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    WaterproofRedstone - Protect your circuits!​
    Version: 0.2​


    This plugin prevents water or lava from destroying your redstone.

    • Protects redstone wire, redstone torches, buttons, levers, diodes, and minecart tracks anything you want
    • As well as preventing them from being flooded, you can place them underwater
    Download WaterproofRedstone
    Source Code

    • Add protection for torches and powered/detector tracks added config instead
    • Add config to choose your protections Done
    • Figure out why you can't place some things underwater.
    • Optional water wire/electrified water
    • Version 0.2
      Added config, and now you can place protected items underwater
      Date: July 17, 2011
      CraftBukkit Versions: 953, 1000, 1060
      Minecraft Version: 1.7.3

    • Version 0.1
      First release
      Date: June 21, 2011
      CraftBukkit Versions: 860, 928, 935
      Minecraft Version: 1.6.6
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    I'll try to figure this out.

    Yeah, I forgot... Easy to fix though :)

    I probably won't fix that ;)
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    Does this work with 26 and 27 rails in all states ? Can I disable option to place items underwater ? I need only protection for rails from buckets of water. . Thanks ..
    edit: its does not work with power rails.
  4. so u can make cool walking areas which has water 1-2 block high^^
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    I'm looking into this.
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    best idea EEEEEVVVEEERRRR.
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    You should add this permissions so you can choose what groups it applies to.
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    What do you mean? (who can flood redstone = can't do, who can place protected redstone = can do)
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    is this working bug free with the latest cb, if so, please update your title
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    I haven't tested it. School takes a lot of time away from Bukkit programming, unfortunately.. :(
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    i know what you mean. it seems to be working fine for me, but i haven't tested everything. just check when you get time when you get time. It looks so much better when the title shows the plugin is working with the latest cb, because people know it is still getting looked after. unlike some of the other plugin that are still working but still say cb 800 takes so long reading all the comments and testing to make sure it still works. and im running 33 plugins including yours lol, so you can see how time consuming updating and checking compatibility can be lol. just quote me when u update, don't really mind when, just whenever u get time
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    @BR_ You Rock!
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    Needs an update for 1.2
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    It sounds like a nice plugin. I will try it out on my server. If i could i would give you a [diamond]

    :D :D :D :D :D

    I used it and the redstone was destroyed when i placed water on it :confused:

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    Someone who like to Update for 1.2.3 ? :D
  16. Updated to work with 1.2.3. Result can be downloaded here for now.
    The source from my fork can be found here. Hoping he will merge with the main source soon.
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    Thank you. :)
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    Don Redhorse

    oh... this already existed? thanks wargamer2010 for updating it... if you don't like keeping it up TheMonkeyPack on dev.bukkit also has this feature
  19. Thanks for the pointer :) And I do hope the original Dev will keep it up to date, if not I will if people still want it.
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    Don Redhorse

    well he hasn't been on the forum since 19Feb... we will see... I honestly didn't know that this plugin existed when I coded the RARP module... if you ever figure out how to keep tracks on a piston after moving let me know... that is still missing...
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    Can you update it ? to 1.2.3 :D Or is it impossible ?:confused:
  22. Read the posts above please ;)
    Because I've already updated it to work with 1.2.3:

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    The Problem is : It doesn´t work for me. I tested it on 2098Cb
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    Being able to allow one group to place and not another would be awesome!

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