions monsterfix.drop.xp and monsterfix.drop.items was added. This permissions allows players to farm xp and items overriding any antifarm settings.
    • [world] Height restriction for placing defined blocks. For example you can deny to place lava above 80 level to prevent great lava-fountains.
    • Now in config file included description for every node of config.yml (name of description node contains postifx "_description")
    • Fixed some bugs
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    A request and a couple errors.

    May I please have more of a description as to what "removing trash blocks in nature" does? I'm afraid to use the feature, as I'm not entirely sure what it does. I'll make a tutorial video for you if you help me! :D

    Also, I can't seem to get LAMPS to work. I've tried destroying old GLOWSTONE, adding placement permissions, and setting the variables in the config to TRUE. Can't get it!
    [FIXED: Use REDSTONE lamp...DUH! Sure looked like GLOWSTONE to me! Haha.]

    Thirdly, I'm getting a severe error when enabling "ANTIFARM" on my pre-existing world. Along the lines of:
    [SEVERE} Could not pass event EntityDamageByEntityEvent to MonsterFix.
    Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException at fromgate.mccity.monsterfix.MFPlayerListener.onEntityDamageMob(MFrListener.java:188)

    All of the conditions handling spawners and mobs are disabled. I simply wanted the ability to stop endless Melon and Pumpkin growth.
    Any ideas? I'm using Bukkit 1.2.5v4.0 because the SpoutPlugin has yet to be updated.

    Thanks a bunch.​
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    Hello, I think this update will help you )

    • Updated to 1.3.1-R2.0
    • [system] Language files supported
    • [system] Map sending while picking up or holding in hand - increasing map draw speed in client.
    • [gameplay] Merchants (villager) disabler added.

    MonsterFix translation page: http://crowdin.net/project/monsterfix
    I will be thankful if you can help me with MonsterFix translation :)

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    • [explosion] Explosion exclusion blocks. You can setup list of block
    • [antifarm] Define biome list where player can catch fish
    • [antifarm] Added cocoa water-farming fix
    • Now block's data is supported in all blocklist variables
    • Some bug fixed
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    • [antifarm] Added feature: clear mob's last damage cause information to made MonsterFix compatible with other plugins. Tested with Heroes and latest version of CookieMonster (Thanks to jascotty2 for fast respond for my suggestion)
    • [antifarm] Added cocoa grow fix (based on density of cocoa beans in area defined by radius)
    • [antifarm] Changed cactus antifarm-fix method.
    • [world] Fixed ability to use lava-bucket and water-bucket (if height limitation for water and lava enabled) This version of MonsterFix was tested with CB1.4.7-R1.0, CB1.4.6-R0.3 (And I think will work with 1.4.5 too)
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    • [system] Now you can block "sub commands". For example plugin provide commands /command subcommand1 and /command subcommand2. Both commands have one permission, but you need to block subcommand2 and allow players to use only /command subcommand1 only. Now you can define command_subcommand2 at blockcmdlist variable and command_subcommand2 will be blocked.
    • [gameplay] New parameter - /mfix falldmg=on/off. Allows to prevent fall damage for players with permission "monsterfix.featherfall".
    • [anticheat] New feature: adding slow potion effect to freezed player. /mfix fcncslow=on/off, /mfix cncslowtime=<time, ticks>. This will help to prevent some glitches (passing through private doors, etc...)
    • [antifarm] Fixed bug at /mfix mobfall feature.
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    Hey, recently added your mod to the server we play on, love it for the most part.... butttt.... I really only needed it to disable ender pearls and now i can't use mob spawners, go to the end or the nether... Do you think you'd be able to just seperate that one part of the whole thing? I'm running a faction server and i just want to make it fair for everyone. Gotta keep people from glitching through walls with ender pearls ya know?
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    MonsterFix is HIGHLY configurable. You can disable any feature or disable everything :) Just check the config.yml file :)

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