Inactive [FIX] OneTimeRenewal 0.4 - Chunks will get all new features of MC updates (only run once)[1185-1597]

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    Sorry, my English is not very good, but I hope you will unterstand all you need to know ;-)

    Plugin: OneTimeRenewal
    Version: v0.4

    This plugin will regenerate all chunks which haven't been modified by users so they will include all new features of Beta 1.6 like tall grass, ... If your chunks have been generated in Minecraft Beta, they will be nearly the same as before but include the new feautures. But attention: If you have chunks generated in pre-Beta (Minecraft Alpha) you will get sliced chunks or your terrain will look very different than before.

    It has to be run only one time at server start! It will do its regeneration then and after that it could/should be deleted. No CPU-consumption during gameplay!

    Some of the code is based on TerrainRenewal by nickrak which does nearly the same - but it does it always during the gameplay and needs much CPU. My plugin does it one time after the start of your server. Then it could be deleted and needs no CPU.

    License will be Creative Commons 3.0: Attribution, Non-commercial, Share-Alike according to the original codebase.

    1. Make a backup of your world!
    2. Download the plugin & extract all included files
    3. Copy the jar and the included directory into your craftbukkit plugins directory
    4. If you want: change the file "materials.list" (to say what is man-made or not)
    5. Change the file "configuration" to set which chunks should be regenerated. The format is Xmin,Xmax,Ymin,Ymax. If you set them too small, not all of your map will be regenerated. If you set them too big, it will take a little longer , but it will NOT generate additional (new) chunks. If you don't know how to set it: go to the point of your map which is the most far away from spawn. Press F3 and write down your coordinates. Divide them by 16 and now you have the chunkcoordinates where you are standing. Maybe add a little bit to be sure. Now fill them into the file "configuration". Maximum is 784426 (after that the farlands are beginning). But don't try numbers as big as that or it has to check 2,461,299,735,609 chunks for updates!
    6. Start the server
    7. Wait for regeneration (on huge maps this could take some time!)
    8. Stop the server
    9. Delete all files of my plugin
    10. Done :) Enjoy the new feautures!
    Warning: It may destroy your buildings which seem not to be man made (if you build something only out of not crafted materials (dirt, sand, stone) without any use of torches or other crafted materials). Backup your world before running it!

    • Test all chunk wether it is modified or not
    • Regenerates all unmodified chunks
    • Include all new features in this regnerated chunks
    • Config-File to set materials which must be included in a chunk to say it is modified
    • Config-File to set how many (or which) chunks should be regenerated
    • Checks whether it had run before and then skips the regeneration
    Download the plugin:
    Source Code included in JAR-File

    Version 0.4
    • Checks whether it had run before and then skips the regeneration
    • Compiled and tested with CB #1060
    Version 0.3
    • Massive speed improvement if it checks chunks which do not exist. You can now set bigger values in your configuration file without such a very big increasement of time like in v0.2.
    • Uses chunk unloading to save much RAM - now it is possible to run it without having very much memory on big maps
    • Better status display
    Version 0.2
    • Added configuration file to set the range for regeneration
    • Removed hardcoded range-limits
    • Fixed status-messages (now they display how many chunks have been regenerated and how many will follow)
    • Changed texts from German to English
    Version 0.1
    • Release
    Hope you like my plugin. It is my first plugin and it is my first Java program ever. So it could be bad coding :) Feel free to take a look at the code and say what I can do better.
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    Hmmm, yea I see the problem then :(

    What does it mean to not update them? Will they not be loaded by the map and then get auto-deleted or something?
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    Well the other this plugin checks if a chunk got flagged as player edited and will leave it alone while all others are regenerated. If you regenerate a chunk with say a house on it then the house would be gone and the world would look the way it would when freshly generated.
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    Yes. And this is what my plugin does! :)
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    O jeeez thats right XD You did branch off from terrain renewal... Man I feel like an idiot now I don't know what I was thinking. On a side note could you update to RB 1000? :D
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    Updated to v.04

    Compiled with Bukkit #804 (Craftbukkit #1060) and tested with CB #1060.

    Added :)
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    Awesome :D glad to see its up to date! Still plan to use this for 1.8 :)
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    Do any of you guys know how exactly to find out how big your world is (coordinate-wise)? A lot of my map has been explored, and once 1.8 comes out I'm not sure exactly what numbers to even put into this plugin.
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    You don't need them exactly. You can take much higher values and my plugin will skip the empty chunks.

    Or you can try this:
    I think you will get something <1000 or <10000.
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    not sure why, but i tested this out, and it actually tripled my world size. I put really large numbers into it (-4000, 4000) to be sure I got all the chunks. Now I'm not sure why it would make the world that much bigger since it skips the chunks that are empty...
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    Hmm tested it with my world and my world didn't get bigger.

    Do you have a map installed? Are there new chunks after regeneration?
    Or is it possible to send me a backup of your world before regeneration so I can test it?
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    Could you make a destructive version of this that deletes any unaltered chunks it finds? I'd like to use something like this to clean up a large map.
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    Would this work with 1.8?
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    I hope so ;) I can't test because there is no 1.8 ;) But if it will not work I will try to fix the problems then.
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    Well I tried putting in smaller numbers (-1000, 1000), and it didn't increase my world size nearly as much as before, only by like 40 MB. Something really bizarre I did notice though: Before I ran this plugin, the "region" folder in my world folder only contained 88 files. After running this plugin the "region" folder now contains 4096 files. All of these extra region files are just little 8 KB files, but it adds up, and explains why when I put such large numbers such as -4000, 4000 into this plugin that it tripled my world size. There must have been nearly 100,000+ extra region files in there.

    I'm not sure what you mean by a map installed. Do you mean like a world I downloaded?

    And hopefully this problem could be sorted out without me sending you the whole world, since it is about 250MB in size, so it would take a while to upload :p
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    He means something like dynmap :) get that and run "/dynmap fullrender" then type into your browser localhost:8123 and you will be looking at a map of your server (btw fullrender is very labor intensive on the server so do it when no one is on).
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    Ah ok, no I haven't done anything like that.

    Also, I figured out that all of that extra world size is in fact coming from those extra region files generated from this plugin, since upon deleting them, my world size goes back to what it was before, and everything works fine. Just one more small glitch I found with this plugin: It regenerates dungeons regardless of if there are any manmade materials or not. One of my players dug a whole bunch of tunnels and had torches lining the tunnels and he said that there were some dungeons intersecting his tunnels that weren't there before. But other than that, your plugin works flawlessly :)
  19. So, does this work with 1.8 yet? :)
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  21. Well. All my plugins are for 1060 and all of them works with 1.8 so was that a yes or a no?
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    Your question of "If it works" more likely means "Hey, does this add 1.8 stuff to our worlds?"


    Yes, it works for 1.8 in that it won't break your world and will continue to add pre-1.7 stuff to your maps. However, with it not being specifically made for 1.8+, can't expect it to generate the New new stuff yet.
  23. Thanks. Much more likable answer. Since there isn't any recommended build of craftbukkit out yet I thought I'd just ask since if this plugin doesn't break anything with 1.8 it might just as well have been updated some already. Heck, I'm a noob. Better ask than just wonder. :)
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    @Sketaful I was under the impression that the plugin simply caused unmodified chunks (chunks without user-made objects) to regenerate using the built in chunk generation code. So, I would expect it would work to 'upgrade' from a pre-1.8 world. However, the trouble comes if you were to use the current version for future builds (if more terrain features are added). Mostly meaning NPC Villages and abandoned mineshafts. I believe these features would flag any chunks with them as being man made, and mineshaft networks are abundant and extensive.
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    That is true, but I don't know if any of the bukkit code for chunk generation changed (probably not). @Sketaful I would back up your world and try it :) It all depends on if the bukkit code was changed and what methods were used to regen the chunks (there is no manually adding in structures).
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    This is because of a new handling of bukkit if the chunks are empty. I will fix that in the next version!

    At the moment I am trying to check the compatibility of my plugin with 1.8.
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    We need this plugin to be updated and added to bukkit dev!
    PS: 1.9 is out really soon! I am not really thinking to re-generate a new world because I just did generate a world from 1.7.3 to 1.8 and it's really annoying to rebuild everything.
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    So because of the new chunk generation algorithm my plugin will create much sliced chunks. Like you try to regenerate a map generated in MC alpha. I got a huge ocean in my regenerated map with much chunk-islands. Also the water-level seems to be one level lower. So my plugin works without modifications but the new map is not beautiful :(
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    This plugin works great with 1.8! I've already regenerated a good size portion of my world with it. But I am really confused about the configuration of it. Could you explain more in depth about the xmin xmax ymin ymax. I was thinking the Y meant height (128 blocks). But if it just regenerates a whole chunk why would you need to enter in the height it generates ? And where exactly does the xmin xmax ymin ymax start in the world? Cordinate 0,0????

    For example if I start at x -194 z - 81 and I want it to be increased by a x of 500+ and a z of -100 chunks. How would I do that?
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    Oh... I think I wrote a bad description! Ymin is not the height... In my description Ymin means Zmin.
    It always regenerates full chunks, 16x128x16 (XxYxZ) blocks. So the coordinates are chunk coordinates, too. If you are standing at 32x64x32 (XxYxZ) then this is chunk 2x2 (XxZ).
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    1.8 support?

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