[Fix] Remove the 'Go' word in BukkitDev subscription emails

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by CoKoC, Aug 23, 2012.

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    Every time I get emails from BukkitDev because of my subscriptions, there's often a 'Go' word in the message. It shows it only when someone is replying to a comment in a plugin page.

    Examples :
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    Yeah, it doesn't know how to say 'arrow' or something :p It's a bit weird, I agree.
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    I still sometimes read it wrong and think "wtf is that guy telling me to go to?"

    Then I get my own reply a moment later ><.
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    I read it wrong pretty much every time :p +1 for this, and +2 for not getting emails for your own comments.
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    If there's fixing goin' on, the reply to comment feature only works with BBCode.
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    I never even noticed this...
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    This always gets me, I'm like wait a second that doesn't make sense... Oh.
    Rest assured that I want to take care of this too, if possible :p
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    heres a pic if anyone is interested
    go bug.png
    Tis making me go WDF!!!!
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    It would be great if this was fixed...
  10. I read this wrong too, I believe it is caused from the alt text on the image. I read this wrong too and sometimes it takes me a minute to realise haha.

    It would also be cool if we did not get email alerts for our own comments, I assume this should be easy to do.
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    Yep, that's on the list. :)
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    Never assume that !
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    .replace("Something", "-->");
    or something :p
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    Emaling in JavaScript? I'd expect them to be using something among the lines of Python, or PHP.
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    Okay okay, :p
    I was just giving some pseudocode.
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    Yes I bet they use Python, 100%
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    I had this exact conversion with TnT about an hour ago, it's apparently not that simple.
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    Oh really? :(
    That sucks. Oh well.
  21. I only know a little php but I imagine you could get the posters email address and the senders email address and compare it. If they are not the same, send it.
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    Yes they do, fairly obvious from the HTTP headers.
    Anyway I am locking this to prevent it being spammed with 'me too/ this is easy why haven't they done this already'. Hope you guys understand.
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